bretts the man
Years ago

SOS -- review and future

Although looking at the season you could say dissapointing season peformance by team and SOS group.
But not only do I applaud this group for saving our team but as a average supporter have seen a lot of positives as well.
Obviously the peformance of team is the biggest and was always going to be restricted but so was other clubs namely Woologong as example.
They and others got their recruiting right with a budget we didnt.
Could say they got there coach right too but reality was had to give Scotty another season .
With experienced coaches as ass.coaches to experienced coaches in NBL they were there and should have had one backing up Scotty.
Not too sure that Ballinger as good as he is was right captain as doesnt seem a leader or rise to the occassion ala Brett. Whilst Holmes not a star when fully fit adds a bit of fight to team which is required and maybe more likely to tell Gilchrist to pull his head in when needed.
Rather than drag this into a novel will just list positives and small explanation if feel necessary.
A Supporters - support - big improvement in info. and links
B Website
C Marketing
D Game Day Presentation - like cooling down Stadium early. -- Cafe etc ticketing etc improvements.
music and general entertainment slight improvement.
E Murray Magpie
F Upstairs meals great innovation and value for money . ( make it more Basketball show previous games or put flyer on team and game on tables etc ) is a idea.
G - General care for the supporter seems to be coming through.
O -- Obvious a lot more cant think of at the moment apart from my thanks to SOS for saving and apart from Silver Fox who likes to parade himself done it in a low key personal way.
Like many have got totally frustrated not so much the losing which hurts bad but the general way game played with no real purpose or direction.
And although agree should try to keep majority of team , changes have to be made and hard decisions reached starting with the coaching panel and do it promptly so new coach can recruit a team that doesnt cost the earth and works together with real purpose.
Guess also a reason for post is wondering how the SOS group has gone financially this season as is important in what direction club heads in the future.
Have they made - a profit -- a loss or broke even.
Next year might be better for corporate and sponsor response.
The unknowns are of course the fate of the dome with Bank takeover and the fate etc of one of the owners as reported in todays paper.
We can only look forward with hope and continue to support

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Years ago

Think the SOS group have done great from where they have come, i doubt they would break even (own opinion) just as you would have a lot of start up costs. I think as long as the group are committed and the dome situation works out ok the team will be fine. Sure player changes are needed but that will happen regardless.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

69,000% improvement in the end of the last lot.
Once Groves lost his personal wealth we were gone.
They didn't reply to fans - tooo busy.
We couldn't call the coach by his name- tooo important
'No one sees my face and lives.'

These guys come on here and read, reply and the like, have care for the fans.

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Years ago

Totally agree with BTM but not sure if you are for or against giving Ninnis another season along with the SOS team, if legite he's gotta go in my opinion.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Thanks soulman yes reading my post again could be thought that I was for keeping Scotty but after sitting on fence most of season I think very clear that Scotty has had his time and failed.
Lack of direction tactics and allowing imports to do their own thing has led for a frustrating last 2 months and have to get possible replacementand built the team from there.
And i dont want the Goorg.
If move on new coach asap this will give me great faith in the group

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Years ago

leave silver fox alone - he shows some real passion go you good thing
SOS have done us proud - Players have disapopinted or more so maybe coaching staff and coach but all be the better for experience next year lets get behind the team

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Years ago

Probably warrants its own thread...

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Years ago

Camel 31, Groves is still a multi-millionaire.

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Years ago

Undoubtedly he is but he's not paying for the Dome anymore.

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Years ago

It is worthy news, but comments from random members of the general public on an anonymous internet forum are unlikely to be helpful. I know there are potential legal issues etc. Even though the story is in the public forum on Adelaide Now, as of last night people were unable to comment on their web site either.

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Years ago

I agree with most of what the opening post said. However, I can;t come to terms with the "Dome" name. It's so insipid. I still think of the place as the "Powerhouse". Whether Clipsal are sponsoring it or not, it just feels better, more uplifting and energising - and the puns ar enot intended, they just naturally fit the name, which really is the point. I'd vote for changing its nickname back to the Powerhouse any day.

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Years ago

What are load of crap, who are we to judge the only people that were prepared to save this club. The crap Mal put them through, the limited time to get prepared, the day to day running as well as prepare for the future, then we like and dislike everything they do.
Then you blame Silver Fox for parading around, he does a great job of including supporters every game night and making people feel part of a club.
Then you blame the GM (Ben) for being on the court having a go at Julius when he was the only person out there sticking up for his club,he shows his passion and hopefully he can spread that through all staff and the team!
People get on here and love and hate everything they do yet forget without them we have nothing to talk about. This is the first ownership group in a long time that gives me great confidence in our future.
On top of that they have the Dome issue now as well as the Fuss issue and I am sure they will still stand tall and do what is best for this club.
My friend who works there tells me (and he does not tell me a lot) that I would not belive the amount of crap they go through on a daily basis with issues outside the team. The Dome, the NBL, legal issues and so many others.
To have done what they have done in such a small time I say Thanks and look forward to next year.
The only one of them that deserves any critiscm is the one in jail to the rest I hope some small minded wanna be experts with little facts to back up their statements put that energy into being as passionate as our owners and true SUPPORTERS!

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Years ago

There is definitely one HELL OF AN EGO parading around at the club thinking that they are some kind of superstar! BUT IT IS NOT the SILVERFOX!

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Years ago

Garry, the 36ers were not going anywhere. There were others interested in buying the club outside of the SOS group. When Mal/Groves said he would wind up the club that was purely business (i.e. trying to get as much for the team as he could).

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Years ago

Peter - can't change the name back to Powerhouse - Clipsal own the trademark.

Anonymous - Yes, Eduardo Groves may still be a multi-millionaire, but in assets only - he doesn't have any cash (just ask the Dome staff that have been retrenched and are still awaiting their payouts - one of which is 23 years worth I believe)

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

It's all too easy to sit on the sides and throw stones.

I believe the SOS have done a great job in difficult circumstances. Each has brought a different skill and while they do not get an A from me in the end of year report card, they have a plan in place for the things they can control and are pushing to improve the things they can't control.

I am confident the Sixers will only get better for next season and on court success will follow. I am sure that if we were in the top 4, this forum would be a lot different. I don't know what the fuss is about.

Assessment Grade: "B"

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Years ago

Hey guys, I believe there is a spare spot on the board. Any hands going up?

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Years ago

Anon 725, I know for a fact that there was no-one else that was in a position to buy the sixers. Mal/Eddie made life extremely difficult for the SOS even after the sale and transfer.

Remember also that most other teams had started preparing for season 09/10 back in Feb/March 09 and even tho they were not able to sign players they had verbal agreements with them, Sos couldn't even start signing on the date BA announced contracts could be signed.

We are very very lucky to have a group of people that want to make sure the sixers are here for many years to come and I believe they have done a brilliant job in such a short time.

Bring on next season I for one will have my season tickets again.

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Years ago

Assuming of course that there will still be a team, a league to compete in and a venue to play from.
Can't assume anything in basketball.

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Years ago

Jack, why are you confident that the team will get better next season? Are you making this comment based on Ninnis coaching the team another year or a replacement of a more experienced coach. Ninnis has had 3 years with this team and I actually believe each year has been worse than the previous. I see no improvement whatsoever next season if Ninnis is still coaching. The only thing that makes it acceptable that this season was a poor one as far as the team performance goes is the fact that SOS had a difficult job in taking over the team and everything was rushed long after recruiting had started for other teams. I applaud them for the job they did and will always be greatful for having a team to follow this year. SOS will be more successful next season with one season of experience behind them and more organised for the one to follow, but Ninnis will not make an improvement on the team. What SOS has done for the team and what Ninnis has done for the team are 2 separate issues.

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Years ago

EC - This is Ninnis' 2nd year

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Garry good on you for going into bat for SOS group but dont understand who you are havuing a go at there as only negative I had was about the coaches and need to replace some players.
Re the silver fox I was pointing out others keep real low key apart from Ben as GM and Silver Fox.
His seat just down from me during game andI see him going back and forth at least 8-10 times during a game and hard to work out during game why.
But dont really care just saying not low key like others.
Re Ben on court with Hodge fiasco I posted in his defence at the time, so dont know who or why that came into it.
Seriously Garry and Jack T I really believe SOS gave a good shot to revitalize club and just the on court let them down and of course Grubby Groves

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Years ago

bretts the man - The Fox goes up and down so often due to his job - a lot of sponsors sit in those front row areas, and he's back and forth to "give them some love", as he would say. Plus when things are tense, I think he likes to pace a bit!

EC - I konw the seasons feel like they have dragged on, but as skip pointed out (if that is the real skip) this is Scott's second season. Personally, just having a team on the court this season was all I was asking for - even if I was hoping for more!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Yes, I heard there could be an opening on the board....

The changeover from former to current management was not a good one based on my information, but that's another thread.

IMO I believe that as far as the back room operation of the club, the club is working well under a difficult environment. It can only get better. Each SOS member has different skills and so they compliment each other. Some are good marketers(eg Silver Fox), some are good at finance (eg PF), general management (eg ML) and some understand basketball club management (eg DS) I believe it is a good mix.

The on court performance is another issue.

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Years ago

Some skills more dubious than others.

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Years ago

His seat just down from me during game andI see him going back and forth at least 8-10 times during a game and hard to work out during game why.
BTM, he goes around and talks to sponsors and fans at the game. He's the membership manager after all and is doing exactly what he should be doing! Anyone looking to criticise that or him for drawing attention to himself is really stretching for something to complain about.

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Years ago

Dean set me up with excellent seats this season, just behind the corporate box where he sits (Obviously just near you BTM). I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and service. This included calling me back to upgrade me to those seats when they became available, when at first he had only been able to get us in high up in the corners. Rating of SOS, for that alone, gets them an A++ from me. Thanks Dean!

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Years ago

On the Court, our performances have been a little less impressive, but we really have just let ourselves down with the one percenters. If we had won three of the games that we should have won earlier in the season, we would presently be second or third on the ladder.

It really has been a crazy close season. As it stands, there is only three wins separating second and last on the ladder. That is about as close as it can get. Who knows, pull off a miracle and win our last four games, and we could even snatch fourth (unlikely). So, whilst not as competitive as we would have liked, it is not a complete waste of a season. On Court score: C

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Modern Girl  
Years ago

Thank god for SOS. Adelaide was about to become a NBL wasteland until these guys stepped up.

I hope they can get through what will obviously be a tough few months in light of the recent news about a board member.

As for the Silver fox. I was critical of him at the start; however look at the energy and the passion of the guy.

Anyone with the passion and money to put their money where their month is is doing all right by me.

To all the SOS group....a big thank you very much.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

There are a few things that need to be changed; for one, the Courtside seats ($650) while great seats, aren't really worth that amount considering the fringe benefits you were supposed to get.

Something as simple as getting half-time stats was a dismal failure IMO. Out of all the home games so far, I've been given one stat sheet and four other times I've had to run over to another spot and grab one of the sheets from the floor to read it.

If they rounded out the seats to be about $500p/y then they would be worth the money; every cent.

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Years ago

Did they ever actually get someone to pay for those seats? It seemed that they only ever had "famous" people in them like Mundine, Guy Sebastian, AFL footballers, etc who I highly doubt would have paid for them.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Hell come on guys I was not at any stage being critical of this guy as have no idea what he does during the week or before or after game .
Just said he is not low profile as others kept.
But he is running back and forward to players race past the front of us countless times whilst play occurring .
And only mentioned that in 2nd post as someone questioned why I thought he was higher profile.
But as one of guys saved club he can come and sit on my knee if he likes.
Think suggesting I am looking at being critical want to re read my original post again.
The post was raised to highlight the positives group had done apart from the bl--y obvious in saving the club

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Years ago

Big Marty - I have courtside seats, and have never had a problem getting the stats from the cheerleaders handing them out at half time. Where abouts do you sit? And also, have you brought it up with club - I know they take feedback like that on-board and try and correct it where possible. Hoops certainly ain't the best forum to provide feedback to the club.

Player 23 - I think you are referring to the Hollywood seats, and yes, some where sold - I believe some of the sponsors have bought them for various games. In all reality, I don't think they are meant to be for just anyone to come along and buy them - I think they are priced that high to make them very exclusive.

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Years ago

We sit in the courtside and have not got our stats once unless we ask the guy on the printer for a copy.

If its the cheerleaders job to hand out the stats, then they need to do it properly

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Years ago

SOS, did just that, without them we would not have a team, so... A+

This year on the court has been a little dispaointing, but it is a * year, so no huge loss if it has meant the management have had time to settle and get organised.

I havent seen more than a couple of games this year, so i cant judge Ninnis's performance, but personally i dont think we had the cattle to win the league and he will be a better coach for the experience.

Bring on 10/11 :)

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Reckon we had the cattle but not the discipline
(EG close games we gifted the opposition)

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Years ago

skip, yeah it just feels like 3 years. Anonymous #265757, in my post I separated the efforts of SOS from the efforts of Ninnis. Yes you are correct and I agree that we are very lucky to have had a team this year thanks to the wonderful efforts and dedication of the SOS team. This however has no reflection on the performance of the team under Ninnis. It could have been more successful and God only knows, SOS deserved it.

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Years ago

Agreed that we didn't have the cattle to win the league, but we have the cattle to at least finish higher than bottom 2. In my opinion we have grossly underachieved. A lack of development of any younger players in a losing season like this is the icing on the cake for Scotty's fair well party.

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Years ago

Don't look at the rankings, look at the W-L records. Adelaide, like virtually every team bar one, has their positioning decided by points-percentage or season-series or puny mistake in one game. Bottom two and fourth or fifth is going to end up being very, very similar in terms of wins and losses.

Not saying it's not disappointing or that SOS shouldn't consider replacing Ninnis, but it shouldn't be because of ladder position, but the way the team has played and faded, etc.

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