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36ers seeking new coach


Sixers look for new coach
February 22, 2010, 02:24 PM AEST

The Hood Sweeney Adelaide 36ers are looking for a new head coach after deciding not to re-appoint incumbent Scott Ninnis next season.

In a statement released to media on Monday afternoon, the Sixers said that it had been a difficult decision to part ways with Ninnis, who has been part of the club as either a player or coach since 1985.

"The Hood Sweeney Adelaide 36ers have concluded their review for season 2009/10," the statement said.

"Today the Hood Sweeney Adelaide 36ers met with Scott Ninnis to discuss the review. At this meeting it was decided that the 36ers would need to seek a new Head Coach for season 2010/11.

"The Hood Sweeney 36ers acknowledge Scott Ninnis' contribution to the history of the Adelaide 36ers in his roles as player, assistant coach and head coach. Scott has been involved with the club since 1985 which made the decision around positioning the club for the future a difficult one for all concerned.

"The Hood Sweeney Adelaide 36ers will now initiate the recruitment of a new coach and will be looking locally and overseas to find the best candidates for the job."

The Sixers finished last this season for the frst time in club history with a league-worst 10-18 record.

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Years ago

Great news.. had to be done.

Thanks for your time Scott. You'll always be a great 36ers man.

Can't wait to see the short list

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Years ago


Could Boy Goorj be headed to Adelaide?

Is Ian Stacker is available?

Who else is in line do you think?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

5aa trying to get him on tonite.

( Goorjian with Cole on the board - might be good)

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Years ago

Brett Maher? :)

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Maher would make a very good coach
(seems a bit reluctant)

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Years ago

It was my opinion after that loss at NZ that Scott just wasn't up to it - the cracks were well and truly forming.

Then with further capitulations against Melbourne and GC it became pretty clear that he just wasn't going to be able to get it done.

I like the guy and thought he was a decent player and he served the Sixers well ... just not the coach we needed here after a few years of struggling.

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Years ago

Great decision made by the club
How about chasing a coach like Tab Baldwin?
Did a great job in NZ

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what dome  
Years ago

Thanks goodness this sorry chapter in the club's history is now over. I concede that it must take a lot of skill to coach a team to bottom place in the NBL, but as a supporter who doesn't know the guy personally he has come across as 100% average since his first game in charge - not the sort of person to be coaching one of the competition's most successful teams. Only one way to go from here!

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Years ago

Whether you like Ninnis as a person or not, he really did struggle to bring the 6ers team together this season.

Tab Baldwin could be a great fit...but if you are after the best, I would be chasing Goorjian myself. He has been rumoured as wanting to come back to Oz to coach...

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Bobby Tables  
Years ago

He was always going to be under the pump. There were many things about the season that didn't work in his favour (underperforming players, a very competitive competition, some bizarre scheduling) but ultimately the team definitely didn't perform as well as it should have, and while I'm merely a fan, there was a lot about the Sixers this year that indicated they weren't being given the direction they needed.

Tough but necessary decision by the SOS.

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shin splints  
Years ago

I would hate to think that Ninnis was fired without a suitable replacement lined up.

Of all the names thrown around, only BG has the credentials to bring the 36ers back to life.

Sure, sometimes change is neccesary to shake things up, but Ninnis hardly had a playoff group at full strength all season long.

As much as I like the Maher idea, the 36ers need someone with a proven track record.

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Years ago

You guys are tools! If goorgian comes on board he will spend too much and run the team int he ground like every other team he has coached. You guys are already struggling for money so I can't see that happening. I would go with a proven coach not Stacker or Guy Malloy but someone like a Beverage type and has that fire.

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Years ago

Ian stacker,Allan Black, Black is my choice.

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Years ago

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Years ago

Word on the street is that Goorj is going to coach the Sydney Kings in the NBL next season, see if that happens or not. What about Brendan Joyce?

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Years ago

SoJ could play with the 6ers if Brendan Joyce coaches!

Seriously though, Goorjian should be the SOS goal.

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Years ago

I'd be seriously passing on Joyce. BG is just too expensive, and I'd think that Black would be asking for a pretty penny as well.

Tab Baldwin, interesting, but no dice. Didn't he just get sacked from his job in Turkey?

I'd like to see Stacker get the job. The guy I'd really like to see get the job is stuck in Perth at the moment.

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Years ago

A smart decision by the SOS group, it really had to be done for a number of reasons others have mentioned.

Personally I wouldn't go after Goorjian given how much he'd want to be paid and how expensive his coaching regime is. Plus I doubt the club would like to fold!

I suggested previously that I'd make a run at Ian Stacker.

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Years ago

A brilliant move made by the club. It's definitely time to cut our losses and move on. I'm open-minded to Ninnis being an Assistant with us.

He was a top player, but doesn't cut it as coach.

I don't agree with Goorjan as coach despite his proven record. His blow-out of budgets and clubs folding once he's gone puts me off.

Some of the other names tossed up such as Stacker have some appeal.

I hope Cooper is the next person cut. I can't stand the useless alien head. Sam Cassell is better looking and has a better head than Coops.

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Years ago

I wouldn't like the idea of Ninnis being kept on as an assistant, that could only spell problems for the new coach.

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Years ago

I do feel bad for Ninnis, reminiscent of Smyths resignation from the Boomers squad......different imports, injuries, retirements could have been a very different story.

I am not saying he was not partially blame....but will be very upset if Groves and Gilcrest are kept while Scotty was let go.

No to Goorjian, too expensive and not just because of his salary.

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Years ago

i don't care what the others have been saying, i just want the resulting season to be put in the past and all fans should be concentrating on the future.

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Years ago

Goes to show just how little basketball knowledge the 6ers board and the people on here have. Tightest season ever, player's playing through injury, a year being screwed by the umpires, and not a lot of luck with overtime games. I can't fault very much at all with the coaching this year, apart from the recruitment of Groves which at the time looked like a steal.
If Goorijian coached the attendance would dwindle to 1000 per game.

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Will the new Head Coach be selecting the new team or will he/she just coach the team selected by the owners ?

What should be the selection criteria for the new Head Coach ?

What should be the expected balance be between winning games and developing younger players ?

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Years ago

Dont want Brett, we need a vet coach and if Maher took it on and it did not work I would hate for him to have that mark on his CV. His legacy lives through his play. Not all great players and good coaches see magic.

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Years ago

I have it on first rate authority that Stacker isnt in the mix

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Years ago

I think that Maher should be an assistant coach for a couple season and then take over and coach.

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Anonymous - so who are in the mix if Stacker is out ?

Gordie would have been a great choice but with the success he has had this year with the Hawks most likely he will stay with the club.

Need to seriously look at the mix of players the 36ers can offer a new Head Coach .

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Years ago

Tab is probably available but two things to keep in mind. He would cost more than you could afford.
He would would do a good job but only if he could bring in better players, again at a cost you could not afford.

Given that his overseas experiences, Paok, U Mobitelco and recently Kepez have all resulted in sackings, his long term value to Adelaide would also be questionable.

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Years ago


Breheny - Great Basketball mind but hasn't coached at an NBL level in years (couple fill in games doesn't count)

Rumor is that a European coach is being looked at by club.

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Years ago

You need head coaching experience to make it as a head coach. You can't just walk into the job and expect to win. Magic Johnson couldn't do it.

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He's gone!  
Years ago

Thank goodness I can now go to a game without watching that incompetent bloke on the sideline gesticulating wildly at the refs for the whole game. Maybe the new gaffer, whoever he is, will concentrate on coaching and he'll be an immediate improvement.

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What dome  
Years ago

I've heard Chris Lucas is in town and available?

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Years ago

Ninnis has been a great contributor to the Sixers for many years and it is always tough to sack a guy like that, but SOS has made the hard decision and I congratulate them for that.

As far as keeping Ninnis on in another capacity, I think that is a bad idea. There needs to be a clean break so the new coach has a free run.

I like the idea of someone like Stacker or Black. Needs to be someone with solid head coaching experience in the NBL, a decent professional league overseas, or an up and coming US college coach. As much as I respect Brett Maher, I think his lack of coaching experience is too risky. It would also be a poor move strategically, because if Maher struggles, ownership ends up being forced to undermine the reputation of the club's biggest legend by sacking him! Not a good look!

I don't think we should consider Joyce, who was a good coach for a number of years early on, but seemingly managed to lose the plot and completely alienate everyone in Wollongong in later years. A coach needs to be more balanced as a leader and able to maintain a good rep around the league, or the club will never be able to recruit any players!

I'm open to the idea of Goorjian if he comes at the right price and can achieve success without bankrupting the club. My gut feeling is that he would ask for too much though and given all the old rivalries, it'd be much more satisfying if we could get the guy who eventually eclipses Goorjian as a coach!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

While I feel sorry for Scotty, he unfortunately needed to be cut from the senior role.

Yes, we have had a very tight season. This NBL season was the tightest ever and there is no denying that the bottom four teams are unlucky.

Yes, we have had injuries to players. Our season has been hampered by injuries to players, esp starting 5: Burston (hand); Ballinger (back); Gilly (knee); Herbie (eye); Jake (foot).

This has placed us behind the 8 ball and there is no denying that.

I firmly believe that underplaying some players has cost us games.

However, there were some games we should have won and should have played better and some of his coaching decisions should be reviewed.

Regardless of all those difficulties, a senior coach makes the most of what he has and inspires the team to bigger and better things. I ask myself the question, has Scotty got what it takes to inspire the boys and make lemonade from his lemons?

Having said that, I do not believe he is a terrible coach and I feel he would make an excellent assistant coach, or have been an excellent senior coach with an experienced assistant coach.

To all the people calling for Brett to be the senior coach - just get a grip. Brett needs to serve a term as a coach at ABA, then as an assistant before he could be made the senior Sixers coach.

To Scott: "so long and thanks for all the fish"

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Years ago

Oh yeah, also meant to say that I hope the new coach is given a budget and is allowed to recruit his own team, rather than inheriting players he may not want and having to make the pieces fit.

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Years ago

Jack, nice Douglas Adams quote. Hope that doesn't mean the Sixers/ Dome are about to be annihilated to make way for a new hyperspace bypass?

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Years ago

Dean Vickerman (not sure if he has any bagage with 36ers) would be an excellent fit.
Knowledgable, knows league, great manner with players, knows the game.
Word has it that Lemanis plays his cards close to chest and Vickerman must be itching to get his teeth into something a little more substantial the assistant.

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Years ago

phil jackson?

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Years ago

If Ninnis respected and listened to his assistant coach then we need a new assistant coach as well!!!!

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The One  
Years ago

Justin Schueller could take this team to the top! Go get em bear!

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Years ago

thanks for your input justin.

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Years ago

Is it just me or does the statement read a tad off by the club.

The Hood Sweeney 36ers acknowledge Scott Ninnis' contribution to the history of the Adelaide 36ers in his roles as player, assistant coach and head coach. Scott has been involved with the club since 1985 which made the decision around positioning the club for the future a difficult one for all concerned.

Now I know he is a club legend and gave us plenty of years and good times but surely that wording is pretty poor. Playing stint with the South East Melbourne Magic, Assistant coaching role with the South Dragons.

As for future coach, I'd like a fresh face. New ideas, new toughness (god we need it) and a new approach.

As for assistant coach how about Sapwell, wasn't he around putting his hand up only a few seasons ago?

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BT is supporting the Sydney project so they will be targeting the best they can find .

If Brisbane also enters next season then there will be plenty of competition for Head Coaches with proven experience.

What can the 36ers offer that Sydney and Brisbane can not match ?

Someone suggested a European coach but from where and how good would the fit be with the players ?

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Years ago

I have stayed completely away from the NBL this season, so have nothing to say on whether he should be replaced or not.

The owners made their decision, as they haev teh right to do.

But guys....please remember your talking about a guy who has been as faithful as anyone to that club, even when he was with other clubs, he always held a candle for the 6ers. He has a young family and, not only were they his passion, they were his livelihood. He deserves a bit of respect.

He would be devastated by this.

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Years ago

We need a head coach who is also a competent development coach and will recognise and ensure we dont continue to lose local talent

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Years ago

Jan Stirling?

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Years ago

Surely Guy Molloy - he's the best development coach in the country

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Years ago

I don't think anyone here has disrespected Scott at all. The majority of contributors have acknowledge the work that he has done, thanked him for the effort, but the common theme is that it "just didn't work out". There are no hard feelings or witch hunts here.

Would people be interested in someone like Tom Maher, Phil Brown or Marty Clarke as the new coach????

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Years ago

I'd put Rod Beveridge before Guy Molloy as the best development coach in the country.

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Years ago

Damn...... Rob Beveridge........

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Years ago

Beveridge as a development coach - you have to be kidding!

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Years ago

Look Ninnis is gone, simply did not get the job done.

Next will be Gleeson if they loose, at lest Stacker got them closer.

Lemanis should be next to go but will stay

If 2 were to go go then the likes of the following will fill be lining up , if they do not poach an existing coach

BJ (why would you)

Or do they go over seas? but what will dictate this is the $ SOS has to spend.

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Years ago

You don't coach junior National teams if you can't develop talent.

Molloy didn't do all that much when he was coaching at the Taipans. He actually never had .500 season in 5 years there.

00/01: 9th (6-22)
01/02: 11th (9-21)
02/03: 8th (13-17)
03/04: 6th (16-17)
04/05: 10th (11-21)

5 years should be enough time to turn a club around if you can develop talent.

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Years ago

Brian Kerle?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

A bit hard to keep up with it all - Scott on radio and Tv at the same time.
I DOO feel very sorry for him -
Apparently some media are saying he didn't have player respect or a contract ?

Goorjian Breheney Stirling - mentioned as in the mix

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Years ago

Brian Kerle... only if we had Bruce Palmer, Bob Turner and Barry Barnes as assistants.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

My namesake, anyone? No? Just thought I'd mention it.

Seriously, BG, no other option!!

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Camel 31  
Years ago

he does love the 36ers - was still saying 'we' and thanks for support.
In some ways he was expecting it - he mentioned
and had the meeting and understood.
But now the tv news is saying he didn't have player support or contract- He's devestated.
He signed Burston and Herbert.
Sometimes players he and players have disagreements on things.
Those thinking they should get more minutes and the like.
He was ok, until about an hour ago - hearing some of the things being said on tv news.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Fill Smythe - I was listening to Scottie on radio , when he was on ch7 and 9 at the same time and they'd mentioned Goorjian Breheney Stirling as most likely.

Not sure whether Smyth said he was available - or whether he was talking about Breheney or himself - didnt quite catch it - with 3 interviews going on at the same time.

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Years ago

I'm all for BG from a basketball aspect, my only concern is the financial hurdles he brings with him. He's got a track record of bankrupting clubs.

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Years ago

Ive wanted him gone since the start of the season but I still feel sorry for the guy. Its a hard way for it all to go down.
Camel 31 Ninnis needs to realise or be reminded the Media has had no F$%king idea whats been going on all season with the team so any comment they make is most likely bullsh!t to get ratings. He should not listen to their ramblings

Thanks to Ninnis for your efforts and contribution over the years, I hope that he can continue to love and support the club in other ways.

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Years ago

Don't want BG due to cost and Sydney seems like a good fit. It's a shame to see Scott have to go like this as it seemed like a good idea when he signed. Hopefully they find someone who is a nice fit.

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Educated Fan  
Years ago

I think we should re-hire Scotty, especially since they'll have to break his contract and pay him for another year anyway. He's the one that develops the players (see Herbert, Ng (his best year), Burston), and we would've had the options of the youngsters that left in the past if he remained (eg Jingles, Foreman etc) that all wanted to return under him. Pretty silly decision to get rid of him.

Stupid talking of getting most of the guys you are talking about (esp tosser BG who represents everything that's wrong with Basketball in Australia). We don't have enough $$$ for any of them anyway, just like we didn't have enough $$$ to get better imports.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Disappointed but not surprised. I wish Scott the best and hope he bounces back from this experience.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Skud - that's true about the media beat up.

(fiveaa asked the 36ers to come on air - but they wouldn't.) ??

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Years ago

Dont think Maher would seek an appointment as a coach, with his personal training business, his foundation and his family life.

However now that we have gotten our wish with Ninnis getting the sack, whats the deal with the players?

Can I ask to ditch perhaps Tez!

Do that and I might buy an extra few memberships next year.

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Years ago

I would be vigorously pursuing Brian Gorjian. For those who think he would be going back to Sydney, I don't think we are in competition with Sydney, especially if his price is too high. Sydney have already folded under him as coach and a new team coming back in the league would be rather cautious about that. More so than Adelaide with a bigger and greater fan base and respectable history of the club. If you think about the crowd numbers this past season when the team has had its poorest season in history, you would have to say the passion is there through thick and thin. With a passionate crowd tolerating poor performances, then the club can only grow with success. Paying a bit more to Goorjian could be the formula to growing the club further. This background support is something that a new Sydney franchise would not have in their first year back. If anyone wants to argue that Goorjians style of play is boring to watch, nothing has been as boring as this past season.

Congratulations SOS for making the tough decision. Its an indication that you have the success of the club in mind. With that commitment I fully trust that you will make the right decision again when appointing a new head coach. Well done and now can put the past behind and look forward to the coming season.

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Years ago

I don't think you can blame BG for the Kings going under. If the director of Firepower purchased the 36ers we'd be in exactly the same position. Do you blame Joey Wright for the collapse of the Bullets given what happened to their owner Eddy Groves?

Remember BG will more than likely be able to still act as a consultant to the Chinese Mens team with will provide additional income to supplement an NBL salary. How good would it be for the franchise to attract someone like him. IMO it would raise the profile of the team & attract quality players.

To 'Disappointed' above.... to suggest the appointment of a high profile coach in BG will cause crowd numbers to drop to 1,000.......lets put some of your hard earned on it now.

To 'Educated Fan' have you been to any games over the last 2 yrs. Hill has gone backwards under Ninnis; Jake has lost his confidence & your arguement regarding Burston & Herbet is inaccurate. These 2 players played under BG last yr in a Championship team....hardly development players that Ninnis has moulded.

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Years ago

I don't think it's too wise for any club to go on air about any sackings, keep it all official and have any discussions they want to have with Scotty behind closed doors.

The News will beat it up to make a story and get conversations and ratings.

Scotty was a great player for us and a legend of our club no doubt, we all wanted him as coach and when he finally did arrive I think he got more than his opportunity to show what he has to offer. If the player rumblings are true than that is a sad situation for Scotty as coach but unfortunately wins is what counts no matter the team unity.

I will continue to remember Scotty for his flat top fast break dunks and those spot pop threes that you never expected, sure there will be a slight memory of his coaching stint but that in no way dominate what Scotty has given to this club.

You never know he may well go on to coach else where and prove the Sixers wrong, whatever Scotty's future holds best of luck and thanks for the efforts.

SOS really needs to get it right this coming season for the fans and sponsors so hopefully they are heading in a clean out direction with Scotty getting the chop.

As they say the only way is up!

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Years ago

This was probably the only choice SOS had. Thanks Scotty for your efforts.
I would like to see someone like Kevin Brooks. As a player in the clutch when he and Darnell Mee had the ball they were cool and calm and knew what to do to win. The majority of our losses this year were due to poor decisions during the clutch. Brooks and Mee have played at the elite level, coached by a number of different coaches and know how to win. Brooks took Woodville from bottom to top in one year.

Jan Sterling would be a bad choice, no experience with male ego. I hope Shane Heal doesnt put his hand up.

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Years ago

In all honesty, I'm not a fan of seeing 'ghosts of sixer past' coming back to coach the club. I don't want to see Brooks, Maher, Smyth, Breheney or Sapwell in the main seat. Let's have a complete new start with someone that hasn't got any past ties to the club.

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Years ago

Horrible end for a nice guy and great player, but unfortunately the decision had to be made. This season was terrible to watch! Good on the sOS for making the decision quickly and not wasting time pondering until they have limited replacement options. I'd like to see an experienced head coach (not BG for previously mentioned reasons) assisted by Stirling and a past player ie Maher, Brooks or Sapwell. Am interested to see how quickly a replacement is signed and what sort of playing roster we'll have for next season.

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Years ago

budgie I was waiting to see when Shane Heal would get a mention, funny call. Seriously though I went to one game early in the season and walked away unimpressed and so the season followed. If BG was appointed and monitored closely I reckon he would bring some real mungral to the team, then maybe faid outs would be a thing of the past.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

They tried to get Ben Fitz on air to explain to fans why he was sacked.
Scottie, also said he didn't wanna go on air -
But, when the question was asked - did he have player support? - That made him decide to speak.

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Years ago

forget the sentiment - it's all business.

Q - does the average fan go to watch because of sentiment - no they want quality competitive games and a decent night's entertainment.
that's the difference between the 4,000 regulars and the 6,800 crowds.
it was more than scotty - i was never happy that the team chemistry was where it should be - it's a fine line between 90% correct and 99%.

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

Goorjian - IMO.

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Years ago


R Hill is aware of the likely outcome of the end of season review prior to the last game so he informs the team he is opting out.

His arrangements with SOS reqiure them to get him into a front office job so he can meet his commitments to SOS.

EOY review commences immediately after last game, their is enough doubt from player coach interviews to confirm what SOS had already decided to do

Scott goes

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bretts the man  
Years ago

A decision that had to be made and am pleased SOS made the hard decision to do so.
Scotty was simply not up to it and to go down that path again with a Brett , Sap, KB or any inexperienced top level coach is not the answer.
I feel for Scotty to in this situation but to say was a long time loyal member of Sixers bit wrong as he left us to play at Magic and then had ass. coaching roles elsewhere and only with no job did he come back to us.
Please no Boy Goorg. as we dont want to watch his style or ruin our good club.
Probably could steal a Mcleod cheaper and he can get best out of ordinary players and pick right players for a team.
But sure there are others out there that as Tr said can give us something different and get the fans excited.

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Years ago

Andrew Gaze? LOL

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Years ago

Lindsay Gaze !!!!

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Ah the usual pains; get a proven championship winning coach like Boy Goorj but get a play style that not many sixer fans want to see; or go for a coach everyone can handle like BJ but not be able to guarantee any level of success.

Jan Stirling would be interesting as a selection. More for the "breakthrough into men's pro circuit in AUS" than anything else. She would be a good choice; however you've always got that classic "sexist" question to ask "Would a group of male basketballers seriously follow the instructions of a female coach?"

Personally, she should be seriously considered. Has already proven to be a great coach in basketball, certainly worth giving her a shot.

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Years ago

Heal heal heal

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Big Marty, 5 years ago I would have agreed about the Brain's coaching style was boring but his last few years it let the reins loose on the offence and they were more exciting to watch while still playing the defence which wins

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Years ago

I think fans would quickly warm to Goorjian's style if he were their own coach and doing well. Has to be an option.

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Years ago

Get Goorj ... wins = fun

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Years ago

How can Goorgian be an option? Sixers don't have money and Goorgian demands he get paid along with his players which is why all the clubs he's been at fold as soon as he leaves.

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Years ago

I've got to say that I am surprised that the decision was made. I think it is unquestionably the correct one, yet I am still somewhat surprised. It is a sad end for Ninnis, who has been a terrific servant of the club, but you just don't get to finish last, lose SO MANY games from a position of strength, appear to lack the respect of your players, and get to keep your job.

I would love to see Goorjian here. I wanted Gordie McLeod to coach when Ninnis was originally hired. But, the club should not limit itself to guys who have already coached and had success in this league.

I'd also think Liam Flynn would be a little concerned right at the moment.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

I would love to see Marty Clarke here.

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Years ago

If its possible financially, BG. I would rather win ugly then not win

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Years ago

I think Liam is probably safe. New coach and assistant of their choice, then Liam to cut the tape and so on.

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Roger Mellie  
Years ago

How about Eric Cooks? I'm sure he'd like another shot at head coach and he wouldn't break the bank like BG.

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Years ago

Cooks isn't the answer either. Had a talented team in Wollongong and did nothing.

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Years ago

Cooks is a good call.
Cooks and KB did well at the Hawks on a tight budget.

Who is the AIS coach again?

Hard luck Scotty, thanks for the playing memories, and thanks for the efforts in coaching. Pity it ended poorly. You are still a favourite Adelaide boy.

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Years ago

Eric Cooks? You have to be joking Roger. That Steve Urkel look-a-like is not a good coach. He had virtualy the same Hawks team last season as Gordie does now and where did he get them? That is the reason that he wouldn't break the bank.

After finishing bottom for the first time, I think we need to put the clubs interests before our own. That being said I believe we need to simply hire the coach that will bring us success. We tried the cheap option this season and look where it got us. Now we need to actually spend some money and invest in a good coach.

Let's face it, we can only improve from here!

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Years ago

What about Conner Henry?

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Years ago

Conner Henry - far too skinny in my opinion.
What is Rupert up to?

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Years ago

I'd be more than happy to have Boy Goorj on our side... part of the reason I hate(ed) him so much on the oppostition is because he is so good :-)

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Re the Goorg. but sorry can not even relate to supporting a Goorg. coached team .
He is why americans have a bad name O.S with big egos and big mouths.
Plus he coaches a scragging bend the rules negative crap basketball.
Plus he will demand too much both in own demands and high costs players .
Sorry thought about the positives of maybe getting Goorg but then started shaking when I pictured that happening .
SOS have made the right hard decision so dont put club at risk by getting the Goorg or inexperienced coach .
Boty mentioned Marty Clarke as a option and wonder what posters views on this are.
Seem to have similar background to Bevo and he would have been handy.

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Years ago

Bad luck Scotty, wish you all the best for the future.

This time we will (hopefully) get the best coach available, not the best favourite son available.

Unfortunately SOS had to hire Scott, because public sentiment would not have let them sack him after one year. Now they can start from scratch and hopefully get the best coach that is available (according to budget).

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old and gray  
Years ago

After watching the 100% predictable defensive switch from a small to a big at the on ball screen top of the key in the last game of the season, Ninnis simply cannot be called a NBL level coach.

Time after time it happened, their big was then isolated and given the inside to themselves with a herbert, ng or groves on a 208cm big.

It was ridiculous, futile and not acceptable at a local u16 level.

sorry , but exactly what were the assistant coaches doing ?

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Omar Little  
Years ago

Cooks can definitely put a good team together, better than any other coach and GM out there, especially on a budget.

I would seriously also consider David Ingham. He's an SA boy with plenty of experience in the NBL and overseas. I believe he is coaching in Qatar. And I don't think he would cost the world to get him back.

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Years ago

I think they should think outside the box and go for something totally different. get someone from either the states or europe. most of the fans here hate goorj. stacker and joyce have had there time lets try something new.

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Years ago

"Lindsay Gaze !!!!"

He might be an old Adelaide boy but his time is probably taken up with bingo nights these days. But seriously I think he's still doing a bit of coaching/consulting in China.

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Years ago

I had enough trouble watching Brian Goorjian stalk up and down the side-line when he was coaching the opposition, it pains me to imagine it in front of the sixers bench.

I know he has a great coaching record and could turn the sixers around in a season or two, but there is something about him as a coach that does not promote longevity.......

East Side Spectres 88-91, merged to form South East melbourne Magic 92-98, merged to form Victoria Titans 98-2002, Titans went into administration, Sydney 2002-08, Sydney folded, South Dragons 08-09, folded.

Is there something we are missing????

We almost didn't make it on court this season, I would hate to think the sixers might only make it to 2016.

I vote stay away from SA homegrown and find someone new, bring a bit of interest and excitement into the new season.

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BG would be a curse from which this team and city would NEVER recover. I warn ye all and sunder of the impending doom that would eschew if the BG path is trod.

Brett Maher has all the experience you need. He has seen more styles of coaching and more diversity of team mates than anyone I can imagine.
The rigidity and robot structures of BG and Dunlap.
The free form of Phil and Ninnis.
The Old school of Monson and Claxton.
Not to mention the international experience, captaining a team and being the lead playmaker for a decade.

Its just a question of passion. If he wants it, like anything else in his life, he will be a success and nothing, but NOTHING will tarnish his playing legacy.

If we can't recruit local, then we need to go abroad. This countries coaches are all tainted with the NBL ineptitude of recent years. It seems to suck the life right from anyone who has dared show any enthusiasm or passion. We need to look outside the kennel to get things on track. The NBL has NO culture, and a savvy euro coach could inject some good pathos to build around. Add someone with NCAA experience (Roo comes to mind) as 2IC to keep some dicipline and we have a start.

SOS are smart and what's better is that they seem to be acting with their heads, not just their hearts. Lets just hope they are smart enough to not buy the BG con.....

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Years ago

I agree......Brett would be a great choice, BUT...if he didn't find success straight away due to not enough budget to get quality players, how quickly would all the fair weather followers turn on him??

That would be tragic - worse than what has happened to Scotty!!

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Years ago

Has Brett ever coached at any decent level?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Maher has applied - (according to the radio, just then)

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Years ago

Jan Stirling =
A proven coach, skilled, knowledgable and "local"
Will bring enornmous coverage to the team and is more than capable of running a quality team, throw KB as a an assistant and we are away.

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Years ago

Camel which radio station said that?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

It was radio 5aa -
( steven rowe said that his mail is Maher has applied and - an email asked it there's truth in the rumuor that Maher is in discussions with the 36ers for the position of Head Coach.)

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Stirling Head Coach and Maher assistant ?

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Years ago

Oh man.......... this is going to end in tears....

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Years ago

Channel 9 said Jan is not interested

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Years ago

I hope the 36ers don't go down the Maher route, it's bound to end badly. As an assistant coach cool. We need an experienced head coach.

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Years ago

You learn so much about coaching by coaching not playing. I think Maher would be good at anything he does, but when people think that playing for good coaches make you a good coach then they are so wrong. Look at Sapwells first year with Norwood. Spoon. He also played for many of the coaches that were listed.

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Years ago

Brett Maher with Steve Breheny as assistant would cover the local hero media wise, but with the brains behind the Smyth era backing him up. Both are also local so no need to entice them here.

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Years ago

Smyth and Breheny.
Go for it.
Every NBL team would love to see that.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

While The Sydney Kings are definately trying to lure Brian Goorjian there, as first priority.

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Years ago

Shawn Dennis? Has the runs on the board and is quality coach

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Years ago

Maher not ready yet....
need coach with sixers history but not maher!

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Fred hollows  
Years ago


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Years ago

Lets go really local - Brett, Mark Davis & Sapwell

Dean Kinsman for Lightning

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Spinner, that sounds like a January camp

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Years ago

Mark Price!

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Years ago

We reckon Maher would be a good Coach. Surely he would rise to the challenge.

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Omar Little  
Years ago

Please don't get Maher...anyone see Scott Fisher coach?

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Nobody loved Brett the player more than I did and not a nicer person going around but why do posters like maurice think he would make a good coach especially when we have just had a in-experienced coach fail and he at the least had some coaching history.
Also I think Brett has confessed although in a joking manner a few times to not really listening to coaches time outs etc.

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Years ago

Brett needs to coach at a lower level first to prove that he's up to coaching, and perhaps also to find out whether he actually wants to coach.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Radio 5aa - are saying - Stirling, Goorjian knocked it back and they will appoint Brett Maher.

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Years ago

End in tears.................

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Years ago

i think SOS have erred with reluctance Ninnis been under pump all year with a poor roster let him have another year to consoldiate too many closer games that could have been winners- thats not coaches problem execution by players and teram woulf have made finals with enough wins
guess sos though are not going to wondder and so have acted - paTIenece not a virtue any more unless your at woodville women program - now club makes tough decision others just fiddle while rome burns - lightning acted swiftly while south lingers onwards
How bad do centrals get and sturt moved onwards as well
it not true success come easily without pain of decision making being strong to top and bottom of hierachy
if mike rann wins how bad does that make isobel
strong decisions equals wins

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Camel 31  
Years ago

5aa had the 36ers onair and in the studio every week, this season - but when they sack the coach, they refuse to come on air.
Anyways - Maher is a state legend - they will talk to him upon his appointment,next week.

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Years ago

I REALLY hope 5AA is wrong. I just don't think you appoint an even more inexperienced coach after Ninnis. Its just a big risk and if Maher struggles, SOS will be forced to sack a club legend.

We should get an experienced coach with a decent track record. If the Sixers can't afford one then nothing will change. They will continue to be mediocre and the days of being a powerhouse will become an ever more distant memory.

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