Years ago

Ken Cole is in town

Heard that Ken Cole has arrived in Adelaide.
What is he up to?

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Years ago

He has a gig at The Fringe in a show called Smoke D

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Years ago

Con Cole is in town.

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Years ago

Looking to buy and refurb the dome with $10million

Has investors in the middle east, australia and us

Made his money in pharmaceuticals

His wife wont let him coach

That is a wrap of the Channel 10 news item

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Years ago

If he has the cash to get it and sustain it i'm ok with it. I like the fact that he has some emotional connection with the club. I don't know where his cash has come from or the "shady" business image though.

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Years ago

Not sure what it is but I've got a gut feeling this could turn bad after seeing that report on ten. Talk of mysterious foreign investors reminds me of the Tim Johnston firepower fiasco, seriously, why would a middle eastern investor have any interest in an Adelaide basketball club (or venue) that hasn't made money in years? Unlike buying a premier league football team there is no prestige for a cashed up Arab in owning the Dome or the Sixers, it all smells fishy to me.

If Cole is going to be involved financially with the club then I'd want to see some pretty extensive due diligence take place.

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Years ago

I still remember when he coached the 36ers, and how flat I felt when he got the flick for smokin....
To me he was always one of those 'larger than life' characters who might spin a good yarn or two, but somehow knew how to get a team playing as a team, for the team, rah rah rah.
I would love to see him in the background revving things up..... but I too have this feeling of caution and red flags.
What about if he wants payback for being unfairly sacked? Yes, we can all debate whether it was fair or not, that's irrelevant, it's how he took it back then, and how he genuinely feels today about the club.
Times change, and so do people and personalities, hope that everyone is motivated by the same desire as ours, to see the 36ers at the top of the table, and leading the way with crowds and championships.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I'm not a doctor or a lawyer - I can't decide whether it's right or wrong to smoke a joint.

As a fan - it seemed wrong to sack Cole - who'd coached us for 2 seasons to second and top - then we struggled around for 12 years - when we would've won a few more with him .

I liked Isaac (on another thread) -
" I have heard some bad things about you.
I can't say too much, though - as I've not even met you yet.
Hope you get your act together soon."

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Years ago

It does all seem a little left field.

I've got no problem with any of it as long as "extensive due diligence" occurs as billo said - cash is hard enough to find in the NBL.

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Years ago

Camel, that implies I said those things about Cole which I definitely did not. That was a joke response to an anonymous writer on the forum talking about a canteen in Morphett Vale!

On Cole, since when are the owners even looking to sell? This just sounds like a media beat-up that distracts from more important things like coach interviews and whatever else they might be doing.

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Years ago

Loved him when he coached us (to be fair, I didnt knowe any of the inside business).

Stupid to be sacked as he was.

But are we seriously thinking that someone would hold a grudge for 20 years for being sacked?

If he is legit and has the money then all good, i assume he hasnt coached for a lonnnng time and has he even said he is interested?

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Years ago

He didn't look overly cashed up in the news report, he looked more like that creepy drama teacher.

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Years ago

skin very funny and true.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

In the 5AA studio at 6.30pm Wed.
That'll be interesting - hearing about the ole days and what's happening with the Dome and the like.
I'll have to get a question ready to ask him.

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Years ago

Made his money in pharmaceuticals. I bet he did ;)

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

Some characters in the studio on Wednesday nite -
Kevin Sheedy Sam Newman Ken Cole and Ryan Fitzgerald.

(Don't think I'll be able to get a word in there.)

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Years ago

Especially if Camel gets in before you Bruce - oh hang on....

Don't think Kev and Sam will be in the studio, probably on the phone.

What is it with basketball and dodgy money - Firepower, Flinders Uni....

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Years ago

ask him if it's possible for him to visit adelaide without trying to steal media spotlight for little reason. where was he when the 36ers were actually for sale?

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Years ago

Not sure if it's the sole reason for his visit, but he'll be coaching Brett Maher's team in the HSH tournament.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

In the world's top ten coaches - he'd told us vide an NBL article about a year ago.

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Years ago

reminds me of the Simpsons Bob Dole speech

"Ken Cole, Ken Cole, Ken Cole"

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Years ago

Isaac, is it true Brett is now playing in the tournament? I am sure I read that he is coaching his team, but Cole is doing that now. Heard somewhere (maybe here) that Brett is going to play.

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Years ago

Yeah, Brett's planning to play.

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Years ago

Nice, any chance of coming out of retirement?
; )

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Years ago

check this out my father-in-law Ken Cole makes his money by helping people. He promotes health and wellness. He has scores of investors here in san diego that believe in him and his message. He's never been a con man or known to EVER BE INVOLVED IN ANY SHADY BUSINESS. Where do u get ur info from?

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Years ago

Is Cecil Exum married to Ken Cole's daughter?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Interesting - would like to buy the dome and do it up.
At a cost of about $8M - wouldn't be profitable for about 3 years - would have to get some concessions from Entertainment Centre to have some events there
(some fights and a concert or so)in a good facility - otherwise the dome will just go under agen.
Would like a share in the sixers - put a good team on the court - get people there at a reasonable ticket price and assist someone like Stacker with coaching.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Aw and HSH tournament looks like every year in ADL
A good way for Adelaide 36ers to get players.

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Years ago

Seems like the opinions are pretty mixed. I can tell you from an inside perspective he was looking at the stadium to revive Basketball in Adelaide, and pretty much the league.
I don't know why he would give half a sh#! about an organization that let him go for smoking a joint, AS A LEAGUE CHAMPION in case you forgot.
Ken has won everywhere he has gone, had he been left in Adelaide at his peak that could have been a dynasty team, look at their record and tell me who would have beaten that team in the next 3 or 4 years to come. He took a dead last team in Newcastle to the finals in pretty much 1 year. Hell he took a team in the CBA in Sydney to the finals starting 3 16 year olds. Is one of the most memorable basketball media figures in Australia. If owners in the league cared more about TV ratings, money, and wins than politics he would be the most sought after coach in the country.
And Anonymous is exactly the kind of name I would expect from a person making uneducated off track statements, it's no wonder you are anonymous....probably in everything you do.

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