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Independent inquiry for Basketball in SA?

Just dawned on me as I am reading number of threads below that many aspects of basketball in this state can / could be improved but seems that a lack of will or parochial attitudes prevents.
Time for an independent inquiry - to get structures better.

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Years ago

We had an independant come in and structure BSA to start with.

You may have jeard of him, Wayne Jackson ex-CEO of the AFL.

It's because of his independance and lack of knowledge of the sport that we're in this mess in the first place.

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Years ago

Nepotism and jobs for the boys is what basketball thrives on. People in power for life and back slapping each others achievements. Basketball is not about improvement and excellence but about ensuring dynasty's thrive.With old member clubs dying because of the greed of 3 or 4 clubs and power in so few hands, an inquiry would be a waste of time because they'd run it.

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Years ago

Get a Lindsay Gaze, who was the driving force behind the growth of basketball in Victoria to come over and do an independant study.

He'll be shocked and disgusted at the mess we are but he'd fix it, if he was allowed to.

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Years ago

Yes there are some issues that need attention to attract players to the sport in particular the venues.

Hillcrest still only one court
Marion needs to be demolished and rebuilt as heading the same way as Hillcrest
St Claire in need of TLC

Yet BSA are planning to spend money on more courts at Wayville.

The strength of Baskteball in SA depends on having an even competition not just 1 or 2 clubs dominating.

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Years ago

Wayville is off the radar now.....

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Years ago

I like the suggestion of having Gaze Sr. conduct a review. Would love to read hsi findings.

You could do no worse from my perspective.

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Years ago

There have been numerous of these kinds of enquiries!

There was an independent national high performance review conducted by Australian Sports Commission and a consulting firm.

There was the enquiry into governance of SA BAsketball by Wayne Jackson and the Spangler guy.

There is currently an independent review of SA High Performance pathways being conducted by Jan Stirling.

What kind of review are you asking for?? More importantly are you working hard to develop within your club environment are you applying for these "jobs for the boys"?

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Years ago

#059 a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

The ASC review has let to an in theory joining of all national basketball interests. Being BA, NBL, WNBL, SEABL and State Associations.

But in reality BA is still mismanaged, although with Sengstock showing improvement in some areas. NBL is still being run by the same people who lead to its demise. The Management of BA being shared between NBL clubs with personal financial interests and State Associations isn't working as well as expected and in all this WNBL has been completely ignored and SEABL is still completely independant.

As mentioned about the review of BASA wasn't at all a review. It was Bruce Carter, as appointed by his mate Foley, appointing another mate in Jackson to try and solve the issues of basketball in SA. Basketball Adelaide which Jackson wanted, doesn't exist. SA Country, SA Church still haven't decided what registration fees they're willing to pay for their members. Their member base, which was the basis for their power has now been proven to be grossly overstated yet they still have the same amount of power and yet no financial investment.

SA Country get $$ and development from BSA but contribute zero to the cost.

The review and structure Jackson put in place might have worked if those bodies were forced to follow the plan. Right now they have the power that Jackson gave them, without the responsibilities and financial implications that go with it.

The High Performance Review is a joke and wouldn't be required if BSA had the strength to sack an out-dated, no longer respected High Performance Manager with someone who could do the job properly.

That's why people are still asking for answers. And that's only 3 areas of concern. What about the mess surrounding ABA, Youth League/Reserves, Junior Competition Structures, State Champs, Facilities, Association Models/Domestic Competitions, Referee Development, Coach Development etc.

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Years ago

Even clubs is interesting...Why do parents take their kids from one strong club and relocate them into another from age groups

Attending Nationals?

West are currently strong in a couple of age groups.

It will be interesting to see if they keep them or parents move them to "strong" clubs for Nationals??

I agree the Basketball in this state needs another review. It is needed every three years but not from within the clubs or current BSA adminsitration.It needs to be exteranal and people will then see how things really are in SA

We have lost courts and not gained any new ones, have had no agreement with Church and Country as promised re affliation , lost all sponsors in three years ( State Bank, Subway/Quiznos, Metro Holden) and see no light at the end of the tunnel on reducing costs in the sport

Club administrators would not attend another all weekend "love in" for no outcome.They have had too many with no outcomes.

Looking into High performance? No outcome
Looking into ABA ? Same old same old again in 2011
Promotion/Releagtion comp is a shamble again.
Teams not playing at their "home courts" for weeks on end
No nationals coming to SA in 2011 is an indication of where we are at in this state.

If BSA cant promise what they deliver with the current people running it, would they survive any where else? I think not.

Do they have performance reviews? I think not.

While we ponder and look for answers, sports like Netball are just getting on with it and getting things done. Local football clubs are going to get a big influx of ex basketballers soon, due to the poor condition of the sport in SA

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Years ago

Finding some money somewhere and over-hauling some stadiums would be a great help especially at Hillcrest and Marion as others are suggesting.

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Years ago

So are people saying that spending $40k per year at Marion Leisre Centre is Bad?

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

I call on Michael Jordan to conduct an indepedent inquiry when he is in the country next year.

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Years ago


Of course it is if that is the amount. A temporary fix at Hillcrest is only 30k and it will at least ensure that some of the spend of parents etc at canteens and the like go back into Basketball and not elsewhere.

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Years ago


I believe there is plenty of court space at other stadiums that would reduce the excessive costs from MLC.

Ask the UIC if he wants to be there for 4 games?

Poor planning by BSA

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Years ago

so who would be suitable people realistically with expertise to head up such a review, types of persons and skill set needed ?

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Years ago

was looking at vjbl news on web site - they have more kids playing basketball than football (just) and soccer (unsure on netball) and a record amount of teams 1,000 - i presume that is rep and domestic comps.

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Years ago

Thats just rep.

The biggest association/club in Vic has over 900 teams

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Years ago

we need more outdoor basketball like streetball in the states. More exposure and community involvement would be of assistance.

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Years ago

Fixing/upgrading old stadiums is far from the only issue, yet it seems to be the main one people raise. Why?

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Years ago

Talk to any Government. Talk to any business leader.

The first and most important thing is infrastructure.

Without court space, without modern venues the sport can't grow. End of story.

It is the biggest, most important and most costly issue in basketball in SA right now.

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