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Height = Might

There are so many players in college ball that are 6'11 or taller who could take an NBL team to the next level with their defence around the hoop.

The NBL is a guard scoring league, no doubt.

But perimeter defence improves when players know the rim will be protected if they over-commit to the outside shot. (see Spurs and Rockets championships)

So why the hell don't NBL teams just pay for a big man in the middle to anchor their D and fill the rest of their roster with scorers?????

Shout out to my man Willie Simmons.

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Years ago

You mean like Ben Allen?

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Years ago

Because for some reason we forgive scorers who cannot defend a tree but our bigs have to not only run the floor (the whole floor - not just foul line to foul line), rebound everything, bang bodies, make every 'easy' shot they take (which is always accompanied by contact) and block shots and if they dont have a sweet 15' jumper as well they are 'gumbies'.

Points scored seem to be worth much more than points denied?!!

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Years ago

ankles! you are giving me hope. Points denied matter so much. Houston were not relevent because of T-mac or Yao... but because Battier was AWESOME.

Griz and thunder got the steals of trade week coz they got guys who stop other teams scoring.

Battier is the D-wade of D

Perkins OWNS Howard and Gasol.

Put Perk and Batt in the spurs and sub out R-Jeff an Blair = Champs.

Now just get the 6ers someone to MAN the paint.

With our dollar better than the US, surely we are able to compete with the Euro league....

Get a large unit aged about 25 who knows the NBA dream is done and knows that rebounds and putbacks are the shiz.

Garret Siler would be epic.

Think Acie Earl. Massive.

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Years ago

Ben Allen = no no no.

An Athelete is what is needed.

Not a pog.

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Years ago

Australia just doesn't like big men. In the juniors everyone expects the big kids to dribble, run the floor, shoot, rebound, block. Refs let the little kids hang off them but if the big kid touches one of the guards the parents are screaming and the refs are blowing the whistle. Anstey has been about the only big that did ok in Oz and that was because he could shoot threes. Maybe this is why Australia does well in junior international competitions but fizzles out in the seniors.

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Years ago

Bradkte did very well in the NBL too...as did Simon Dwight.

Ater Majok could be that guy in the NBL too. He is big, athletic and loves to block shots.

I tend to agree with Quagmire in that an athletic big man that defends the rim can be far more valuable to a team that just points scored.

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Years ago

Like your stuff Quagmire. But Aust v Europe. No chance.
Just look at Newley and Ingles. End of story on that count. Those guys are almost earning 3/4 of our salary cap by themselves.
For me it's always been excellent Point Guard and excellent Centre and you have the chance to win a championship.

Plays out pretty often.

Schensher and Twain McKee for me.

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Years ago

Majok is absolutely crap, i have seen him on TV and live and he is no good at all! i will bet anyone here he will not make any real impact on the league! cant belive people find it possible to make positive comments about him!!

i think big brute players like wilkinson from breakers or clarke from gc make a good impact on the game here in austalia, alot of presence that sometime is lacking in our game!

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Years ago

I just said Majok COULD be that type of guy...never said he was now.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Simon Dwight was 6 ft 7, and anstey scored more from jump shots than any other way me thinks.

In terms of getting big guys from Europe who are american or European I think it's almost impossible unless the import restrictions are changed so that if only 1 import is hired then that import can be exempt from the salary cap.

I also reckon teams should look to Asia. I remember watching a game a few years ago between Australia U19s and China U19s and China had 3 guys over 7ft, one was 7 ft 3!! I wonder where those guys are now and what they're earning.

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Years ago

The 36ers should sign 7ft 8 Kenny George, he's only got 1 foot, but then again the other import only has one eye.

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Years ago

I'm with you LC if he lasts 2 years I think he will become a dominate player in the league

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I noticed that the AFL are going to the US to look for some 7 foot Basketballers to stick up forward in the goal square.
Could be interesting seeing they haven't got a
3 second or off-side rule.

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Years ago

AIScannons, we already have (probably) Australia's tallest man on the 36ers roster and don't use him, presumably because he doesn't quite cut it. I'd say the same thing applies to those Chinese players, plus they could get more money in the CBA.

(Sun Yue was in the NBA and now back in the CBA - there's money there and the familiarity of home.)

Maybe we could do away with the U24 rule and enforce one import (outside of salary cap). I think the contribution of imports to the Australian game is often understated and appreciate those that have stayed and made AU home, but this would return extra Australian positions and enable clubs to really make their import spot count with drawcard players.

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Years ago

...but Might don't always make right!

I actually think we've had quite a decent injection of bigs that can defend the paint this season Quag. Unfortunately Nevill has now left, but we've also got Khazzouh, Schenscher, Ira Clark, Burston, Davidson, Matty Knight and a couple of young guys with some potential in Majok and Johnson.

Curious, I think you're making a pretty harsh, early call on Majok. I don't know if he has the drive to maximise his physical talents, but I saw him block shots and make plays in his first couple of games I have NEVER seen from an NBL player. If he wants to be an NBL great, I think he absolutely could be. We'll have to wait and see if he sticks around and develops his game or not though. I do agree that he has a lot of work to do.

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Years ago

In going a step further, I believe that a number of coaches have struggled in fully utilising the strengths of their relevant big men.

As for Majok, he has what pretty no other current NBL player does not possess: a tantalising mix of height, athleticism and length. That is what makes him an attractive proposition. Given his background in that he has had limited playing time and has not spent more than 5 minutes anywhere (UConn, Turkey & Perth) I think if a team gave him 2-3 seasons to settle in, get familiar with the league and the team's systems, he could mature into a very good player. Whether he has the work ethic and desire is another issue altogether.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Part of it too is that the NBL has never been a tall league. Now that there is an influx of height and we're starting to see an overall height increase in teams, the refereeing has to adapt; that's where the problem is.

Charges, Fouls, Screens. The standard on how these situations are viewed and monitored needs to change. That will only come from experience on the reffing side.

If we had longer seasons, then that experience would come thick and fast; unfortunately since that isn't the case, it will take a few years to transition. I think until that happens, we won't see the full potential in alot of bigs due to the limitations caused by the fouls they will get etc.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Standing still with arms straight up used to be a legal guarding stance.
But now the offensive player can force their arms into the upright arms and draw fouls , go to the line and get Ira Clark, Schenscher,Forman,Saville sent off.
Not pretty to watch.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Yep, too right Camel. Unfortunately alot of fouls that are called are really soft; so when a soft foul isn't called, you tend to see players complain out the arse.

The only reason is due to the lack of experience of reffing games. Even after 5 seasons of reffing in the NBL, you are as experienced as a 1st year ref in the NBA.

It makes me question how many refs are doing the job outside of the NBL season. i.e do we have these guys reffing World Championship games, International games, ABL, SEABL etc.? To build up the exp?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

In fact it's ugly to watch an offensive player with absolutely no hope of doing anything except force his arms into the upright arms of the big .
I'd call it a force. But I don't think there's forcing fouls anymore.

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Years ago

^ Agree, Agree & Agree!

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Years ago

Agree with what you said above Big Marty. I feel little guys are able to foul bigs with impunity most of the time. I'm sure you too have noticed how often tall beanpoles like Schensch and Johnson have shorter defenders stepping up underneath them and pushing them out of position. Yet the instant the big guy actually uses his bulk and puts someone on their ass they get called for a charge! Schenscher in particular would be much more dominant than he is if he wasn't hamstrung by the way the refs call the game right now.

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Years ago

My point at #799 above, except that it is way worse in the juniors and the big kids become hesitant and lack confidence while the nuggety little kids dominate. Trouble is as soon as it comes to senior basketball people are looking for bigs.

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Years ago

Australian basketball has never really been a big mans game. As a result of how they are seen and taught in the juniors, many of the NBL's 6'10 - 7'+ players tend not to dominate like the big men do in overseas leagues, especially the NBA. Of course, there have been exceptions to this. Guys like Mark Bradtke and Chris Anstey have shown big man dominance, although it must be said that while Bradtke excelled in crashing the boards and doing a lot of the 'dirty' stuff underneath the basket, Anstey often played more like a small forward in regards to his shot selection, he was more a medium range shot taker than one who'd grab an offensive board and slam dunk another 2 points, although he was quite effective at that when he wanted to be IMO.

I think 36ers fans (probably me included) expect more of DJ than what he knows. He plays more like his ex-Tigers team mate Anstey than Mark Bradtke. To be more dominant on the boards and generally in the paint he would most likely need to add bulk to his frame and change his game from that of a finesse player to being a banger. Personally I think he can be a great NBL centre in the mould of Chris Anstey. He just needs more court time than he is currently getting and more experience.

Have to agree re: how easily the bigger guys get into foul trouble because of how games are officiated these days. IMO the overall standard of the NBL refs is pretty abysmal. Way too much is let go, especially travelling.

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