Years ago

Boti: 36ers Make Club Legends Pay For Tickets

An absolute joke which needs to be corrected ASAP if true.


"RIDDLE me this, Commissioner. If Magic Johnson wanted to attend a Lakers game or Michael Jordan a Bulls game, would their former NBA clubs charge them for tickets?

Afraid that's what happens here and explains why Kevin Brooks - and a lot of other former 36ers - no longer attend Adelaide NBL games.

Surely it can only be a positive for ex-players to be seen around the concourse mixing with today's fans, especially in Heritage Round.

But as for goodwill and retaining links with the past, it just makes sense.

If all the corporate boxes aren't sold, a "past players" box also would be a good idea.

Charging guys who helped build the club to a four-time champion? Are there really that many former greats that it would impact on the seating for the 5000-diehards who get along come rain or shine?

Big picture?"

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Years ago

Agreed. I'd like to see them at all games. SUrely they all deserve life memberships

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Years ago

AGREED! This is an absolute JOKE!

Thanks for the Championships $25 entry thanks


2 Former coaches and 2 long time players have confirmed with me this is the case :(

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Years ago

Very poor form.

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Years ago

Yeah i noticed this at the start of the year, i went to the trial game at the powerhouse and Dave Cooper had to pay to get in. Cooper was at the club for a fair while and while no world beater was a great contributor.

I could not believe that he had to pay, especially considering the game cost like 5 or 10 to get it.

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In the Know  
Years ago

Very poor. Nothing better to have these people mingling through the crowd. They shouldn't even need a pass.

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Years ago

Yep, joke!

Its not as if there isnt the extra seats avaliable, lol.

Great to see former players around the plac.With the way the team seems to be loosin its recognition as the team its always been, having the former greats of the club around the stadium on game night to remind the faithful (that still bother to turn up) that there were good times and that what we're goin thru at the momment will end could only be a good thing.

Ive had great chats with Davis and Maher before during and after the games...and its something that should be encouraged by the club for former players to do.

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Years ago

I think the owners pay for their own tickets also. I believe it is an attempt to control the free culture that was rampant years and years ago. Have heard so many times of people going to ex-players to get their freebies rather than buy some for themselves. If they won't go otherwise, do they care? What does the AFL do in this situation?

Reminds me - have got a friend who owns a pub and the owners charge themselves and their own wives to get a drink like anyone off the street - same rules for all, keeps some balance. Has some merit, I guess.

Where do you draw the line? Brooks, Sapwell, Nashy, Jason Williams? Blake Truslove wanting a free season ticket? Maybe there is a level of games played or a bestowed honour (looser than retiring a singlet) that gives you a pair of life season tickets; and maybe that's just a burden worn by successive owners in adopting the brand as their business?

I can understand the thinking of all paying even if it's probably too strict. The owners saw trouble in the club's past stability and wanted to do everything they could to get things on track. Maybe an answer is to balance the offer by trading it for some minor presence before or after the game, like having KB simply upstairs for the recap (doubt he'd mind - one of the great guys of the NBL IMO), or greeting some sponsors (as you often see Mark Davis do). Nothing rough, just something to make sure they are visible.

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Years ago

On Twitter:

@Andthefoulnet I doubt this is actually true. I worked there last season & past players were always given tickets.
Might have been a change?

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In the Know  
Years ago

Perhaps on special rounds like this weekend it should count for all. In general perhaps so many games played for the club qualify, or a championship ring is automatic entry.

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Eagle Rock  
Years ago

set a number of game ceiling or years of service

eg one year service or 25 games maybe one ticket

up to eg 300 games plus perhaps 4 ticket max. or championship players whatever

set a criteria

rewards the maher and davis please

if they get ticket set a limit - they can do what they want with them but set a limit

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Years ago

I have no problem with it. Free entry if they are there in some formal capacity, or are invited guests for the evening, or are there to make a presentation etc.

Love having those guys around, but how are those players any more deserving of free entry than a former score bench volunteer, or former Sixers dancer?

I also know that the owners pay for their seats/boxes.

Why would those players believe the club owed them? They got paid for their services, right? I used to work for a fast food chain, but they don't give me free food!

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Years ago

I actually had someone say "this is the first game in 15 years I have had to buy a ticket for now you have cut back on the freebies."

Some past players used to sell their tickets for extra cash that where given to them to use as give aways to promote the game.

Some would be sent tickets and never turn up which would cost the club money.

Two sides to every story and I am sure just a miscommunication between KB and the front office.

The owners do buy their own tickets. Some players have no issue buying tickets as a way of helping the club, some see it as their right to get free tickets.

It is an interesting topic with no right or wrong answers.

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Years ago

cant break a sense of entitlement in one year and there will be resentment and then they will come around and value what they buy or otherwise they dont care enough. i worked hard at my past work and they dont invite me to their xmas party anymore.

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Years ago

believe me bench volunteers don't get free tickets

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Years ago

Boti and KB have this all wrong, all ex Sixers players receive two free tickets.
KB try ringing the Club and ask before shooting your mouth off!!!!!

Wonder if the 6ers will run the pre season at starplex after this one

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Years ago

afl players get a life membership if they play 300 games which gives them a ticket to any game in any afl stadium in australia

if a player plays 200 games for and afl club they get a life member ship to that clubs home games

premiership players get club life member ship

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Years ago

Isn't it 10 years since the last championship???
I wonder if the bad blood between the club - Smyth and Ninnis will be forgiven and the team acknoledged in anyway?

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Years ago

Spoke to a rep from the 36ers. They said that was false. Boti's BS strikes again..?

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Years ago

Aslong as Maher and Davis aren't asked to pay, all is good with the world.

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Years ago

I agree they should all have free entry, but be required to service a section of the fans seated area, selling with one of those large trays straped to their neck.

"Choc Wedge, hot pies...............Ooorange Juice"

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Years ago

Perhaps offer all past players $100 membership tickets. If they want to go to games that is very cheap (only have to go to 4 to get their money's worth) but they are also giving the club something to help it survice into the future.

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Years ago

So will apologise for spreading crap?

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Sixers need to utilize those "Hollywood" seats and put Maher, Cattalini, Brooks, Davis and Sapwell all down next to Marty to provide "Free advice" when needed.

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Years ago

Good suggestion Paul

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Jackie C  
Years ago

Pretty sure KB, Rupert, Reesy etc wouldn't lie about being given grief when asking for tix and I've heard them say it too. Seriously people. As usual, club pleads innocence. Now lets review the zillion threads where the 36ers' financial limitations gets mentioned. (Imports, paying out Marty etc etc) Pretty soon it will be "Joe the camera-man turned receptionist" who will be nominated as rejecting past players on tickets but no, never the club.

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Years ago

Jackie C you dont know what you are talking about.

There is a clear policy that players cant get tickets whenever they like, all they need do is ask instead of bleeting.

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Years ago

at this point the sixers should feel guilty about charging ANYONE for a ticket...

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Jackie C  
Years ago

LOL at Mick. Good point.
BJF, the players don't bleet.
They just don't come.

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Years ago

if they loved the sport they would pay for a ticket like everyone else who loves the sport and pays.

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36ers solja  
Years ago

see, if a club charges a fee for past players to get in- i think thats fair. Tje other thing we dont know is; it might not be a charge for a seat with the general public. it might be $50 to be in a corporate box, or $100 each for a skybox game.

The thoughts are endless. This is just clutching at straws and looking to blame people. Not good!

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Years ago

rude as hell

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Years ago

Haha, can just picture Julius Hodge asking for his free tickets to get in.......oh wait. :)

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