Years ago

Good riddens to Bogut!!

We have suffered long enough with the wimp. Now to get on with real basketball players not a player with a basketball. My heart so hoped to have an Ausie pull our team to a respectable level but like all the pretenders, wimp, wimp, wimped out. Take our Milwaukee millions ($) and wimp your way into oblivion.

A Milwaukee Buck die hard!
Don't waste our time !!

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Years ago

So I suppose he faked those injuries? And yet we all watched it happen in slow motion over and over again. Bogut is and probably will be the best thing that ever happens to the Milwaukee Bucks. Bogut is not and never was a wimp. Go Bogut!! Keep your love of the game despite these miserable jealous idiots. You have many, many fans who adore you:-)

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Years ago

you idiot Russ...and your claim to fame is ?? I know crap post spelling.

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Years ago

You just don't get it! The NBA is a mans game!

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Years ago

Guys this idiot just wants your reactions, don't give him the time of day!

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Years ago

Boguts are a "Dime A Dozen " in the real world of bsaketball. Just be thankful He lasted as long as He did!

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Years ago

Thanks for the complement, This Idiot is from Milwaukee!

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Years ago

Same IP?

And it is riddance.

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Years ago

Watch Milwaukee Grow!!!!

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Years ago

It's painful watching Milwaukee do anything..

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Years ago

LOL Bucks. Their scrubs nuff said.

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Years ago

Bogut will be thankful to be able to finally punch a ticket out of that town as he heads to the Bay area...

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Years ago

...and it is "compliment"

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Little Zip Zip  
Years ago

Wisconsin or Cali...

Doubt that Bogut will be too unhappy with that move.

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Years ago

American education at work. When did the powerhouse of america become the joke of the world. "NBA is a mans game" or just the WWF of baskebatll

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Years ago

golden state

people who cannot spell thread titles look like complete donkeys huh

what a douche

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Years ago

Dime A Dozen. 7 footer who won so many awards at the end of college I can't even remember them.

I'll take six thankyou.

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Looks like Milwaukee needs to be more concerned with its education standards and less concerned with its useless basketball team.

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Years ago

I imagine both parties aren't unhappy to part with each other. Bogut to be out of Milwaukee (I'd rather be near San Fran by a long shot) and the Bucks to shift on an "injury prone" player.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

In 1-2 seasons, either Jennings or Ellis will be moving again.

It's the same situation with those two that you had with Curry/Ellis in GS.

Frankly I think if Mark Jackson does right by Bogut, that GS get the better end of the deal.

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Years ago

God you haters make me sick - what have you EVER achieved in your lives?

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Years ago

"Watch Milwaukee Grow!!!!"

Because having two turnover prone, high volume shooters share the same back court at the same time.. That will make the Bucks grow? Do you believe Jennings and/or Ellis will be there in another year or two? You're fooling yourself if you do.
There's a reason why the Warriors have been trying to get rid of Ellis for years.

Also, even though the Bucks save some cap space, what free agents will they attract? Name one high profiled Free Agent that has signed there since.. Shit.. 1990! Can't name any?

You're a fool.

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Years ago

Boguts a wimp is he? oh sure he souldve playhed on that fucked arm he landed on, even if it was all bent out in some odd unnatural way hey>? u hit jumpshots like that all day dont your russ? he was one of the best assist giving centers and defensive centers in the league you twit... sure NBAs a mans game but I dont see too many men playing with broken feet and arms buddy!

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Big Ads  
Years ago

"Walking around on broken leg, I can't get you outta my head, can't get you outta my head, but you don't want to know me"

Sorry, thread make me think of the Bluejuice song Broken Leg.

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The Situation  
Years ago

BBallrus, I reckon the 71 championship was probably the best thing to ever happen to the Bucks.

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Years ago

Biggest mistake Bogut made was coming back far too early from that arm injury. Hardly a wimp.

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Years ago

Gold this was a funny read. Thanks for the laughs

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Years ago

Also like to add, in Golden State he might see the ball passed to him, instead of it flying over his head from another hog guard trying to make a name for himself. Bucks look good when they play team ball. Enjoy losing half your fan base Russ as Australian hop off the bus and head to Cali. Peace

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