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How would NBL teams go in the NCAA finals?

Well theres the question, how would these teams go in the current ncaa finals?

Dominate? get pumped? or other?

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Years ago

They would do ok i think they would be similar level a a mid range march tourney team probably! give it a good shot to make the elite 8, but the talent of the Kentuckys etc. would be to much i think

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Years ago

depending on where they got seeded. if mid-ranked, could get maybe 3rd round if lucky... if low ranking... wouldn't make past 1st.

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Years ago

I know when NBL teams use to play college teams in the gae days they use to dominate

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Years ago

NZ would beat Kentucky easily!

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Years ago

thats an extremely weird but awesome question

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Years ago

Most would dominate imo

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Years ago

Skill wise they'd match up good. I wreckon most NBL teams would be able to beat most college teams but the college players would probably be more athletic.

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Years ago

NBL teams routinely flog college teams when they come out here in the pre-season. I saw Arizona when they were the NCAA champs only just beat a second string 36ers team, Trimmingham had some nice dunks. Pretty sure Sturt did well against Arizona when they came out again 2-3 years ago.

I'd think any of our top four teams would win the NCAA championship but the Breakers & Wildcats would comfortably beat any college team.

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basketball tragic  
Years ago

i think you will find arizona playes at pasadena about 8-9-10 years ago not 2-3

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Years ago

NBL teams should generally beat most college teams. There are a few uber-talented players in college who could dominate against NBL calibre players, but the problem is that there is usually no more than 2 exceptional players on the best teams and their supporting cast often falls away pretty quickly to well below NBL standard.

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Years ago

basketball tragic,

My bad I've got no idea why I thought that Arizona/Sturt game was only about 2-3 years ago, turns out it was 10 years ago now!

Anyway here is a boxscore of Arizona's 109-98 win over Sturt in 2002 featuring future-NBA players in Channing Frye, Luke Walton, Will Bynum & Salim Stoudamire. For Sturt Maher played, Jason Williams scored a ga,e-high 25 and Oscar had 21 & 11.



Game report:


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Years ago

Old thread on the Arizona vs 36ers game around '96 or '97:


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Years ago

1997 obviously it was when Arizona were the NCAA champs.

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Years ago

The Arizona team that played Sturtwas a final four team, and Jason Gardner was the main player in it too funny enough. Maher was only playing for a bit of a warm up durin off season. Oscar got a hug facial that game too by Bynum. But anyways, an NBL team would kill a college team, especially with the longer shot clock.

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Years ago

the 36ers wouldn't beat Kentucky.

Couldn't handle the athleticism.

But what rules do you play?

2x20 minutes and 35 second shot clock or 4x10 minutes and 24 second shot clock? It would make a difference.

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Years ago

It's professional men vs amateur kids, FFS.

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Years ago

Really depends on what rules are played. Don't think NZ would beat Kentucky though Anon, they are playing at a pretty high level. Also think you would have to do a series of 3 to really decide who the stronger team was.
Why couldn't an NBL team travel to the U.S and play one of the elite college teams? That would be a great lead up to the Nbl season.

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Tru Blue Emcee  
Years ago

Our Bottom team would smash their top team...simple really!

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Last year

Melo sucks

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Last year

Realistically, NBL teams would dominate. I think when people see the NCAA they see it through rose colored glasses. They tend to also say "well, more NBA players come from NCAA than anywhere else, so it has to be good".

The top schools may have 1 or 2 guys who end up making the NBA - maybe. But who are their 3rd and 4th tier guys? Usually those guys wouldn't make the NBL. And then the whole NCAA bench usually has to have other plans with their lives other than basketball to make money.

The talent is heavily diluted.

As for the transition to NBA, unless you're talking about genetic freaks like Anthony Davis, Zion Williamson, or something like this, most rookies who aren't top 10 don't end up to be that good in the NBA in their first season. And most rookies are picked up for potential.

So, as I have said about potential and the NBA, let's say an NBL player is a 6 or 7 out of 10 player, and is 26 years old, and a college kid is a 5 out of 10 player, is 22, but has the potential to be a 9 out of 10 player, an NBA team will select the college kid every single time. That's how I think of most top college prospects. They're lesser players, right now, generally, other than the absolute crem-del-a-crem, but they have the potential to be more.

The skeleton squads of NBL teams are usually competitive with top full strength college teams with NBA prospects in the earliest stages of preseason, before the arrival of imports, Boomers and guys from injury. I agree with Shane's comment the other night that a college team wouldn't get within 20 of a top 3 NBL team and would likely lose to the lesser teams as well.

If you actually watch college basketball, the intensity isn't really there that we have over here. And the physical strength means something as well.

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