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Channel TEN after NRL Rights

You have to love this article. Channel Ten want to go after the NRL TV rights which may cost 1 billion i especially like this quote "Very few things are ratings-proof and live sport is one that is" well guess what you can have a slice of that now if you wanted.

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Years ago

What show replays on one at 12:00 am at night if the coverage of Nbl and netball if anything is to go by

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Years ago

We should all write to the NRL saying how bad they are with their current coverage of "live sports".. Seeing as thought apparently no one has complained about the NBL coverage this year..

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Years ago

Lachlan Murdoch is a big NRL fan, this was always going to happen.

He like his father, is a right wing conservative dickhead who couldn't give a shit about regular joes like us who just want to watch our favourite sport live.

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Years ago

Rhinehart will demand a perth team if they get these rights (or something to that effect will happen), mark my words.

I'm from NSW and it is well-known that there are plenty of talented league players in lower leagues that could make up another 1-2 NRL teams overnight.

Anyway....the sooner people (including some in this forum) realise Australia's basketball future lies by working with Asian basketball, the better.

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Years ago

Agreed, hopefully one day we see the NBL expand into Asia. I think Singapore would be a good place to start.

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Years ago

Funny thing is, all the research says that the NBL is actually rating quite well for its time-slot.

When ONE says that NBL's ratings are "not good" they are comparing it to a live AFL, NRL or cricket match.

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Years ago

I was thinking Qatar

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

The league already tried expanding into Singapore and it failed. Why would it work a second time around?

If we allowed Asian imports to play as locals - or had a rule to allow 1 Asian import plus 2 US imports, that could generate a lot of interest again from the Asian communities. Would also get the interest of Asian sponors as well. That would be a good starting point for Asian expansion.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

I agree Mick, also how can One expect to get any ratings at all with no advertising of the game. All they do is show the game at 10.30 with it's cheap production and offer nothing else to the broadcast. Not many people know it's on when there is no promotion of it. One can't even be bothered informing the viewers what teams are playing when you look it up on the guide.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Actually, the Singapore "experiment" had a lot of merit to it. There are a lot of ex-pats in Singapore and a lot of business interests. Big businesses like to keep ex-pats happy so having a basketball team is something that they get behind. I think the thing that killed them off in the NBL was the travel expenses/issues. At least a second or third team based somewhere in Asia (or Darwin) would help.

The league they play in now is the Asian Basketball League and I saw them play a game when I was there passing through. The standard wasn't that great, but the atmosphere was pretty good. There was a guy called the "Turban-ator" who had a mobile phone business. He was holding up signs putting the opposition off when they were taking free throws. Harvey Norman were right into it and had their blimp buzzing around inside the stadium.

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Years ago

If we allowed Asian imports to play as locals - or had a rule to allow 1 Asian import plus 2 US imports, that could generate a lot of interest again from the Asian communities.
That rule wouldn't do anything. Any Asian player who was good enough can earn more playing in their domestic league, especially those in China.

You'll remember that Liu Wei (Chinese national team) played in the NBL and struggled. Anyone better (Sun Yue and up) would get loads more over in the CBA. The amount of money going through Chinese basketball at this point is incredible.

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