Years ago

6ers express interest in all 4 Blaze players

Not sure Petrie/Wortho would be a good fit given our forward depth but Gibbo would be a great sg option over an import given he knows cadee well, could be great chemistry!

Goulding also a great option as backup sg if points cap allows and we dont get Ng back.

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Years ago

A team of this would be a title contender imo:

Schenscher / College returnee
Johnson / How many points left for this spot?
Weigh / Creek
Gibson / Goulding
Cadee / Croswell

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Years ago

10 points left so can get an import or either blaze forward.

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Years ago

Anon #28659 - How can you say Petrie wouldnt be a good fit based on our forward depth? We dont have a back up PF or C of which Petrie can play both positions....I think he is the perfect fit!!

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Years ago

So pissed off that my Crocs retained the "services" of Ben Allen AND Russell Hinder when Petrie is now available...

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Years ago

Mick, how were they to know? They did what they thought was right especially after losing Schenscher....unfortunately they got stung but you cant really blame them for it.

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Years ago

Gibson and Petrie for sure. Would've also said Worthington previously, but I don't know that we have the room or money to compromise the team. At least Gibson fills a definite need and Petrie is quite versatile too.

Any team with an import spot free could consider one of the three better Blaze players right now. Realistically, they have every position but centre covered fairly well.

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Years ago

If we landed

Schenscher (9) / Petrie (8)
DJ (8) /
Weigh (7) / Creek (4)
Gibson (10) / Goulding (7)
Cadee (5) / Crosswell (6)

is 64 Points

allows 6 on say Pero or another cheaper big

if you dont take Goulding means you can add an import big and a cheap 2 guard ( Daly), this is under the assumption he wont keep his 1 point rating.

Petrie and Gibo is what the 36ers need right now as a priority IMO and will be an instant top 4 team

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Years ago

Are they playing 4 peanuts? How can u have those players n still b under the salary cap?

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Years ago

TheAdvertiser says we're still after Newley.

We are ALWAYS after Newley...and so we should be, but can this still be considered news?

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Years ago

If we got Gouding Gibson and Worthington, we'd be the basketball equivalent of Jersey Shore, just too many douche bags in one arena.

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Years ago

Brad is between European contracts so now would be a good time to pounce

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Years ago

Gibson has to be the absolute priority. Get him and we are a contender imo. Exactly what we need, defender, shooter, can play 1 or 2. He'd be better than any guard import or Aussie that we've had for a long time.
Worthington or Petrie would be a nice bit of icing. Worthington can play 4 or 3, so would be a great fit. Wouldn't need a 4th big if we got him. Word is he's Melbourne or Europe though. Petrie gives us back up to Schenscher and Johnson at both positions. He's underrated at 8 too and would fit that hole Ballinger left nicely.
Goulding is just a luxury if we get him. 7 points is the part where he becomes awkward. Don't think he's that good and could effect our import signing ability. Dillon becomes available too, so he's a handy option at that 2 spot too.
The ideal signings for our last 4 spots is Gibson, Worthington/Petrie/Williamson, Ng/Goulding/Dillon and any minimal minute big (Vasiljevic/Vanderjagt etc.).

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Years ago

Don't get too excited 36er fans..
Every team bar the Wildcats have made inquired on about at least 1 of the 4 players.

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Years ago

Gibson severely overated, recruit correctly and you will find a much better import pg out there. Recruiting correctly is the issue for these coaches as far as imports go though.

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Years ago

Maybe true, but Gibson fills our needs as a combo guard who can shoot, defend and assist with the PG duties, plus he is a known quantity, a Boomer, and a sure thing, which is much better than gambling on Clarkes import selection again.

I'd make Gibson #1 priority, with Petrie #2,

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Years ago

Sixers should chase Petrie, not Gibbo. Petrie would be a great fit, because he can matchup on all those quicker PF's that can shoot from outside.

If we didn't already have Cadee and Crosswell, I'd say Gibbo would be worth recruiting, but right now, we have ZERO outside shooting and no-one that can really drive the basketball.

The Sixers need a dynamic US shooting guard who can get to the rim and shoot the three. Failing that, at least someone who can knock down a few threes per game.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

If we could get Gibson, Petrie and Goulding it would be an intersting all Australian team.

C Schenscher (9)/
PF Johnson (8)/Petrie (8)
SF Weigh (7)/Creek (4)
SG Gibson (10)/Goulding (7)
PG Cadee (5)/Crosswell (6)

This comes to a total of 64 points (don't know if it will work salary cap wise) with 6 points to use on a back up big. If we get a player like Brebner or Gynes at 4 it gives us a spare 2 points to sign an import if any of our players rated 8 or higher go down injured for the season

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Sorry just realised BJF already did the same team

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Years ago

I agree with Beantown, Petrie fills a void that is a little harder to fill with an import than the SG position.

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Years ago

Gibson severely overated, recruit correctly and you will find a much better import pg out there. Recruiting correctly is the issue for these coaches as far as imports go though.
For a number of coaches in the league! Gordie had three imports last year who didn't cut it. The Kings shouldered one of theirs all year. The Blaze sent someone home and probably made do with another. Mims and Gill aren't being rushed back. Perth have grabbed Lisch and not let go because the import roundabout is risky.

When Jamar Wilson first showed interest in the NBL, multiple NBL teams turned him down. He was MVP level last year.

With Gibson, you know what you're going to get.

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Years ago

I like that team, is Dillon worth less points then Goulding? if so you could grab him instead, to give us more points spare for the last spot/import insurance.

I think Goulding is the better shooter though so may be better going for him.

Anyway some good talent available for teams to swoop on.

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Years ago

Wortho to Italy.

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Years ago

Isaac what is your opinion as to why NBL clubs are having problems with imports the past few years? If you go back and look at the 6ers' imports when they were relevant, they were great players. Mee, KB, Farley, Rychart etc. They were guys who could score 20-25 on any given night. Seems like imports now struggle to fit in. There has been a turnstile of imports go through Adelaide the past five years or so. Chappell, Groves, Tyndale, Winder, Shannon, Warren....great names there..

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Years ago


A lot of the really good imports are going to Europe because the money there is much better than they can get here.

IMO if you can get a decent import out here ala Lisch, it is easier to keep them once they see the lifestyle available in Australia. It's just getting them out here that is the problem.

A mistake the Sixers may have made is going with young fresh from college players. They aren't quite sure what is required at the professional level as opposed to guys that have been around the professional world for a while.

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Years ago

Do you think maybe Lemanis is maybe thinking about Gibson and in his ear in the Boomers Camp? Breakers need a PG and they love bombing away from outside. Back to Back champions with a big fan base would have to have some sort of enticement especially when pretty much anyone who has played for them in the Lemanis era sings the organizations praises. Or will Lemanis risk filling the PG spot with another Import. There must be a few teams keen to snag these Blaze players

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Years ago

Those guys aren't really awful players (Chappell and Groves definitely struggled), but we've needed to get strong imports in most cases and so the picks have been underdone.

Been discussed a few times on here before but I'm not sure if you've already seen those threads. Guess it'd be a mixture of stronger competition from other leagues as well as a greater focus on Australian talent and a preference for known quantities. Plus maybe honing of what shapes a successful team here these days.

I think many teams would rather have someone they know will be used to the league, the refs and the expectations. e.g., a Gibson over an import PG who might be the next Wilson or Jackson but will more likely be Groves, Shannon, Warren, etc. Easier to plan your machine when you know what you'll get from each component. Also, a solid but not brilliant local (think Gibson rather than Newley) is easier to keep around for stability/etc. So teams prioritise their Australian pieces and then often have less money spare for imports; some import salaries around the league are really not high at all. Last year, both Hawks imports would've been very cheap, both Blaze imports were cheap, at least one Kings import would've been budget and so on.

One thing that should've been working for us (and maybe has been a bit) is the Australian dollar. Imagine if things were as they are but with our spending power at 60-70%.

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Years ago

Mee was let go by Canberra
Rychart was sacked by Victoria
Lisch was one game away from being sent home
DeVries sacked and now doing good things in Europe

not always the player that is the issue more like the horses for courses saying.
Some players excel in certain environments
Personally despite the WL ratio Simpson and Warren did about everything you hoped an import combo would do

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Faith for all  
Years ago

just wondering - any chance that we can get a rumor going that Joey Wright is now interested in being signed up as the 36ers' director of basketball ?

Apparently all the bottom ranked teams are doing stuff like that - perhaps Clarke could become CEO and leanne coach ?

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Years ago

ild love gibson but i doubt we will come to us.

1. where-ever he goes he will be the starting point guard and play some minutes at sg.

2. we brought cadee over to play more minutes. i think our hope is that he will step up. i doubt he wants to be in gibbos shadow again.

with that in mind im not sure we will go as heavily for gibson as other teams might or that he will come to us.

petrie is the perfect perfect fit for us.

schensch dj and petrie makes a killer killer frontcourt.

johnson/ petrie
weigh/ creek
import/ ? ng hopefully

ild love to watch that team.

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Captain Dan  
Years ago

Wortho to Sydney please would love to welcome him back with open arms :)

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Years ago

Wouldn't mind if the Taipans made a play for Petrie to finish off their front court instead of chasing a second import.

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Years ago

Sydney's import is better than Worthington and wont sulk nearly as much.

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Years ago

Isn't it the AFL doing the Director bit?
Tigers have let theirs go now, was quickly promoted to Head Coach, remember?
Don't know of any Malcolm Blights waiting in the wings to help basketball out.

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Years ago

phil, Gibson played alongside Deleon last season who carried the ball a reasonable amount. He could play some semblance of SG plus many teams look to run multiple ball-handling guards anyway.

Yes, Cadee was reportedly a bit miffed at getting stuck behind Gibson and an import, but in Adelaide the minutes are his to win as Crosswell is there to play and guide as needed.

IMO, Gibson would fit in well, be quite versatile and could be a multi-year proposition, unlike many imports. Also leaves an import spot as insurance.

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Years ago

Gibbo won't come to Adelaide, gf wants Melbourne.

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Years ago

who's sydneys import then???

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Years ago

So where is all this money coming from to pay for Gibbo, etc?
I don't beleive Adelaide spends the full salary cap now. Happy for someone to say they do, and even if they do, how would it be possible to afford Gibbo etc as well?

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Years ago

dont get me wrong ild be very happy to have gibbo here.

and im aware deleon, gibbo and cadee shared the ball at gold coast, thats part of the reason i think gibson and cadee might both have the same idea about being the main guy at their next job. but im just guessing really.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Anon, from what has been suggested we have money for 1 good import which can be used on Gibson instead, and for 1 average import to be used on Petrie instead

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