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Years ago

Get to Arena

why arent the crowds turning up to games.Sixers fighting tooth and nail and still Adelaide we sit dormant.
Beginning to wonder whether the pissant mentality is recoginised along with frog cakes and fritz as Adelaide icon.i know watching on TV today with weather bit hot is easy but it was really evident in the crowd panning that numbers are down. Get to next game before its too late.

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Years ago

Sunday afternoons are an awful time slot and its a joke that we've got so many. I've missed a couple of games already and wouldn't have purchased season tickets if I'd known there'd be so many.

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Years ago

I know with a family I cant afford to go to games.
I watched it on TV, and was a bit ashamed that it looked so empty.
But than again, who would want to pay 20 bucks a head to sit behind the backboards?

Maybe they can have them as half price behind the boards?
When there is a tv game try and fill those seats.
Make it look on the screen that the place is full!!

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Years ago

I missed the first 8 minutes because Sundays aren't really my thing until it reaches about 2pm.

Hate the time slot, but yeah I'd love to see a bigger turnout than that!

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Camel 31  
Years ago

There are those that wanna see a bitta Creek Schenscher Massingale and have seen enough of Weigh playen the most minutes all of the time.

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Years ago

The problem is the Sixers front office. Piss poor marketing efforts. Whoever is in charge of marketing should be shown the door.

Also game night presentation could be refreshed with little money. Check out Mark Cuban's blog for plenty of ideas.

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Years ago

Well the majority of the games are on a Sunday which will mean they'll be competing with Adelaide United to attract fans. Adelaide United have more publicity and media coverage, plus their team is a lot more successful than the Sixers as of late. Right now, even with today's win, the 36ers are not a good product to market.

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Charon 40  
Years ago

Plus at thirty dollars per ticket (cheapest adult seat), not everyone can afford to go regularly. It is a complete rip-off to go to a game to be honest, if it wasn't for the 2-1 vouchers in the entertainment book i would have only gone to one game this season rather then all of them.

The management need to look at reducing the prices and rather sell more tickets, people would be willing to come if it's $20 for the game and a good atmosphere rather then $30 and hardly any people.

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Here's my suggestion; drape a banner (like the power) in the top section of Adelaide Arena, dark blue with our logo printed. If the Arena holds 8000 seats, surely the top section would hold 3000-4000 seats leaving the bottom section to hold 4000-5000. Now that the RAA have claimed the bottom 12 rows of the baseline at the Sixers end that's probably 600 seats leaving 3400-4400, Our crowds are around 4400 every game making the stadium look full. That top section is dead space anyway, crowds won't come till a top 4 finish / grand final is up for grabs.

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Years ago

Hate Sunday games. We had a family function today, so I missed the game. I gave my tickets to a mate so at least he got to watch a good game.

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Years ago

Here's my suggestion; don't copy any of the Power's marketing techniques.

Anyone who would attend an Adelaide United game over a 36ers game needs serious mental help but each to their own.

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Years ago

Charon 40
My silver family season ticket works out to 21 / game for the Adults and 4 / game for my kids. Or if you want to look at it / ticket it is 11.50 / game.
I should'nt say this but we sit in the spare gold seats anyway
There are cheaper options!

I for one would be very pissed if they sold game day tickets cheaper than us who support with season tickets.

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Years ago

A single Silver ticket is still 21 / game, so you dont have have a family!!

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Years ago

Silver walk ups are $30 which is too high IMO as the cheapest casual ticket. Also seats behind the basket have switched from Silver to Gold in a few cases, right?

United walk ups are flat $25. Season tickets work out at $18/game from memory. Season tickets won't be an option for many people who can't make all games.

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Years ago

Time slot is awful. I work weekends every weekend however I try to prioritise games ahead of work which sometimes is a win and sometimes a loss.

From walk up ticket sales, I would have thought lowering the price would be better than fewer bums on seats however....what do i know?

The other thing is 'value for money'. Is it value for money sitting behind the backboard paying $25-$30 or it is value watching it on TV paying next to nothing?

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Ballin Fan  
Years ago

Adelaide United Reds have crowds down despite doing well.
Crows sales during the season were not great either considering their ladder position for much of the season.

Its only natural that 36er sales should also be down, but this group also has a few players who are not that popular, as well as a coaching staff who need to win back the fans with better court side calls.

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Ballin Fan  
Years ago

Walk up ticket prices are $30?
In the current economic climate that is ludicous.

If 36ers marketing was serious, they could also copy what the Crows did this season,
and reward long term season ticket holders with 2 free tickets to give to their friends.

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Years ago

NBL teams who half fill big arenas frustrate me with their ticket and membership prices. If you reduce prices and get the word out there through visiting local associations that it is great value, you will sell more tickets and there are lots of flow on benefits to be had - more sponsors, more merchandise, more names on database, better game night atmosphere.

Even if there is a small drop in revenue short term it will be covered long term by having more supporters.

Another idea I am a fan of is giving renewing members a 33% discount if they sign a brand new member, so if they sign three they get their season for free. It's effectively getting your supporters to work for you for commission and be your best promoters through word of mouth.

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Years ago

If you are an RAA member, it's only $50 for a family ticket.

Thats cheaper than going to the movies these days.

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