Years ago

Sixer new import?

Does anyone know who the new 36ers import will be?

I would love to see Farley come back! He can create his own shot, could only play 10-15 mins a game at his age & will help fill the empty seats at the adelaide arena?

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Years ago

Dowdell will replace CJ

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Years ago

Who knows at this point. The 6ers wanted to be "economical" (cheap) and cut Massingale before they had to pay his entire contract. So they've gotten rid of a player without replacing him, saying that they need to bring a new import in to be a more prominent guy, yet they are taking their sweet ass time. The 6ers really should always be on the look out for new imports 24/7, any professional club does their due diligence on these sort of matters but Adelaide have a history of sitting on their toes letting time go by and they are currently doing absolutely nothing to change that rep.

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Years ago

Farley from a financial point of view. Would come super cheap, and would put seats on bums, win win for the club. 6ers have lost alot of money since Clarke took over, and its getting worse. Got to think of ways to make some of it back now. Farley might not be the best option in many ways, but I know a few people that would instantly return to the games purely for nostalgic point of view and curiousty to see what a former legend has left in the tank. No one on the current roster has an ounce of personality to engage the crowd, Farley would end that too.

BUT having said that, IF the 6ers had the money, really need a stud.

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Years ago

Why would any import want to come and play under "coach" Clarke? By all reports the club doesn't do much to look after their players and for their trouble they get to sit on the bench and then get accused of not performing. Clarke is a disgrace and the club I am sad to say, isn't much better in allowing his behaviour to go unchecked.

That said, some poor unsuspecting import wanting to get a foot in the NBL door, will take a risk and then get dumped at the end of another season that Clarke coaches his team to the bottom of the ladder.

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

How much cap space does the team have?

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Years ago

No decent import would want to play under the current team management.

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Years ago

FACT. Farley was in contact with Jamie Madigan from Mildura on Thursday last week looking to play in his team for the 2013 season.
I have contacted Madigan (who was an old team mate of mine) and he has confirmed this.

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Years ago

Or a semi decent import takes a gamble as they know Clark won't be there next season.

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Years ago

A few rows back from the Sixers bench, there was a guy in a Sixers shirt who had supposedly been training with the team. ABL or SEABL import?

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Years ago

By all accounts the 6ers released CJ because they needed the points to bring in a high priced, high standard import in a couple of weeks. And if you are going to do it you might as well save some money in the process and not put yourself in a position where you will be having to pay out more.

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Years ago

Corey Williams has made contact and willing to play for league min.. Seeing as tho he's already been knocked back a few times, doubt he'll get a shot

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Years ago

I'd rather have stuck with CJ and spent the money pushing Clark out the door. Not like Clark has had a great history of choosing imports that play the dedicated non scoring way he wants them to play.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Isaac, I saw that guy too. I kinda did a double take to see if it was CJ who had rolled up to heckle.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Mickey McConnell ?

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Years ago

Why would any Import come to Adelaide with the fans attacking everything.
You don't think any import would check out the social media when making a decision.
What would you make of Adelaide?
Too many rotations, oh hang on now its not enough
Sack CJ, oh hang on he is our hero

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Years ago

Cutting Clark would not free up the necessary points needed to sign another 10 point player.

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Years ago

Anon '552, crazy. Almost like fans have multiple personalities. Or are different people.

(But yes, Adelaide fans are vicious. By all means have views and offer them, but sometimes the expressions get pretty rough.)

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Anon will find professional sportsmen a pretty tough lot.

If they need a gig and there is a place paying the right price, I'd wager some negativity on Twitter isn't going to phase them.

If so why did all those people play for MEL during the Seamus McPeake years? He's a douche with a history.

They become thick skinned....Including the Sixers Head and Assistant Coaches.

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Years ago

If we're going to bring back Farley might as well give KB and Mark Davis a run too!

But seriously, the import needs to be a star player who can get to the basket and score or create for others, otherwise there was no point cutting CJ.

They should start too. As much as I like Cadee as a future piece, he's not ready for the role he has been given this season. We would be much better off with him coming off the bench.

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Years ago

I don't think they need to be a star to validate cutting CJ. They could just play a role, albeit a slightly different one. If they did it reliably and well, the team would be improved.

That said, I think the team could do pretty well without anyone added. It's only going to be instances of foul trouble where it'd be a problem. Yesterday was quite unusual.

Cadee holds his own for the most part, just was left to deal with Perth's intact backcourt without Gibson and while Crosswell was having a questionable game.

For the first 39 minutes of the game, Gibson and Cadee as the primary carriers were more than holding their own.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

If it were to be a would he get minutes?

Creek should also get more minutes as there is another one.

I would reduce Weigh's minutes and cut Crosswell altogether but I'm not Clarke and have no lovechildren to look after.

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Years ago

Actually right now would be an ideal time for imports that don't want the burn of the Adelaide crowd. Everything we do wrong will be blamed on the coach.

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Years ago

There is no way that Clarke would hire a new import that would excite the crowd. Clarke's plays are "snoreworthy" at best. Just looka t what he did to CJ. 18 points in 18 minutes and then in the next game back to 6 minutes again because he didn't follow Marty's game plan.

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Years ago

Can we just get a SEABL import or something every 8 weeks, fly them over at their own expense, sack them before their trial period ends and have them pay their own way home regardless of their numbers?

We'd save a fortune and have a scapegoat for any losses every 2 months.

The system works!

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Years ago

Isaac, I just feel like Gibson and Cadee are too similar in that they are neither great shooters nor great penetrators. Hence we have these droughts where we just pass the ball around the perimeter without being able to draw the defence out of position to create an open look.

A player who could regularly beat his opponent off the dribble, would draw the D and not only get our shooters open, most importantly they would get a lot more out of Luke, who would get many more uncontested shots at the rim.

From the quotes I read, this seems to be what Clarke is looking for and is the reason he claims he cut CJ - because he didn't appear to be able to do much more than catch and shoot.

Whether this is true or not, he's gone now and to make that cut worthwhile, IMO its gotta be someone who will make an impact.

As far as the last game goes, I only saw the boxscore, but what stood out to me was that Perth had 20 odd more shots than us and TO's was a big part of that. Cadee leading the way with 6 just shows that we are too dependent on Gibson in the backcourt to instigate the offence, look after the ball and defend the opponents best guard.

To me that says that if we want to make the playoffs, we need to take some pressure off Cadee and get a starting quality player to support Gibson.

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Years ago

Two of Cadee's turnovers were pretty rough, I thought. Could easily have been fouls on Perth.

Hawks only have one penetrator (and they're off the bench) yet seem to get a lot of open looks from outside.

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Years ago

Marcus Camby - simple, the new import gets the minutes and Creek and Cadee get less.

As much as I like them, those guys aren't ready to play big roles yet if we want to make the playoffs. Creek needs to improve his ball-handling and shooting and Cadee isn't ready to run the offence and hasn't proven to be a good enough scorer thus far.

I think Gibson is a great jack of all trades guy, but asking him to be your primary backcourt defender, facilitator AND scorer is too much. The poor guy has been knackered at the end of games and has been burnt by guys like Jackson, DeLeon, Lisch, etc as a result.

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Years ago

I thought DeLeon and Rhys Martin both did a decent job of penetration last I saw the Hawks. They have Sav and Hurdle who are at least a threat to drive and score as well.

Of course, the Hawks always seem to have nice spacing on the floor as well. Perhaps a bit to do with Gordie and a bit to do with having a stable, veteran team?

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Years ago

I highly doubt this import is going to be a stud, they simply dont have the cash to spend under the cap....thats why they got CJ in the first place.

Our best chance is to get a kid fresh out of college who just happens to surprise.

I would have at least liked to have seen Clarke give CJ a starting gig for 1 game and move Gibbo to the 1 with Cadee off the bench but as usual Clarke doesnt try anything different which only adds more fuel to the promises he has supposedly made with some players.

I've given Clarke the benefit of the doubt over his tenure but this year, with our talent laden team he is becoming very transparent and he can no longer hide behind excuses or gaps in the roster.

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Years ago

tough situation for 36ers owners. cost of paying out coaches contracts, spending $ on decent import versus being fiscally tight with concern of crowd numbers dwindling. they could always borrow the tarps from Port Power for advertising making the stadium look full.

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Years ago

cory higgins

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Years ago

I agree w u Tornado. Would like to have seen CJ starting instead of Cadee from the beginning, but he's gone now. Hence the new guy better be good, or they just shafted CJ for no real gain!

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Years ago

Boss....I like the look of this Cory Higgins character but can the club afford him?

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Years ago

The 6ers will only need to pay him for the remainder of the season. 3 months max. Assuming they dont mess up and do what they did with CJ and sign him until the end of June.

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Years ago

I think one of the biggest problems this club is having is hanging on to a team identity. There have been so many changes over the last 3 years, probably even 5 years that doesn't allow the supporters to grow with, appreciate and love!

The thing with the teams of the past is that we always had a core group of players that everyone got used to seeing or having around the club. All that has gone! And that too comes with cutting all our recent imports, if we kept Simpson he would certainly become one of those 'club classics' He was such a good player, and I still can't believe we got rid of him...

We have to at least maintain this current group, so the fans can come and see their 'regulars' once again. I think that might bring the fans back. It's very depressing seeing that stadium so empty, even the sound of the lights hum louder than the crowd! Lastly, The team doesn't really need Schenscher either, that would free up points and money, he hasn't done anything amazing this season.

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Years ago

If it is Cory Higgins they are looking at, could be a great signing by the club, aslong as Marty plays him good minutes and lets him play his natural game.

He has played a couple of years in the NBA and college and D-league numbers look quite solid, looking at his profile


If this is the calibre of player they can get than its not a bad move to change imports, but they didnt need to bag CJ, saying he wasnt upto it, could of just said we can get someone with NBA experience who could play a massive role for our club, and thanked CJ for his efforts.

Anyone confirm this guy is who they are looking at?

Anyone seen him play is he the type of player to put bums on seats and excite the crowd whilst helping win games?

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No Deal!!  
Years ago

Nahum, I completely agree with your post but I would have thought that Simpson has priced himself out of the league after his short NBA stint. I can't blame the Sixers for passing on him in particular if the price was too high. Personally I would have liked them to persist with Warren. I think paired with a stronger point guard like Gibson, Warren could have flourished into a premier scorer.

Hopefully the core group of Johnson/Cadee/Creek will stay on and grow together to build a good team identity.

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Years ago

Hawks definitely have two penetrators, and two very good ones at that. I like the idea of Drew Warren for Adelaide, a guy who can get things going when the offence dries up and has shown he is happy to play a role.

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Years ago

Will the import be signed and in Adelaide able to play this weekend?

I reckon we need them to be, this is a MUST WIN game imo.

If we lose Clarke surely has to go, let Gibbo/Schenscher coach if they cant afford a new one, couldnt be any worse.

If we dont beat the Crocs we may aswell just play Daly as the season is done imo.

Hopefully we get the right import and use him correctly and ressurect the season and make the playoffs!

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Years ago

Has the club provided information regarding timeframes in which they hope to have a replacement player, where are they looking for this player, will it be an import?

We were told the Sixers are looking for a player who can penetrate and create a shot for himself right but I've heard nothing further from the club since CJ was sacked. Have I missed it?

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Years ago

Any truth to this Higgins rumour or just throwing out a name. I thought he was still in the NBA. Could be a major get if this wasn't all LIES

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Years ago

He was cut by the Bobcats 2 days a go hard to see him coming here before at least trying to catch on with an NBA team.

I would expect him to play in D-League for a while and hope for a call up.

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Years ago

BigAds, they tend not to disclose that info via their site. Which leaves a disinterested media, or Boti. And I don't think Marty would be in love with Boti right now after the CJ story.

I don't think Simpson so much priced himself out of the league as it was the Adelaide coaches not wanting to keep him. I think their concern is that he isn't sharp enough to follow the plays.

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Years ago

Simpson apparently had issues with the group behind the scenes. Work ethic possibly one of them.

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Years ago

How about Jayson Wells?

He can rebound and score.

Carlos Powell would be nice though.

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Pie Cart  
Years ago

Sixers are slow in getting import replacements!!!

Melbourne got rid of Brasswell and got their import on court within a week
Perth Player Knight got injured Perth signed import and was on court within 10 days.
import wont be signed for a few weeks IMO So no need to worry for a few weeks yet.

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Years ago

Ask Leeanne why?
she is terrible at this stuff. I heard she mucked around and they missed the guy they wanted, and he would of played this week.

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Years ago

As I said before CJ was signed, if they manage to sign a gun import, they're making a laughing stock of the salary cap system... Stack your team with quality Aussie players, fine, but don't expect to be able to sign gun imports as well, people...

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Years ago

Too slow organisation ....they save money weekly.Typical same old story.
Smyth was able to get good imports,Clarke unable to keep an import for whole season.

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Years ago

Jermaine Williams trained with the 6rs at the start of the season 6;7 guard/forward combo that was 3 year starter at LSU ,SEABL all star 5 Big V D1 MVP 2012 cleaned up Redhege every time thay played each other, would be very cheap and could fill multiple positions.We got to know him well in Bendigo, Great Guy

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