Bo Hamburger
Years ago

Imagine if basketball was first to 100?

Have been thinking about this for a little bit: could basketball change from timed to simply first to 100?

I like tennis because regardless of what's happened before, to win, you have to win the last point - why couldn't a similar concept work here, with the team that wins required to score the last (ie 100th) point?

Games could still be timed, with 10/12 min quarters etc, and if no team has reached 100 by the end of 4 quarters, you keep playing OTs.

- Spectators/fans know exactly what they're getting. No dour (in the NBL) 72-68 defensefests. Instead, it's a 100-96 defensefest!

- Teams play harder to get to the 100 quicker

- Strategy becomes interesting. Do you pull the starters when your team is ahead 92-78? When you reach 97, do you instantly start going for 3s to try and seal it?

- Makes distributing playing time potentially a bit trickier

- Good offensive teams will reach 100 well before the end of 4 (or even 3) quarters - this may not represent good value for money for spectators etc

- I'm sure there's other wrinkles I haven't thought of that other forum-goers will alert me to.

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

Interesting concept but I don't see it working, some games may go for 4 quarters, others may take 7 quarters?

I like the idea of not pulling the starters so it could make for better viewing but with TV deals, there will be times where you can't fit a whole game in.

Would the foul count still be 5?

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

Keep everything else as close to the same as possible: individual and team foul counts, shotclocks, etc.

Sure, some games go 3 quarters and other 7 - some tennis games go 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 and others go Djokovic-Wawrinka. It's part of the fun!

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

True, but there are so many variables which can make or break the game such as a superstar fouling out in the 3rd quarter, than the game goes to 7 10 min "quarters"

Also in tennis there are no fouls that the players need to be cautious about... Could be a new concept like slamball or baseketball.. This could be Tennisball?

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Years ago

What a joke!! Wtf!! Hahaha

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Years ago

I really like the idea.

The pre-season comp could be a round robin 'first to 50' games.

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Years ago

Love the thinking! Definitely worth a pre-season experiment.

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Murray Magpie  
Years ago

I play in a pick up game which is similar.
It is amazing how much the intensity picks up with the target gets close.
D gets tougher, the 3 balls become more important and the one pass one shot offence comes out all trying to get the target first.

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Years ago

saw the title and thought it was something to do with masters games !!!

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Years ago

I think it's a great concept for a pre-season type tournament etc.

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Years ago

I usually don't like variations of our great game but I do really really like this.

The only issue I can foresee is the foul situation. However fouls could be accredited as 5 fouls in the first 40 and 1 every 10 minutes there after. So 40 minutes 5 fouls, 50 minutes 6 fouls. If you foul out you are not allowed the enter the game until the next period when you are allowed another foul.

I like it.

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Years ago

Perhaps as an alternative to the NBL (or NBA) like the Big Bash League for cricket but not as a complete rule change.

Also it just seems like an extended version of "first to 21" pick up.

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Years ago

Love this.

Xx has the foul situation sorted.

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Years ago

I reckon fouls should stay the same. Imagine a battle of the beaches 60 minutes into the game. Increase the fouls to 6 but that's it! Should also have to win by 3 which could end up in ridiculous 128-125 games and stuff. Definately a worthy business venture. Maybe what the nbl can do to become a unique world class league?

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Years ago

The way my social team is playing at the moment never mind 7 quarters, we'd be playing for 7 days.....

Interesting concept though, as always Bo Hamburger a great post!

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Years ago

I really like the thinking outside of the box here! I need to stew on it for a while...

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The Situation  
Years ago

It would also eliminate the end of game foul-fests that can get boring when surrounded by ESPN ads!

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Years ago

My Hawks don't need anymore excuses to jack up threes towards the end of a game...

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Fun to think about, but Womens state level matches would run past midnight!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

It is an interesting concept and something to be incorporated into the mix. First to 100 would promote more risk and offensive action.

Softball (Go you Seacombe Tigers) has a ten run mercy rule and you could apply similar thinking.

The NBL game would be played with 4 quarters, but if a team go to 100 and the other team was in the 80's (say) then they win. You would get a bonus point for a "knockout" win.

Cricket recognises that punters want action and that's why a 20/20 game is popular with young people as a 20/20 game is all action whereas a testmatch that sees 1.5 runs/over, slow over rate, defensive fields, defensive batting is pretty boring.

Tweek it and try it.

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Years ago

Per season comp idea for sure.

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Years ago

great concept for the allstar game.

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Years ago

Aaron Fearne says he would like to be home before midnight.

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Years ago

Mike D'Antoni likes the sound of this.

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Years ago

Nice concept actually but not sure how practical it would be widespread.

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Years ago

It would be fun to try it for the preseason tournament and see what happens. It's how we all play pickup games.

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Years ago

Interesting idea - would only work in professional leagues IMO.

Leave the fouls at six I reckon

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Years ago

Maybe what the nbl can do to become a unique world class league?
I don't think the NBL could ever do it as their main thing. Would look too ridiculous, as much as I like the idea of trying it somehow.

But I think the NBL could run an annual off-season competition (not necessarily single-city like the Blitz) in contrast to Twenty20 games and similar formats. Maybe 2-3 cities each time, run over a weekend with games on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Round 1 in Perth, Round 2 in Wollongong, Round 3 in Cairns. Two games on Friday and Sunday, three on Saturday. Sunday finishes with awards and a big fan BBQ event with signings and so on. Wonder if the return could offset the flight/accommodation costs?

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Years ago

I don't see the NBL having the balls to do anything this left-field and imaginative, even though, when you think about it, there is a definite logic and method to the madness.

As Baller#3 commented, it would become a very interesting war of attrition if fouls stayed the same.

Great topic!

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Triton 95  
Years ago

I like the Idea, would be interesting to watch.

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Years ago

someone should kick one of the kids with mops like the football.

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Years ago

I think records are there to be broken (my main reason for hatred of 40 minute games) but currently the records we are creating are fewest, least and lowest.

Whilst I wish we could see aggregate 250 point games, I think first to 100 would ensure higher possibility of records being broken.

One last thing, the NBL play WAY too much music during games so the thought of even more sounds more painful than clapping your hands for 7 quarters and screaming defense/insert teams name.

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Years ago

Kevin Lisch has 18 fouls in 17 games this season so some players would be fine with staying out of foul trouble

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Everyone knows that the first team to 100 always wins ;)

I agree with Isaac that this could only ever be a pre-season tournament idea.

BA has done their best in recent years to move to as close to the FIBA model as possible, in order to avoid disadvantages for us at the international level. This would be going in the opposite direction of that.

An even bigger issue is the TV aspect. We struggle enough with keeping TV networks interested in the product. An unknown timeslot length would turn them off even more. Grand Slam tennis tournaments can get away with it due to their popularity, basketball in Australia can't.

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