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Graf - out of Opals -

Personally I think she was well past her use by date. Not a high achiever in comparison to the immediate previous two incumbents, better than Robbie Caddee, about on a par with Brendan Flynn.

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Years ago

great news...Erin for Rio

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Years ago

Still cannot believe she did nopt have Phillips in her team. Dumbest coach ever...after clarke lol

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

I have been unimpressed with Graf at the Opals for a long time now, so it was wiht great relief that I saw the official news come through this morning.
The Opals are now back in the hunt for silver at the 2014 WC's :D

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Maher not applying, but is backing 2 of the other applicants - Molloy & Buckle.
(I don't mind the thought of Molloy either FWIW)

Interesting to see Paul Roos on the selection panel. I like that kind of thinking. Awesome coach, and does know his basketball too. Interesting also to see Jan Stirling on it. She should select herself. We could do a lot worse :p

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Years ago

buckle for me

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Years ago

Stirling was also on the selection/advisory panel for the search that brought Clarke to Adelaide.

Does she coach anywhere herself? If not, anyone know the reason? Better opportunities elsewhere?

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Triton 95  
Years ago


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Years ago

Might be a bit left field but what about Harrower as she basically coaching Bendigo?
She has international playing experience and with a couple of good assistant she could do the job no worries....
Get some new blood in, fresh start

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Mark Wright as Head Coach

Harrower Timms as Assistants

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Years ago

How is Harrower new blood? Please can we have real new blood not Maher/Stirling/Graf clones. Someone without history with the player group who will make decisions based on ability and performance?

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well that only leaves Mark Wright

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Years ago

I believe basketball does exist outside Australia and the WNBL. I am pretty sure that we will nt be playing world champs against a domestic team.

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easy to be critical say who you believe should get the job

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Years ago

I would be happy to see Michelle Timms take the job and stamp her authority on the team.

But anyone that has the confidence that they will bring us Olympic Gold has my vote. I don't want anybody who doesn't see that as a realistic goal

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Timms will one day I hope make a great coach but needs to get a head coaching job first

A name from left Field Sandy Brondello any thoughts

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Years ago

olaf as coach : )

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Dr J  
Years ago

Sandy Brondello. Absolutely.
Peter Buckle if she doesn't want it.

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Years ago

Brondello would be right up there and knows the USA girls game styles / moves. I like buckle he can get the best out of our top tier players.

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Years ago

Hmmm there may be a NBL head coach who might be better suited to the more structured nature of a female program, especially one who has national program experience. That's of course if he does have an NBL coaching job anymore.

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Good to see support for Sandy.....let her pick her own assistants

Hopefully for the 1st time australian women could play an in your face press full court

Also need to introduce some outside shooting to the team

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Years ago

Sandy is a fantastic option played and coached at the highest level. Will come with her own mind and ideas and sees the Americans up close all the time. Hard pressed to think of anyone that compares actually. Buckle is a good coach but has close to the biggest budget. Take Baktovic out and is he still such a good coach??

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In light of a new coach...should all possible players for the womens national team be offered contracts so that they still recieve their payments hence putting australia's program ahead of where it has been in the past.

ie Offer Jackson Taylor Phillips and Cambidge a contract for the next 3 years to represent Australia

Then start looking at what we need to build a team around these 4 so we can have a res hot go at the next Olympic Gold Medal

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Gold?? Are USA not sending a team to Rio?

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Years ago

The word around the traps is that Molloy has already been given the job but BA forgot to follow its due diligence and interview.


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Recyled appointments again

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Years ago

is it odd that one, the better women don't go for the job and two, the worst men do?

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So true anonymous

Molley experience does not justify the appointment

What can he bring this another case of jobs for the boys

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