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WNBL has plan to top the nation

Interesting article in today's The Age online...

The Age: WNBL has plan to top the nation!

Basketball Australia chief executive Kristina Keneally wants the Women's National Basketball League to be the country's premier women's sporting competition.

Some interesting points in the article...thoughts?

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Years ago

What would be the top women's league now? Wouldn't have thought it was an especially competitive field. Quite possible that the WNBL is top already?

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Years ago

Some interesting points by the author - and a random side note regarding the Melbourne Tigers(?) - but 100% bum fluff from KK per usual.

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Years ago

Netball is pretty big isnt it?

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Years ago

Isaac, I have to agree on this one mate, the only women's competition that could even be considered close to the WNBL would be the National Netball League!

Otherwise, no contest really...

They do have better uniforms in the netball though??

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Netball would be easily the top league. I'd say WNBL would rank fairly evenly with the W League.
No reason the WNBL couldn't be the top league and I think it's a good goal to aspire to.
On the other hand, Keneally has proven to be pretty much all talk to this point so this article doesn't really move me.

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Years ago

Agreed Isaac.

You would have to think it's already there...

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Years ago

WNBL vs Netball right now for sure...

Would the netball league have a greater following though?

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Years ago

this is an easy get, with the semantic get-out that the ANZ championship is not a national competition.

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Years ago

how would WNBL rank with other competitions around the world

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Years ago

Judy you get some credit for the TV deal boosting viewers and attendance.

But as the BA boss you can make a clear statements - remember you're not someone's puppet!

"Our vision for the WNBL is to be the leading women's national sporting competition"

Ah, Hello it is be...netball..."insignificant" for mainstream media and “not a premium sport” - according to Ch.10! And it's boring!

"widely acclaimed for developing elite international quality basketball players"

What league are you's done this for years.

"and delivering world-class competition"

Okay, so re-runs of parliament question time clash with WNBL telecasts

"through excellence in operational and commercial performance"

If BA hadn't squandered chances to turn the continual success of the Opals into a way to boost the WNBL. How many promotable, media friendly players have come and gone while BA hit the snooze button.

"unquestionably one of the strongest comps...."

Wow that is really going out on a limb! At least give us top 3, 5, 7....but hey the WKBL, IFBPL and the WBCBL all are tough!

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Triton 95  
Years ago

The anz championship (netball) is way more popular than the wnbl.

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Years ago

What about tennis i would have thought that was the top womens sport. Lots of tv exposure and many people watch it

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Years ago

WNBL will never top Netball. Where is KK getting her weed from? Gotta meet her supplier

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Years ago

bk Tennis is big only for a very short season, so it flies under the radar a bit and especially for us when we speak about team sports IMO, tennis is not really a team sport...

But, yeah tennis is really good in Australia, especially with some of our young girls coming through, very talented, just too short a season I think to compete with hoops..!

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Years ago

The Netball just signed a tv deal with fox to telecast EVERY game live. Netball is tonnes more popular

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Years ago

I think netball would easily be top at the moment. The Thunderbirds sold out ETSA park a few times last year (obviously a smaller venue than Dome), and it's a pretty impressive sea of pink when there's a large crowd. Don't know off the top of my head how the ticket prices vary though?

One big difference is the crowd - netball crowd is parents, junior players, senior players, oldies, families, c grade celebrities, actually quite a few guys, partners of players and their footy mates(short uniforms!) all attend. Can't compare to other cities but also being at Etsa Park (close to everywhere) might help too?

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Years ago

How f*cking easy is it being the CEO of BA ? Throw the occasional media conference, promise the world and be safe in the knowledge that nobody will hold you accountable when you fail to deliver on said promises because nobody takes anything you promise seriously anyway!?

It'd be like working at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, or Kramerica Industries

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Years ago

KK being the true politician.. All yada yada yada at the moment. BA and KK needs to actually back up some words with some action.

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Years ago

While the ANZ Netball Championship only has 5 Australian based teams they are all capital city based teams. The WNBL has 9 teams but most are Club based teams rather than capital city based teams.

The fan base for Netball is huge - probably bigger than NBL and some of their game attendances are closer to NBL attendances if not more.

The WNBL attendances are very low - several hundred at the most.

So in Australia I'd have to say Netball at the moment is the top sport for females.

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Years ago

Netball, of course. Overlooked that.

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Years ago

If we measure by participation for Girls - according to this study reported in the Age then Basketball is number 5:

But it also says Soccer is now almost at the same level as Basketball in terms of participation which I find hard to believe.

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Years ago

VP that is interesting, so I did a quick check of boys and girls to see the trend lines...

Dancing, Soccer and Basketball appear to be heading up while the others are all down or trending steady in one case.

Seems basketball is picking up ground with the other world game, soccer!!

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Years ago

ANZ Championship


W League

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Years ago

Netball easy.
But how can a sport that is top 3 in the world of one of the most popular global female sports be a second rate sport in its own country?
How can the governing body of the sport not use a teams success to its own advantage as BA is not doing for girls basketball.
For a girl, basketball offers so much more not only as a sport but as a pathway to greater personall achievements. The Olympics for one. How many netball college scholarships can a girl go for?
The girls are 50% of our population yet boys teams outnumber girls teams by at least 2 to 1 Can you imagine how much more revenue basketball could get if it doubled the female participation in the sport?
Am I missing something?

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Years ago

Clyde - you're missing the different levels of participation in sport generally for boys and girls. 66% of boys aged 5-14 participate in sport compared with 54% of girls.

Of the girls who do participate in sport, 47% participate in sport only (no cultural activities). For boys, this proportion is 72%.

So a high proportion of girls prefer to do something other than sport, than do boys, and those girls who choose to do sport also do non sporting stuff more often than boys. Girls are a smaller market than boys for sporting participation.

Stats from the Australia Bureau of Statistics - Children's Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities, Australia, Apr 2012

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Camel 31  
Years ago

BA to lose 20% of Government funding if they don't show improvement and Kristina knows how to play it , obviously.
(Government not keen on trolls and should be blocked)

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