Wildcat Fan
Years ago

NBL Playoffs are on, right?

Anyone else notice the lack of media attention that NBL has received during the playoffs so far? I'm talking about national news programs like ABC24, Sunrise, Today, SBS news etc...

Even sports websites have ignored the playoffs, such as the roar. Not a single article there.

I don't think they've mentioned the NBL playoffs once(not that I've been glued to it every minute, but I have seen a lot of A-league news in the meantime). Not even a running scoreline at the bottom of the screen.

There should be no excuses to not give some coverage this season - The all important big market Sydney Kings are in the playoffs, and 19,000 people attended the 2 opening games of the semi-finals on Thursday night. So what will it take to get a mention?

At least the local coverage has been good.

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Years ago

I think its because theres not alot of drama just yet. Anyone with 2 braincells knows its a 2 horse race

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

That shouldn't matter. It's still there to be covered. I doubt there'd be a mention if the Kings and Hawks won game 1, even if they were all time classics.

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Years ago

Kings don't do themselves any favors by alienating certain media outlets.

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Jack Sparrow  
Years ago

Front page if hawks and kings upset and make grand final
Kim jong un will definetly have to fire a rocket if that happens

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Once again the idiots at BA and the NBL scheduled the finals right as the AFL has round 1. Thats more than half the country with 90% sports media already taken.

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Years ago

Wildcat Fan. I suspect the Sydney vs NZ game will get more coverage than the NZ vs Sydney game. As I have said here, little interest in regional markets (Auckland).

News Limited have virtually no presence in NZ. It might have got more coverage if they had.

Both first games in time-zone challenged locations. Australian media is totally east coast centric.

I am not excusing them, just highlighting why Sydney and Melbourne are so important and again, why Geelong, Hobart, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, Auckland, Perth etc. are not.

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Years ago

Was on ABC News, wrap of both games. Reasonable online coverage from majors:






There should be more but I hope OP wasnt expecting media outlets to be shouting it from the rooftops. NBL needs to bring the finals forward 2-3 of weeks.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

I agree with all those comment, and thanks anon, a few media outets are reporting something even though smh is local to Sydney, and I'm talking about national news, particularly on TV. I certainly was not expecting much coverage to begin with, but I was expecting at least a mention, or the scores at the bottom of the screen etc... I've always been aware of the lack of coverage the NBL gets, but it always grates me at playoff time when the coverage should increase - even slightly.

The challenging timezones point is a fair one, but then again, ABC24 is on all day, there's always sports reports from teams all over the country, not just Sydney, and they have plenty of time to get a report of the games played, regardless of who is playing and how regional they are. It's still a national sporting league, but that's something KK and BA will need to work on, rather than the media to care about. Besides, it's not going to kill their ratings if they mention the NBL for 5 seconds!

AFL round 1 was always going to kill the NBL, but to also get thrashed by the A-League is embarrassing. Particularly Western Sydneys story of winning the minor premiership in their first year - which I think is actually a bad thing for the A-league, because that just shows any 1st year team can come into that league and dominate straight away. But that's another story...

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Years ago

Wildcats coverage almost every night on ten news and on Friday after the win on seven nine and two news.. Not sure how much more coverage possible

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Years ago

So what has changed substantially since kk came on board?

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

The local coverage has been great. As said a couple of times, I'm talking about the national coverage! That's been poor.

I guess that because I live in Perth I'm used to seeing a good amount of news about the wildcats. But on a national level, the NBL is largely ignored.

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Years ago

Lol I find it amazing that you can label West Sydney's success in the A-League as a failure for the league. West Sydney is the biggest market for football in Australia, that goes without saying, and that was before the Wanderers had been established. Their squad has been a revelation this year. It has nothing to do with your theory that there is a lack of talent in the A-League. If that was the case, you wouldn't be seeing guys like Del Piero, Heskey, Ono etc join the league, not to mention Man United wouldn't be coming down in July if the game was going to be a complete waste of time.

Heck, just a few days ago, West Sydney's supporter base brought up 6,000 fans to Newcastle for their away game against the Jets. But I guess engaging in the biggest market in Australia and having success there is bad for Australian Football, MY BAD!

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Years ago

" If that was the case, you wouldn't be seeing guys like Del Piero, Heskey, Ono etc join the league, not to mention Man United wouldn't be coming down in July"

Without entering the argument, these things come down to money, not talent.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

I didn't say it was a failure, I just think it's a bad thing to see an expansion team come in and finish on top of the ladder in their first season. To me, it downplays the quality of the league. You would never see Gold Coast or GWS achieve this in the AFL. They will struggle for a few more seasons until their list is developed enough to contend with the bigger clubs. Even the Sydney Kings have struggled ever since they rejoined the league. And that just shows you can't be number 1 straight away.

Also, what will happen to the Wanderers' support if they start losing next season? Their fans are now accustomed to winning, they won't accept failure, and that's a lot of pressure for a new club and the A-league in an important market like West Sydney. Will be interesting to see if their support drops off if that happens.

I'm not pouring hate on them, but I can see the negatives to this success story. I'll concede that it was actually a big story and was worthy of it's coverage, but the NBL deserves a mention too, which is what I'm complaining about!

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Years ago

Even the local coverage here in perth surprises me, first story in the sports news tonight on ten was the game today.

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Years ago

Not being familiar with the sporting scene in Perth or W.A. for that matter, what I see from afar is this:

In the Perth sporting scene you have the two AFL teams, both doing well, the one A League team that is up and down and the Western Force Union team which is also up and down.

Then you have one of the most successful NBL teams in the country (NZ not included, although in the comp), so why would the sports media not be on board?

In Victoria, the NBL Tigers have to compete for media exposure against too many teams and too many sports to mention!

Just a thought...

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Years ago

The kings game is on at 10:55 pm in Sydney today, enough said.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

Bear, Since were now talking about local coverage, rather than national coverage, which is what I was referring to originally, in Perth, it's all West Coast Eagles. I'd suspect they would make up the equivalent of maybe 3 Victorian AFL teams with the amount of media coverage they get compared to Melbourne's news. Then there's the Dockers, and they are always second to West Coast by a fair way - particularly on Channel 7.

Then after West Coast and Freo get their slice of the news, the coverage turns to the rest of the AFL. Once the AFL news is done and dusted, there's probably about a minute left on channel 7, 2 minutes on 9 and about 5 minutes on Ten. That time is divided up between the Wildcats, Glory, Force, cricket, EPL and other sports like surfing, motorcars or whatever. Only Ten gives the Wildcats a good amount of coverage in that 'slot'.

So even though the Wildcats get far better coverage than the other nbl teams locally, it's not exactly Wildcat Nation here in Perth like some people think, and even the Cats have to have an exceptional news story to get on the news sometimes.

I'd be interested to know if that's the same in Adelaide, which has a similar sports market to Perth.

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Years ago

Of course it comes down to money, Australian Football has more more being pumped into it overall than basketball. With more money comes better opportunities to bring quality players from overseas to Australia. Basketball in Australia can't bring in enough talent because they can't afford to pay guys the amounts they can get in Europe.

Wildcat Fan, comparing the A-League expansion to the AFL expansion is nonsense. For starters, the AFL is a sport played in one country as a major sport. Football (soccer) is a major sport all over the world. With the expansion of the AFL, the AFL is essentially adding 80 extra players onto AFL lists. Where do those AFL players come from? They don't come from overseas that's for sure. They come from the lower leagues either as recycled players or as young draftees. GWS and the GC Suns are two of the youngest teams in AFL ever. The intention was always to develop the young players with an intent on building a solid youthful foundation of players to shine in a few years time. Never was it an intention to win right now in the AFL with those two clubs.

As for the A-League, the Wanderers were able to afford to bring a number of players from overseas clubs back to Australia. This team isn't a bunch of rookies like the Suns and the Giants, they're a group of established footballers already. A few of the players on the Wanderers list have played in the A-League before, but the overall talent of the league hasn't been diluted to suggest the league has become weaker because of the Wanderers inclusion.

Yes, the pressure is on to continue the success in Western Sydney. And like any team, if you don't perform well, of course the fan base is going to drop off. However, I don't envision there ever being a time, at least not in the next 5 years where West Sydney's fan base will drop off to the point that the club won't be economically viable. If they capitalise on their support right now, they'll have a solid foundation to base themselves upon for a while yet.

I still can't see any possible negative to the Wanderers having early success. If they were a failure this season, you probably would have said "well they failed miserably and now have lost a lot of the potential support they could have had if they had a decent club this year."

As for your complaining about the NBL's media coverage, the league has hardly had any media coverage all season, what makes you think that the coverage was suddenly going to change in the playoffs?

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Years ago

Anyone else notice the lack of media attention that NBL has received during the playoffs so far? Still no attention.

NBL Playoffs are on, right? You wouldn't think so.

Its almost as though the season has already ended.

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Years ago

Most people cant wait for the NBL to be over so players can get on with the SEABL season.

Sad but true, the SEABL season is more competitive and entertaining than the NBL.

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