Scooby Doo
Years ago

Lets Fire up ABL games!

I have West in my blood and love watching the games. Due to other committments I only saw my first game for the year last saturday night. The game was good value but the atmosphere sucked! it seems the same people are going every week.

I think that it is a good product but what can be done to attract people to games. The New Zealand local league gets thousands sometimes and in the other states of Aus there are big crowds also. I think it is a shame that the are often more people watching junior games on a Friday night than the clubs top men and women on a Saturday. Mid week games maybe? any ideas??

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Years ago

Could it be because some stadiums are not very comfortable to watch games in and unless you arrive early, rarely do you get a decent seat, or even a seat at all.

Stadiums like wayville, pasadena, morphettvale, mt barker, are ideal for the abl. There is plenty of room for a decent crowd and allows the supporters to group together as is the case with the blue army.

Centrals, forestville, sturt are a few examples of how the juniors can use these games as a team type of bonding exercise. You'll often see groups of junior players support their club in both the mens and womens games.

You are right scooby, the same people are going each week, in my case, i don't follow one particular club. I try to chose a "game of the week" type clash when i do go.

There is no publicity for the abl unless you chose to follow it.

Even people who post on this site regularly are those that attend an abl game each week.

I don't think mid week games would work because of the other grades that play week nights, also how would trainings be scheduled as most clubs would use monday or thurday as their training nights.

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Mr Poontoss  
Years ago

Its too hard to compete with AFL in south australia on saturday nights. Plus, Theres just no coverage of the local league other than a few websites, and a column here or there in the paper.

I think people would come, if they knew where and when it was on.

Say a whole page in the advertiser one day a week?

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Years ago

I've often wondered how many people are exclusively 36ERS supporters who don't attend ABL matches. If the 36ERS being owned by the local association is the preferred model, then surely one of the advantages is shared marketing and co-promotions.

When it costs nothing and takes 5 minutes to do, why isn't there a weekly e-newsletter from the club talking about the 36ERS playing in the state league -- Forman, Gerlach, Hambour, Gower? They're not Maher or Farley, but it's basketball and the effort can't possibly fail. Getting more people to the games helps the clubs and helps sport as a whole. Why wouldn't they want to do that?

It costs nothing, so budget isn't an excuse. It takes 5 minutes, so "too busy" isn't an excuse either.

And/or follow Mr P's suggestion above, and get The Advertiser on board as a league sponsor in exchange for running a weekly promo that details the weekend's games, game of the week, previous player of the week, and occasionally some key stats.

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Years ago

Despite the effort of West's resident DJ, the atmosphere at the game would be much better with a bigger crowd.

Junior coaches need to get their players and parents out to the senior games.
The Messenger already advertises ABA games in articles when there is room.

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The Iron Chef  
Years ago

When was the last state league final played on T.V?

What happened to all the talk last year about ABL games on Channel 31?

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Years ago

Needs someone with time to organise it all.

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wish I could dunk  
Years ago

No write up on ABL games in Sat Advertiser, no scores in Sunday scores in Monday Advertiser.........hmmmmmmmmmm wonder why there isnt much hype or fire about ABL games....and yes the 20 to 50 people who normally turn up to games...all the seats are gone......why not two games (Men and Women) at the Dome...use two courts.....come on BASA or "someone" some thought please

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Years ago

They should move the games to saturday afternoon.

Most ppl dont wanna give up there saturday night at a local basketball game.

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The truth  
Years ago

making some sort of cheer squad for juniors along the lines of centrals has brought crowds back to starplex and built and atmoshpere which cant be beaten

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Years ago

On the same token #36190 most people don't want to give up their entire Saturday if they are playing/coaching/reffing on the Saturday morning.

I think it might be a comfort thing too. Most stadiums are freezing cold in the middle of winter at night. Who wants to go out when you can stay at home with the heater?

Another thing, how much time should people be expected to give to their basketball clubs. Put in two trainings, a game and a couple of ABL games and you are looking at a good 10 hours a week mostly jammed into 2 or 3 days. Do you want people to have a life outside basketball?

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Years ago

isaac, how much time do ya reckon someone would need? and ither than time, what sort of commitment, reputation, money and how high up in SA bball do ya reckon you'd need to be the person to get games on channel 31?

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Years ago

Not sure. Regarding money, you'd endeavour to cover costs with sponsors.

I think that with Talking Hoops already running, the focus should be on getting people to the actual games, rather than getting something on TV. Maybe an initiative to get people to invite a friend to the game?

I'd like to know why there is no longer a published POTW in The Advertiser or any write-ups? Are BASA still writing those previews and post-game reports? Is it just a lack of space?

The coverage of NBL/WNBL has still been very good on Thursdays.

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Years ago

Not sure that this idea would work, due mainly to a Lack of Volunteers from most clubs, but could this work. e.g.

Pasadena - Men's ABL
Sturt v Forestville at 8.00pm
- U18 Boys (Elite Juniors?)
Sturt v Forestville at 6.30pm

Wayville - Women's ABL
Forestville v Sturt at 8.00pm
- U18 Girls
Forestville v Sturt at 6.30pm

You would expect that most junior players and their parents would then stay on to watch the ABL Games.
Or would this just further dilute crowds as you would have too many stadiums in use at once. Also not sure how Norwood & Woodville would get on since they share the Dome (one club would need to play Sundays I guess).

I don't think there would be a way to get a full junior game played between the Women's & Men's ABL games, unless you started the first game at say 6pm and started Mens game later, at say 8.45 or 9.00pm

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Years ago

With regard to media coverage, I believe that Boti spat the dummy a couple of years ago when BASA didn't provide him with a media release prior to the start of the season. His pre-season write-up was always good for a laugh, but BASA didn't provide him any info. I wonder if he asked for any tho, given his distain for the current management, and if this will change under new management.

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Years ago

The clubs should unite to bring all ABL experiences up to a common denominator. Bring in more league-wide sponsors/giveaways so that one week you might have a phone company or chip brand doing a promo at all 5 games with product and voucher giveaways. Deals at the canteen and bar, the sort that are hard to turn down. $10 gives entry, drink at the bar, and a food product?

Maybe I'm the only one who forgets to eat dinner before they go to the games and gets something on the way there or home/out?

Double-headers can double the crowds, but that makes it 8 hours of basketball which is a killer.

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Years ago

I like the idea of the Saturday afternoon games. You would get kids/families hanging around after their junior games.

If Boti and BASA have issues (which they do!) they should put them aside for the good of the game. Personal gripes getting in the way of promoting the game is unprofessional

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Years ago

Yeah, the lack of ABA in The Advertiser this year is even WORSE than previous.

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Years ago

I see a write up of either the womens or mens games everyweek in the Sunday mail. It is only a small section but it is there.

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Years ago

Not this week and I can't tell you has been player of the week, for the last 6 rounds or players of the month for April has not been updated since 10/4, so how much does anyone really care about this competition. I'm not talking about players or posters either

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Years ago

The mail from BASA deep throat is that Colin has only 24 hours in a day, and cannot do the State Champs and the ABL. And yes the state champs are over but he is close to falling over.
Boti, I believe, is on holidays and that's why last Friday's article was written by a Daniel something or other.
In the Sunday Mail I received there was no basketball article, and again, that could be because Boti is on leave and Colin is stuffed (Colin used to do it in previous years when Boti was on leave, you still phoned in the results but to Colin - and Boti usually has his leave at this time of year).

All great suggestions Isaac but no one to act on them.....shame

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Back when I was a lad ..... the Forestville/South Adelaide games were on TV. Scott Ninnis 40 points in a final ..... the mid-80s were my kinda time.

Great music and big hair too!

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Years ago

So Colin is the only BASA employee?

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Years ago

Yup! The one that does the programing for the juniors and seniors. Attends all sub committee meetings. Tries to solve all the small (?) problems that pop up. Is very helpful when you ask for things. Is the oil that greases the BASA machineary.

Boy they are going to be in trouble when he retires (soon by my mail)

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Kym Taylor  
Years ago

In my day, the State League was on a Wednesday night, and it worked a treat. Trained Monday Nights, and Saturday Mornings. Bring it back cos it meant free weekends, and better crowds. Could be done, and stuff social ball at venues for this night!!!

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Years ago

I wasn't bagging Colin, I think he does a great job for what he has to deal with. I was getting at the fact that BASA have marketing people, but no marketing for anything else apart from 36ers ever happens.

I do think it's a bit sad for the Juniors that results are no longer published in the paper. My grandparents only bought the Sunday Mail to find out if I won or not, way back when of course.

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Years ago

Your point about Colin being the only BASA employee is valid....How the hell can Colin do it all wonder the world stopped when the dude had to have a break with some well deserved annual leave...I ask again......what the hell is going on???????????????????????????????? and Yes I will get out my Magnifying Glasses this week to find that minute article in the Sunday Mail......

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Scooby Doo  
Years ago

The ABL is not going to get any media coverage until it can hold it's own. Why would the paper write about games that pull 100 people? when all games pull 500 the media will know they have a market to sell to. They know then that there will be 2000 people that will buy the paper to see other results and write ups.

ABL clubs and BASA need to tr4y something different. Why not 1 game per week on a Wednesday. it can become the "Friday Night Football". There is nothing on TV, start games at 5:30 everyone is home at 10.

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Years ago

I don't play, coach or have any say in anything, but I vote yes to Wednesday games anyway! Gives people a chance to catch a couple of different match-ups in a given week. Gives us a chance to promote things separately, rather than pick just one.

What are the detractors from the idea?

Should there be an ABL Marketing Committee of volunteers - representatives from clubs, a few players, and fans to brainstorm ways that all clubs can work together to increase attendances?

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Years ago

We have had mid-week finals in recent years, so it can be done, I remember South Women played Forestville at Marion.

I think it has some merit, to look at further. The major problem would be getting your spectators to travel too away games on a week night, not too many would be keen to travel to the outer stadiums, Mt Barker, Morphett Vale or Starplex.

Play the mid-week games at the Dome, Wayville or Pasadena only, but ensure that clubs' that use those stadiums don't play on their home courts in mid-week games, i.e. Sturt play their 4 games at either Wayville or the Dome.
That way each club has no home court advantage over another. First named team would provide scorers & stats people, as is currently the case.

As long as it was done evenly, say 4 games per season for each club, the volunteers should be able to cope. Each Club would be involved twice as home and twice as away teams, which could give the players 4 weekends off, or even get back to the old 18 vs 27 game season argument.

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Years ago

I don't want to crush the idea, just put a question out there.

Given that most, if not all, ABL players have jobs, uni or school during the week, what time do you suggest the games start? If you start the Women at even 6, the men don't start until 8 and finish by 10.30 - 11.

I guess another option would be to split the men and women and have two home nights. eg South v Sturt. Men play at Pasadena and Women play at Marion, same night, same time.

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Stealth watcher  
Years ago

If I can use Centrals as an example,there has been no effort by Starplex to promote the weekly game on bulletin boards etc, as far as I can see. Also, try and purchase club merchandise(eg.blazers). You don't see it let alone be able to buy it. Why they dont display gear before game time is beyond me.They would sell a lot more items and therefore promote the club a lot better. Get your act together Centrals and Starplex!!!!

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

ShutUp!! - dont forget the other side of the coin.

It is the same distance for us to travel from the outer 'burbs to the city, as it is for you to travel from the city to the outer 'burbs.

Also, have a look at my post

re: Best basketball stadium (#35978)

But i agree with you in centralising the games, and not giving anyone home court advantage. Alot of logistics to get organised.

Perhaps let BASA management walk before they run. I know they are working tirelessly, but state champs draw demonstrated all was not in sync...yet!

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Years ago

Saturday / Sunday arvo's are an excellent idea!

Number 1: Catch the crowd from sat morning games - young kids / families
Number 2: Bring in the crowd that go out sat nights - the 18 - 40 age group or have social commitments
Number 3: Give the weak one's no excuse to stay home because its too cold!
Number 4: Give clubs and the ABL confrence as a whole a chance to mingle / socialise afterwards - I know we put on meals for the players after the game but as most are keen to go out after the games they tend to pick up the food and leave straight away!

There just my thoughts anyway! :-)

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Years ago

This is an issue that our Club has been looking at, however, despite suggestions and hints, regarding giving out free family passes to under 10/12 teams, and to the kids at the development clinics held at our club on saturday afternoons, nothing has been done. forget the cash at the door, we arent getting those dollars anyway, get the bums on seats and then maybe the dollars will filter in via the canteen.
$5 per adult and $2 for kids for ABA games does turn families away (no matter what you might think) Frankly, we do go to some away games, but dont end up spending as much in the canteen after spending $16 or there abouts at the door.
But its probably the same at other clubs as it is at ours, the same few do everything and no-one new is interested in helping out unless it benefits their child somehow. Ultimately people just seem to be basketballed out after running their kids around to junior games and paying through the nose for the priviledge. Sometimes the thought of fronting up for another game is just too much for some. I dont know what the answer is, I just hope someone out there does and passes the secret along to all other clubs.

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