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Years ago

Nunawading Womens program.

What is going on? SEABL womens team a shadow of the team they had last year, hardly any local girls left, Youth league team coached by a current Dandenong jnr coach and apparently going at players, what the hell has happened?

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Years ago

Nunawading has lost their way badly, the current state of the womens progran is the result of an agenda driven smear campaign carried out in the off season to gain control of the team.
The end result was a lot of the group walked, the remainder of them who stuck it out are unhappy and may not stick around either.

Sad state of affairs down at Nunawading.

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Years ago

So, the spot Nunawading is in wasn't at all created by years of mismanagement and people carrying out their own agenda at the expense of some very good players, coaches and administrators?

Do the homework and have a look and the names of people calling the shots over the past 5-7 years who did all the damage and sent a proud club into a tailspin. Thankfully, it appears that the club could be seeing the back of those people.

The real question remains of if the damage done is repairable and able to be saved to save the club?

Some certain people have a lot to answer for, the way they've protected their own bit of land and not looked at the long term interests of the club.

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Years ago

The SEABL womens team have improved year on year for the past 3-4 years since making the GF, only 4 points off a conference GF last year yet a malicious few felt the need to pull it appart and for what??

What damage was done? The only Juniors to leave were duds anyway and some have been recycled this year at the expence of genuine quality players all because of agendas and friendships.

The only damage that has been done was done this year, mostly to get someone a SEABL gig who wouldn't get one anywhere else.

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Years ago

Perspective you're an idiot. Never read so much rubbish in my life.

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Years ago

Nunawading is like Admas family: dysfunctional at best, Managed by a kid with SFA experience or ability but put there as a puppet, directed by a board with the vison of Stevie Wonder, sub committees infected with neprotism and a coaching staff with conflicts of interest...

Yep, that Nunawading....

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Years ago

Almost Knox like. Do we have names of these so-called poor administrators & committee members??

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The Truth.  
Years ago

Knox like but on a smaller budget: Hallet would struggle to manage a hotdog stand let alone a Basketball club.. (probably because he'd eat everything).
Wakeling has a chip on his shoulder because his kids didn't cut it, so anyone who stands up to him is gone.
Spicer is only there to get his kid a gig when everything being equal she'd struggle in B grade domestic and to get his pisshead drinking mate a coaching gig...

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Years ago

Sounds like all good in VIC basketball......not saying SA a lot better, but WOW!!

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yes indeed  
Years ago

Is it running down to juniors
with seable players coaching jnr sides with little success

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Years ago

Well the culture of the SEABL Women is party time now so who knows.

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Years ago

Saw the SEABLE Girls train recently, pretty slack, must say they didnt look vey professionasl. Coaches spent more time laughing and sitting around than coaching.

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Years ago

The senior women's team is two wins away from being exactly where you would expect them to be given the strength of their roster and the inevitable 'breaking in' period that occurs for new groups with new coaches.

The time to bitch about the unceremonious dumping of the old Nunawading fraternity is well and truly past. Just let the new group get on with it. If they are as bad as everyone seems to believe, then they'll sew the seeds of their own destruction and soon everything at Nunawading can go back to normal... Normal being the return of a stagnant, parochial, and above all else, PROUD club who has been lagging behind the Victorian basketball community for the last decade.

Get this shit off forums. It does nobody any good.

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Years ago

Time for the past coaches and assistant coaches to stop writing on here. You know who you are. This has come about due the poor work being done by the current doc at the club. Nuna wading has been on the nose for years and I think that the fresh start at the senior level should be matched by a fresh level at the junior. I remember years ago you has to sell your first born for a coaching gig at Nuna, now if you can spell your name your in.
Coaching starts with the doc, not the senior level. Give the kid a go, first year with a few juniors in there. If the players don't want to be there then let em go and please remember the highest paid person at that club ain't either of the senior coaches, it is the doc that doesn't do her job.

Time for the doc to be moved. The fish rots at the head, seniors are a mirror of the juniors at the club. Period. Look back 5 years and see what names were running the juniors then, mmm same ones as now!

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Nuna Boys Parent  
Years ago

Interesting Post Funny - Changing the issue away from the rot at Senior level. Looking for a DOC job are we. From what i understand - The Seniors are run totally seperate from Juniors - own funding / own committee.The Senior coaches are totally responsible for their own progams including player selection. I have been at Nunawading on the Boys side for 5 years now and i have never seem the Boys program in such great shape and all credit goes to the new/current DOC. U14 VC Champs last year - all 1st sides in VC this year - 5 U12 Teams - with the 12/1 & 14/1 both at the Classic and Both 16/1 and 18/1 have good bottom age kids. The DOC has worked hard to recruit hard working coaches who have player developement before own agenda - something alot of other programs lack. The future looks bright from where i sit and look forward to having my kids part of that.

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Years ago

nuna boys parent,

The topic of discussion is "Nunawading Womens program". Got it ?

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Years ago

Yes, lets not ruin anyones agenda by showing the DOC in a good light and actually demonstrating she's done a fantastic job with the program.

Its much easier to climb to the top of the hill by removing the obsticles in your way.

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Years ago

From what I hear the committee share the view and may be in the process of removing the obstacle themselves. Glad to say that not a bone in my body would be interested in joining that shell of a club

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Nuna parent  
Years ago

I've been around the nunawading tournament all yesterday and this morning with my daughters team and watching friends of ours in other specters teams and I haven't seen the club director of coaching at any venue. Our friends who have a son in one of the boys teams said she hadn't been at any games they've seen either

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Years ago

Nuna parent - get a clue. There are 30+ teams speared over 15+ venues. From what I hear she has been to see all the classic teams play and been at Nunawading and Knox last night till 10.00pm. All the time lugging around a 6 month old? Compassion and common sense please!

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Years ago

XRay vision from Ballarat??!! Not sure how a thread about the womens team got hijacked into a personal attack on the DOC who has nothing to do with the senior program.
Poor form and highlights the problem that team is infected with.

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Years ago

I dont agree juniors have nothing to do with seniors in a club like Nunawading. Better your juniors graduating more your chances of success at senior level...or dish out money to buy players which you can't apparently.

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Years ago

Does DOC have a name?

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Years ago

Nunawading have had (and still do) an abundance of quality Juniors coming through and have come through over the past umpteen years, unfortunately 5 of them didnt return to the senior team this year. Questions should be asked.
At the end of the day given the structure at Nunawading the DOC is only in control of the juniors and has no imput or control over the selection of the senior teams or Coaches, so its pretty pointless holding them accountable for the makeup and performance of the senior team if the Coach can't retain those juniors, attract back QUALITY Ex Juniors or recruit a decent team.

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Years ago

I think the same questions as to why some of those juniors left should be asked as well. Not of the new coaches but of the previous. Also please don't forget when the DOC and the previous Head Coach are married and share a surname nepotism will always be the winner.

Have you changed your last name yet norm?

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Perspective #2  
Years ago

This is all an absolute joke, junior basketball and a semi professional league (seabl) doesn't need to have people with such boring lives getting on here arguing about its current state. What happened to the love of the game? Smear campaign both ways is ridiculous, past is past and obviously there were many things not quite right so needed to be cleaned out. P.S news of a walk out at the end of last season womens seabl team absolute trash, if you watched them last season they werent anything like a 'team'. The change has been for the betterment of the club, and if parents, passed officials or coaches have a beef with something thats happened or is happening, grow some balls and and put your name to a post or have some sort of character to actually have a face to face conversation with those you think are in the wrong rather than be a gutless prick/s and think you can hide behind a screen. Obviously people writing here to smear people are an absolute joke, grow up and realise it bloody basketball.

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Years ago

I completely agree. The people being spoken about are trying their best regardless of your personal thoughts. It is a game dealing with kids. Get a hobby people........

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Years ago

Like most clubs there are factions within. There are two factions at Nuna and they would both be better served putting the crap aside and focusing on the kids. The SEABL and Youth Champ sides are controlled by MEBA not the junior club. They are run by seperate groups of people with little cross over. The divide between the two is just as bad as it is at places like Tigers and Hawthorn. With 38 teams in juniors and a large association to look after you will always find a bunch of people who think they could do better but dont come out from under thier rocks.
The senior teams are doing OK and the juniors are too, you cant be doing much wrong if every one of your #1 teams are in VC and some of the 2nd sides are as well. People in the KNOX glass house shouldnt throw stones. Just get your own crap in order and quite making up shit to deflect the constant bad news leaking from your wooden boat.

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Years ago

Look at the lack of results from the classic to see what is happening to the junior program at knox. Slipping quickly into the distance they are. Its gonna take hard work and then some for them to even begin to get back to where they used to be. Stone throwing aint gonna help that lot.

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Years ago

one thing for sure about Spooks senior coach is that he claimed to be very keen to bridge the gap between juniors and seniors. Well he was all just smoke and mirrors and that one. Does NOTHING to help juniors and in fact made sure HIS man was appointed as the D league coach and he actually coaches a Dandenong u14 boys team ! How does that work ???
Everyone I know thinks the senior caoch is a snake and not to be trusted so I go with majority on this one.

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Having been in the girls program for 6yrs I have nothing but the higgest praise for the DOC. She is always at the sunday training and a big supporter of all the kids.
Untill last year I was going to take my boy to a club with a better boy program but since the DOC has taken over the program I see huge improvements and will now bring him there.

A huge congrats to the DOC for the great results at the Classic and tournament! Well done to the coaches of the U12/1 for winning the Classic and it was so nice to see them thanks the DOC for all her support.
To FUNNY didnt your parents teach you that if you dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all. Clearly you have an agender. If you are not happy get off the bus

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Left Field  
Years ago

I thought this post was about the womens team ? It is turning into a thread on DoC.

Which women's players that left would people have kept ?

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Years ago

Leave Nuna alone.

Hallett is going to do some great things here

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Years ago

Hallet has nothing to do with SPecters, he simply manages the stadiium and has MEBA duties.

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Years ago

Who have been good and bad for the team this season ?

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