Years ago

So going to NBA.com now redirects you to...

...Sportal's NBA.com distilled Aussie lite version of the real website...and then you have to go out of your way to find the link to go to the real NBA.com.


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Years ago

noted that, it is irritating

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

It is annoying, but just hit the 'NBA.COM' link with the American flag an it'll get you to the real site.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

*Top left corner of the page

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Btw, the same probably happens in other domestic NBA sites as well.


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Years ago

Why doesn't the NBA just host their own Australian sub-site?

They could do the same for 50 other countries at the same time.

Why allow their brand to have Sportal in the middle?

Seems risky?

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Years ago

Pissed me off no end......

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Years ago

Just favourite the redirect link? Should work shouldn't it?

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Years ago

@SS: it does, but those sites are run by actual NBA offices in those countries. Sportal is not an NBA office. Not to mention, it is entirely unnecessary because we as Australians speak English and don't really require any specialised cultural delivery...

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El Diablo  
Years ago

I think Sportal could be an AFL conspiracy to frustrate basketball fans

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

You're a smart cookie, Mick.

Good point on the cultural aspect, because our culture is mainly derivative anyway. Monkey see, monkey do.

However, maybe it's a monetary decision. Sportal would have to pay for these rights, so it's more money in the NBA's pocket. Same Economic concept as importing/exporting goods and services.

The problem for the NBA is maybe the tarnishing of its brand as they wouldn't be able to control the third party as much.

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Years ago


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Years ago

If anyone remembers Sportal were responsible for the NBL website a number of years ago. The NBL didn't take long to wake up that they were crap.

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Years ago

Remember folks Sportal under their partnership with the NBA are streaming Wednesday's Minnesota/Denver game online for free starts 12pm!

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Years ago


It's Minnesota vs Detroit live on Sportal from 11am.

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Bobby Tables  
Years ago

Prediction: 100% of visitors to nba.com follow the link to the US site.

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Years ago

Has anyone else noticed that nba.com says the live streams for aus that sportal are hosting are at sportcal.com.au?


It's been like that for about a week, misspelt next to every game that sportal is hosting.

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Years ago

I also love it how the FACE of the Sportal live streaming game (Minny v Denver) is none other than superstar all-world power forward DANTE CUNNINGHAM.

Not Kevin Love.

Not Ty Lawson.

Not Kenneth Faried.

Not RIcky Rubio.

Am I being too hard on them?

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Years ago


Timberwolves up 64-51 at the half.

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Years ago

There's a small section right at the top of the sportal page that lets you set your default location - you can pick the original nba.com here.

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Years ago

Even more stupidly, the website redirect lasts 7 days, so even if you want to set it up so you always go to the global website you are still forced to visit their poxy website once a week. In all honesty, who the hell cares about an Australianised version of a US sports league?

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Years ago

Think I may have come up with a workaround. It stores your default preference in a cookie. You seem to be able to trick it into never expiring the cookie (ie keep your preference of going straight to nba.com) by using the URL sportal redirects you to when you choose nba.com

So anyway, try using the URL:

The 1000w at the end is the duration of your selection...I figure 1000 weeks is about right

After that, you *should* be able to just go to nba.com without using the special URL any more.

I've only just come up with this, so no guarantees it'll last more than a week, but it works so far.

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Years ago

I hate this sportal redirection let's all complain to the nba...we just want the nba not some sportal interpretation of it... How demeaning!!

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Years ago

its the same in new zealand. sportal still calls the hornets the bobcats.

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Years ago

Sportal sucks ass.

I HATE getting redirected. It's such a waste of time.

How can we get it banned? Lobby the NBA?

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Years ago

SPORTAL is shit! Most annoying thing in the world. It's very slow to load also.

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Years ago

And to avoid the Sportal redirect, use this link instead :


Thanks to Astarach,

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Years ago

It is so annoying that I just dont bother following nba anymore...how dare a company like that try and treat thier coustomers like sheep that can be hearded...

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Last year

gee whiz this is still very enjoying

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