kason jidd
Years ago

Spurs favourites for ship, Patty to get his ring!

Spurs now paying best odds for the Championship and looking like they will get it done. Which means Patty will finally get his ring. If he does get his ring does it put him in question for the GAOAT (Greatest Australian of All Time)? Surely he is on the 'Mt Rushmore' of Australian players - Bogut, Gaze, Longley, Mills.

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Years ago

Ease up there big Jaso' not only does patty have a long way to go but this series isn't anywhere near over!

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Years ago

Thanks for jinxing my bet!

(Got Spurs at $10+.)

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Years ago

I think the spurs will get past OKC and I hope they win the title. Wouldn't say Patty will "finally" get his ring he is only 25.
Imo he is one of our best ever players who can achieve alot over the next 10 or so years.

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kason jidd  
Years ago

Can only raise his stocks. To be a bonafide backup to Tony Parker on one of the greatest teams of the era.

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Years ago

Gah, don't jinx it

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Years ago

He may be back up to Parker but how much of the ball does he have? Looks like ginobli runs the point a fair bit when Parker is off and mills can be found in the corner.

Bogut still Aussies best regardless of what happens in the playoffs.

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Years ago

Long way off yet. Heard of a guy called James out East who's not bad?

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Years ago

Long way off the championship, but certainly on the mount rushmore of australian ballers IMO

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Years ago

Spurs should get it done from here. Congrats spurs

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Years ago

Stop jinxing it!

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Years ago


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Years ago

Beast mode last game for sure!

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twenty four  
Years ago

Let's be honest, of all the players in the NBA, he'd be one of the more deserving winners. Long overdue...

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Years ago

It's the Spurs' to lose.

This Miami team is not very good compared to the one from last year. The swung big and missed big in free agency and it's going to hurt them when they play a proper basketball team in the Finals.

It cannot be overstated how terrible the East is and how much better that makes them look, even if they have the best player in the world (who can still win a series by himself, against anyone). They will probably get past Indiana now they have stolen home court advantage from a mentally-weak opponent, but i don't see them winning it all again against this year's improved Spurs squad.

And if Indiana steals advantage back and gets past the Heat, the Spurs will handle them easily.

Then you look at the Spurs: Kawhi Leonard is a year better. Patty Mills is a lifetime better. Ginobili isn't hurt and is a different player to the shell we saw last postseason. Tim Duncan and Boris Diaw don't age. Splitter is playing a lot better this year. And not to be overlooked: Pop will be better. He has been tinkering and experimenting all season long with lineups that will come in handy in the Finals. The only negative I see is Tony Parker's lingering injuries.

These things can turnaround very quickly but at the moment I'm going all in on the Spurs.

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Years ago

Who's be deserving?

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Go Spurs  
Years ago

I hope the spurs win!
I think Tim Duncan, Manu & Pop deserves another ring.

Rumor has it, that all three will retire after their contracts expire next year.
All 3 are legends in my book & they all deserve at least one more ring.
Mr Fundamental is the best PF to play the game in my book.

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Years ago

As if the Spurs couldn't get any better from last year, they have come back this year and IMO have perfectly addressed any of their (minor) weaknesses.

Their bench depth is incredible with Manu, Diaw, Mills, Belinelli (and all fit into the system perfectly).

Splitter is much improved, Parker is healthy (touch wood), Leonard has a better understanding of knowing when and where to get his shots, Duncan is still Duncan and they learnt from last year.

The Spurs are the smartest, toughest and most prepared team out there.

I think the Heat are a team who tend to win on talent alone.

I think the Spurs are the benchmark - a much more organised a prepared team who know exactly how to beat opponents and they execute it to a T.

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Years ago

yeah i agree spurs far too good. would be surprised if they didnt win the whole thing.

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Years ago

Durant could always get mad and average 45 the rest of the way.

But unless Brooks figures out that you can't be having big lugs like Kendrick Perkins and Steven Adams blitzing pick and rolls 30 ft from the basket (especially when Russell Westbrook -- a terrible P&R defender -- is the other defender) this is going to be a swift sweep.

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Years ago


Spurs tribute video. Worth a look if you like watching team basketball.

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Years ago

sigh kason jidd you n00b Spurs are favourites at the moment as their conference final opponents are weakened with the ibaka injury

once spurs and heat meet in final Spurs won't necessarily be the favourites as Heat presently have a much harder hurdle to get to the final

lmao learn to read odds properly and who cares about patty winning a ring how does that effect your daily life? may the best team/players win not the one who is from our country

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Gordon Liddy  
Years ago

If the Spurs win the title will every Australian citizen get a championship ring?

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kason jidd  
Years ago

What are you talking about anon? I said the spurs are the favourites - which they are. We can try and project odds for in the case of the heat getting past the pacers if you really want but I prefer to look at the odds as they are with everything accounted for in them at current state.

Patty getting a ring is great for Patty who is a top bloke, great for Australian basketball and great for his fans such as me.

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Years ago

So we are calling Championship "ships" now? Sigh ... Or are we shortening sigh too ... Gh!

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kason jidd  
Years ago

Of course I could have put 'championship' in the title but then it would have read 'Spurs favourites for championship. Patty to g'.


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