Years ago

season tickets arrived yet?

Quick question. Has anyone had their season tickets mailed out to them yet? seems every year its cut very close to the opening game.

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Years ago

Nothing yet, other than the credit card payment I haven't had any communication to confirm I have even purchased. I requested contact as was looking at purchasing 2 other seats if any available close to our current seats.
Lets hope I still have the same seats.
A bit poor overall.

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Years ago

They were available for collection at last week's family day. So all printed, ready for collection or will be posted out I guess.

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Years ago

I agree, posting them out next week is far too close. No delivery on the holiday Monday too. If the family day was last Wednesday they should have got them in the post the next day.

Slack as usual.

Whatever happened to the letter Dean was going to put out CONSISTENTLY??

Full of promise and then blew hot and cold. Heard zilch this year and the season starts in a week!!!

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Years ago

Last seasons "family day" was a waste of time IMO, so didn't bother this year. We were told they would be sent out the following week if not collected on that day.

Yes, very poor form again, as is the lack of any professionalism through the official site which still doesn't have up to date player info or any merchandise available, or any info pushing the exciting new season about to start.

How are we supposed to encourage any new supporters to join, particularly given the bookies have again selected the SIXERS to finish last again. I guess that's why even the club has given up and is bothering to promote the new season.

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Years ago

they said they were being posted today (friday) to give people who indicated they would rather pick them up the time to do so

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Years ago

The 3 - 5 game memberships are not even on sale yet and the 36ers shop is still under construction with the first game less than a week away? If I go onto the Adelaide united website I can purchase a 5 game membership before the season starts and purchase a top. T

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Years ago

Mine were supposedly posted back on the 23rd when I called them but still nothing. THey actually sent out a postcard to tell me to call them If I hadnt received my membership card and supporters pack yet. Im supposed to call them back on Monday If I have still havnt received anything any they will send another priority mail.

Pretty bad considering the first home game is the Friday of that week.

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Years ago

Par for the course...but then when it is a group of investors running the club, who have their other, main businesses to attend what do you expect. Especially as there is no money to appoint a club manager full time to handle this.

It is time the NBL relaxed their "no more than 49% ownership rule" so the Shalin's can buy the majority of it or all of it & run it like a proper professional sporting club should be. Afterall, if the can put up the required guarantee, the risk of fallover & people not being paid out is severely diminished.

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Years ago

Are the Shahins even interested in the 36ers ownership?

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Years ago

They were back in the day when it first was going belly up i think.

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Years ago

got a card with a hole in it, but no lanyard!

am I alone or did other people not receive a lanyard?

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