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NBL: 2 rounds in, who ya got?

So two rounds are in the history books, and the field looks a whole lot different to how I and lots of people were calling it at the start of the season. Cairns is on fire and Melbourne have been a dud. Perth and NZ have been good but not the dominant forces that everyone predicted either.

What are your revised league rankings now we've seen a few hitouts from each side?

1). Perth (Cairns will regress, Perth will improve)
2). Cairns (Great start, which Aaron Fearne will we get the rest of the way though?)
3). NZ (are going to struggle to crack the top 2 with Vukona and Ibekwe constantly in foul trouble due to NBL reffing style, but will still be pretty damn good)


Then I can't really pick anyone from the rest of the pack because they have all looked horrid at worst, passable at best.

But there's a couple of tiers:

TIER 2 (Melbourne, Townsville, Adelaide in no particular order)

Comprised of two teams who aren't playing up to the ability of their stacked rosters due to chemistry and coaching issues (Crocs & United) and one who just doesn't have the players but who will scrap and is well coached (Adelaide). These 3 teams will be fighting it out for that 4th playoff spot.

TOWNSVILLE playing really selfishly for long stretches and trying to run through Gladness who is not a scorer (also turns out he's not a great defender and more of a block-gambler from early impressions). Also this team doesn't have an identity yet. Dennis' schemes are very frustrating on the defensive end if you're a Crocs fan. A chance for the 4.

MELBOURNE a basketcase on all levels but just got a W off a dead coach bounce. Also a team without an identity. Can only go up from here. A chance for the 4 on talent alone.

ADELAIDE fighting hard but just don't have the talent. What they have going for them is that they know who they are and they know how they want to play: grit, grind and win ugly. A chance for the 4 on coaching and intangibles..

The final tier is the bottom feeders trying to avoid the spoon:

WOLLONGONG's roster is imbalanced, Luke Nevill seems to have already fallen out of favour, and their backcourt is TINY. Gordie will do his best but the pieces don't add up. They will get scalps with that lightning backcourt but it will lose them games as well. The return of Larry Davidson could galvanise them and reinstall their identity though, which could move them up a tier.

SYDNEY spent all of their money on Josh Childress and Ben Madgen and forgot to build a basketball team around them. Add a rookie head coach to the mix and they are no chance to make the 4.

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Years ago

Larry Davidson returned, he was shocking. Late on nearly every close out in the second half. Hawks have been playing much better than their record shows.

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Nathan of Perth  
Years ago

I have a hard time seeing Perth finish on top when we really don't seem to be able to score (one 31pt quarter notwithstanding).

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Years ago

As the Hawks can only suit up 10 guys for a game, I'd expect Larry to possibly fall out of favor for Gruber.

Gruber is a better defender, rebounder and provides more of a lift than Davidson.

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Years ago

NZ will win enough games in NZ to make the finals as the umpiring over there lets them get away with a bit more.

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Years ago

Perth do look shocking at 69.5ppg need a massive boost from Wagstaff amongst others.
Cairns have surprised me and Melbourne have been disappointing but I expect them to bounce back and make top 4.
NZ have improved this year and will make playoffs imo.
Those are my top 4 but it's too early to put them in any particular order.

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Years ago

I think Wollongong may prove to have the edge over Adelaide and maybe Townsville so, despite the record, I wouldn't rush to put them at the bottom. They weren't terribly off the pace in Perth despite Redhage's early flurry and then should've beaten Cairns.

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Years ago

Nathan of Perth...as an outsider it appears as though Daniels isnt the game changer Ennis was and there in lies Perths drop from last season. So far anyway...

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Years ago

OOI scoring after two rounds (please excuse any rounding or other errors):

Cairns 91.3
Adelaide 88
New Zealand 85
Townsville 84
Sydney 83.5
Wollongong 80.8
Melbourne 76.3
Perth 69.5

Points against:

Adelaide 93.7
Townsville 90
Sydney 84.5
Melbourne 83.8
Wollongong 82.3
New Zealand 81.7
Cairns 77.5
Perth 69.5

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Years ago

My top 4:

1. Perth
2. Melb
3. NZ
4. Cairns.

Might sound generous to Melbourne, but they showed on Sunday that they just need to play the right game style for their talent to rise to the top.

Perth looks more vulnerable than last season, but their defense alone will see them win most of their games, like last Friday.

4 wins to Cairns looks good on paper right now, but I expect NZ to beat them on Thursday which will bring them back towards the pack a little.

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Years ago

Also I mightve had Cairns 2nd or 3rd but they are heavily reliant on Wilbekin and his last weekend wasn't as good.

And I actually do buy the argument that their fixture hasn't been tough. Adelaide is my pick for last, so beating them doesn’t impress me. And neither does beating an out of sorts Melbourne who was missing their point guard and then had 3 days of training to make adjustments for the second game.

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Years ago

(and adjust to a new coach)

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Ganymede 86  
Years ago


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Years ago

In terms of the bottom 4, I have

5: Hawks
6. Crocs
7. Sydney
8. Adelaide

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Years ago

LV, the fact that Wilbekin was a bit off compared with Round 1 and they are still winning makes exactly the opposite point: Cairns is a well-run team where the same guys from last year are playing a heck of a lot better.

On Perth, I rate Daniels higher than Ennis but he's not exactly what they need with the offence they run. Damien Martin isn't having the best of starts, coupled with the loss of Hire's hustle (especially on the boards) and Wagstaff's usual production, they have no bench whatsoever. Hire is incredibly underrated. Outside shooting is another major problem and that's largely Beal's fault. For a few years, Perth's offence has been reliant on the outside shot to make them look good and it's not working this time.

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Years ago



A very wild stab in the dark, especially after only 2 rounds. I imagine these predictions could be drastically different after another 2-3 rounds.

Perth still has a lot to improve on and should have a very solid second half of the season. There defense will get them enough wins till then.

New Zealand will be a good chance to pip Perth for first if Vukona and Ibekwe stay out of foul trouble.

Melbourne will be a strong side once they click and i expect a dominant second half of the season to get them to 4th spot. I think Cairns hot start to the season and getting the split on Melbourne to get them 3rd over united.

After that its going to be tough to predict. Id say Crocs and Hawks to jostle for 5th and 6th and 36ers and Kings to fight it out for the wooden spoon.

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Years ago

Power rankings:

1) Perth
2) Melbourne
3) Cairns
4) New Zealand

5) Wollongong
6) Townsville
7) Sydney
8) Adelaide

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Years ago

This is just a question in regards to Perth. Im not that good with the actual rules of Basketball but nowadays do Centres stay under the ring (as they used to), or do they flit out to the 3pt Line on a consistent basis.

Ive noticed in both home games this season that Matt Knight is almost constantly sitting up at the apex of the Key and not where I expect a man of his size to be.

Is this a common thing with centres now?

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Years ago

from watching the wildcats it appears as though daniels is content being a role player where the team needs him to be the star while ennis wanted to be the man

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Years ago

Has any team gone from wooden spoon to Grand Finalists back to wooden spoon before...or could Adelaide be the first?

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Years ago

I think you are getting a bit ahead of yourself here, its only round 2 and there is a long way to go yet. Adelaide could still make top 4-6.

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Years ago

I'm just asking the question Matthew...I don't actually think they will finish in the shelter but I don't think they will be far off it.

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Cats b2b  
Years ago

Why would u want to be playing well now? U got the season to do that, it's all about getting the w, i would rather daniels play like a role player now and then turn it on in the second half of the season.

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Years ago

Big men start at the top of the 3 point line to set a pick for the guards (pick and roll, or to open up a penetration lane), then can either stay there for an open shot (stretch 4 or 5), or cut to the basket (slash).

They can also assist with ball rotation around the perimeter (passing), then slash to the ring after their pass to grab a possible rebound from the weak side shot the rotation opens up.

They don't need to be around the basket till later in the shot clock when they may be needed for rebounding.

It also creates space inside by pulling out the defensive big man, which creates scoring opportunities.

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Nathan of Perth  
Years ago

And it did get Matt Knight a few wide-open mid-range shots, which he's normally pretty reliable at.

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