Years ago

I am super-impressed by Brendan Teys

ive been super impressed with this guys development.

i think his ceiling is around one of the best players in the league. i would start him and gibbo in the back court for the rest of the season and bring wilson off the bench (still give wilson good minutes)

i really hope the sixers can keep teys here for the long term... i think gibbo , teys , daly (im a fan of daly's as well) + another guard can be the absolute best back court going around in the league for years to come.

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Years ago

I think he's on his ceiling now! In fact he is sunbaking on the roof!

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Years ago

Will all be back in Brisbane with the Coach before you know it playing in the new Franchise.

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Years ago

You probably start Teys and bring Wilson off the bench. However what happens when Creek comes back?

In regards to Daly, usually he is known for having a high basketball IQ however this season it seems to be the opposite.

Against NZ he wasn't aware of the clock coming to the end of the quarter so just dribbled the ball out.

Last game instead of settling for the last shot of the quarter drove early and missed the shot (he probably was fouled). Sydney then came down and scored.

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Years ago

"i think his ceiling is around one of the best players in the league."


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Years ago

Mick wasn't that what some people were saying about Norton? Not sure if you were one of them.

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Years ago

Surely its


Motum 35
Gibbo 35
Creek 30
Wilson 25 or 30 without playing Daly or Crawford as much
Teys 20
Peach 15
Anthony 10
Crawford 10 or less for Wilson
Daly 5 or less for Wilson

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Years ago

Might look something like this:

Schenscher 20/Motum 10-15/Anthony 5-10
Petrie 15/Motum 10-15/Anthony 5-10
Creek 25/Petrie 10/Crawford 5
Wilson 15/Teys 20/Crawford 5
Gibson 30/Wilson 10

Gibson 30
Motum 25-30
Creek 25
Petrie 25
Wilson 25
Schenscher 20
Teys 20
Anthony 15-20
Crawford 10

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Years ago


Norton's ceiling is way higher than Tey, it's apples and oranges. Norton is 21, Teys is 25.

Teys has already over-achieved and busted through his ceiling, which is a credit to his work ethic; Norton's ceiling is as a Boomer.

Teys looks to be super coachable and a hard worker. I'm surprised he overcame his lack of physical gifts to make it this far after being a development player at an older age, but credit to him: he's here, and he looks like he'll keep chugging away and steadily improving year-on-year, and carve out a nice pro career in this country.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

wilson doing a lotta passing out there.
looks like wilson at 1 and gibson at 2.

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Years ago

lol @ OP

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Years ago

Brendan Teys as one of the best players in the league makes me laugh a bit. He is going to punch above his weight regularly, but I don't think hes ever going to be a star. He is a solid player who gets in the right places, has a decent shot, has a decent Basketball IQ, and gets in all the effort areas, but he is a role player. A handy one at that, but lets not start picking him on the rio olympic team just yet. LOL (or at all) I would say, yes, he is sunbaking on the roof. And bloody good on him too.

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Years ago

Just doesn't seem so many years ago that Teys was in a QBL playoff team that was rolled by the Cairns Marlins.
I don't remember the specifics of the series at all, but I remember Brendan's gut-busting effort and his look of perpetual awe that Cairns were always able to unpick
his team's best offensive manoeuvres. I'm speculating, but Fearne was probably the Marlins coach.
I was fascinated by Teys, because as well as he played, he seemed surprised he was there at all.
What has changed?
Well, this year the ingenue look has gone and he presents as master of his own game.
Once I would never have predicted an NBL future, but if Joey takes him along on his journey, I won't be surprised.

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Years ago

Teys makes the very most of his physical abilities by having perhaps the best combination of work ethic and basketball IQ I have ever seen. Without those two attributes, he would not have made a squad, let alone played some pretty handy minutes at this level..

He keeps surprising me with where his perceived ceiling is. If he could add one element to his game, it would be to get on the boards more.

He will stick in the league for a few more years to come yet.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

I know Corey Webster's probably a lock for MIP but Teys would have to be a contender if he can keep producing output like the last couple of weeks.

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Mr bEn  
Years ago

Norton is never ever going to be a boomer, or get close to it. Just like Cadee was supposed to be our nextgen pg. Don't understand why some people are high on this bloke.

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Years ago

With only 50-60 spots for Aussies it has become more common for guys to make their mark later, whereas back in the days when we had 14 teams and around twice as many Aussie spots lots of guys in their teens could step straight in.

Over the past few years we've had Teys, Hire, Jervis, Dillon, Walker and Garlepp that I can think of who have been overlooked at first but then become solid pros. I think Shaun Bruce will be added to that list soon the way he is improving.

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Years ago

Re: Norton, if he stays third in the league in assists at 21 I could understand why he could be considered an outside chance in the future. You never know when injuries and unavailabilities might strike.

He needs to get that three-point shooting back somewhere near last season's mark though, that's the one thing holding him back, his D, playmaking and penetration are good.

People laughing at Norton being a Boomer makes me laugh though. He is a former captain and leading scorer for the national junior team and starter on a silver medal winning WUG team. If he were a senior in college this season some fans would be lauding his praises!

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

The fact that Cadee has played for the Boomers makes me laugh. If he can get a gig then Norton can. Does he have any nepotism connection to the team?

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Years ago

Peach is our best rebounder...needs to play more than 15 mins a game!

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Years ago

Petrie has to earn those minutes first. If Creek were there, Petrie wouldn't even be starting.

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Years ago

Petrie is earning minutes, I'm not sure what you've been watching Isaac! What makes you think Creek would start ahead of Petrie?

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Years ago

I agree with Isaac. So far this year Petrie has been well short of where he would expect to be with his execution, particularly finishing around the basket. For a guy who used to have such clean hands, he has been pretty clumsy so far this year.

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Years ago

He hasn't been great around the rim, but surely only a casual observer would sit their leading rebounder, shotblocker and frontcourt defender. Madness!

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Years ago

paul, a casual observer or maybe the coach.

I'm a Petrie fan but I'm saying that his minutes are a reaction to his performances.

To support OP, I'm also a fan of Teys as a no-fuss, smart player who knows when to make his moves. Give the same mindset to others with more size or athleticism and they'd be in higher leagues. Then again, that attitude often results from not having the natural gifts and needing to find another way to make it.

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Years ago

The coach is playing him 29 minutes per game, even without being at full fitness. I think he's a fan!

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Years ago

Peach plays PF predominantly, Creek SF. Both were starting when Creek was healthy. I dont think Peach is lucky to be starting in the absence of Creek...I think Teys was originally and now Anthony.

Peach is our best rebounder and best front court defender...lets not forget his reputation and the things he does on the court that arent statistaical.

Peach had a Double-Double last game and was close to it the game before I think...what more does he have to do to earn minutes?

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Years ago

I think there has been a fairly handy recent addition to the squad that might start at PF going forward.

I too really like Peach, but whether it's injuries or not, he has been below last years form so far this year.

There is never a question about his determination so he will be back to his best though.

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Years ago

Not saying he's not a fan. I'm saying that Creek being out has kept him his starting role because he's been below his best. MPG probably assisted by Montreal being impaired and ultimately sub-par.

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Years ago

Teys was disappointing against Sydney couldn't get a shot in. How many did he miss that game. Seems like he has the green light from the coach atm, but I think if he's getting that opportunity he needs to be consistent. Though our team show's great versatility when all fit, I think his role will be reduced when that happens.

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Years ago

We'll have to agree to disagree there Isaac, I think Petrie's performances in key areas have been very solid.

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