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NCAS - New Coaching Accreditation

Hey all,

Some time ago I heard BA were changing the coaches accreditation scheme for our sport from NCAS to some other certification. I haven't heard anything regarding this for a while and was wondering if this change has actually taken place or will some time soon. I can't seem to locate anything online, if anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

Apologies if this has already been discussed.

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Sorry I cannot answer your question MH, but on the coaches forms to fill out this year it has NCAS rating as one of the questions. Could have just been an old form that hasn't been updated though.

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I have been trying to get information on the coach accreditation stuff from BV and get no joy at all. Where do you get the NCAS certificate from? I did level coaches course back in the early 90's.
Accreditation? Is there an actual coaches association for join?
I can't seem to find any information about this anywhere.

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new order  
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there was / is a coaches association but I haven't heard much about it recently

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There have been changes to the NCAS, mainly in renaming the levels and cutting the time for updating

Level 1 is now "Club Coach"
Level 2 is "Association Coach"
Level 3 is "High Performance Coach"

You need to update your accreditation (and pay a fee) every year now instead of every 4 as it used to be. I know in NSW they are also very strict about updating now. I know of a few coaches that held Level 2 accreditation but hadn't updated that were made to go back and do a "Club Coach" course to be allowed to coach at rep level

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What's the point of these courses and being done constantly? Does this mean if Phil Jackson moved to Adelaide and wanted a shot at coaching the Sturt U/14 boys he would be required to sit some silly course?

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Sir Ricey

Not at Sturt mate. He'd only need to prove that he wouldn't select guys in Div 1 that show a lack of development due to their poor training attitude and lack of listening due to their over inflated belief of self.

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Seems like a total money-making system to me...

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Three To Make Two  
Years ago

My Level 1 was due for renewal this year. I had to complete some forms about my coaching since I did my Level 1 course, send it to my association to be certified, then they sent it to BNSW.

I got it back a couple of weeks later and I've been promoted to "Association" (Level 2 as someone above posted).

So I asked my association for a 50% payrise and it was granted ($0 + 50%)

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Interesting, I let my level 1 go a few years ago when I stopped coaching at Association level, but continue to coach at domestic. I think I have not got worse over the years, but then again experience isn't always shown on a bit of plastic!

Can't say not having the accreditation has impacted anything I have done along the way, nor has it provided me any benefit or hindrance in what I am currently doing.

However, should I have a desire to again move into Association level coaching, I guess I would have to go and do some level 1 course over again and get a certificate that says I can coach, only to show I am qualified?

Not saying it is a waste of time or a money making exercise, but I have seen the level of coaching not equal to the level of accreditation many times over...

So in the end I think it looks to me like a rubber stamp process that helps generate some cash for something at BA, because unless every coach is properly assessed I can't see the true value.

I hope they use the money wisely at B.A.

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Does anyone know where you can do your level 3

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Re the level 3

in 2003, I was running a fully accredited training consultancy firm at the time. I offered to help and donate (free) the time/staff to write / revamp the Basketball level 3 course in a structure to meet the national Competency level/standards/formats, as I had previously done with one of the other sports NCAS level 1 and 2 accreditation's.

i also had access to a existing level 3 coach who also had an international training consultancy that was completely unrelated to basketball who would also lend a hand.

I made this offer as the basketball level 3 had not been run/awarded/completed for at least 3 years before then, and BA advised that they no longer had a level 3 course/structure. I had been at level 2since it had been first run ( the old level 1 was written upon the basic coaches course written by Bob Turner when he was in Woolongong/Nowra in the mid 70's)

I was told that it was "in hand' and would be due out within 12 months.

Asked again in 2009 and was told that it had "been held up" but was in train.

have not heard SFA about it since.

the last I heard ( I think) was that Brendan Joyce had taken over as the president of the Coaches association from Stacker.

Give Patrick Hunt a shout out , he's in Canberra and is the president of the World basketball coaches association, and I'd expect him to know exactly where its at.

you can even post up on the facebook page

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