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Steve Adams makes himself unavailable for NZ

"I will not be participating in the Olympic competitions with the Tall Blacks this summer," said Adams in a statement.

"This was a very difficult decision as I take tremendous pride in being a New Zealander. The Tall Blacks organisation has been extremely supportive and we felt it was best to make an announcement now as preparations have already begun for the qualifying tournament and the Games."

Henare said Adams had ruled himself out of this year's campaign due to " his commitments and uncertainty around that time" − even though the NBA Finals conclude on June 19 at the latest, several weeks before the qualifying tournament (July 4-10). Also, the Thunder are, at best, a long shot to make it that far given the play of Golden State and San Antonio in the Western Conference.
Asked about what the Kiwi public might make of Adams ruling himself out of playing for a country he continues to say he's proud to represent in the NBA, while veteran Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs has already committed to playing in Manila with the French team, despite a baby being born around that time, Henare's response was a pointed one.

"I can't speak for other people's opinions and how they'll look at that. Everyone has their own reasons. I know Tony Parker has been part of that French national team since he was 16 years old.
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I think with him, they would have made the olympics...

Abercrombie/Te rangi

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Fair enough, they guy has a ton of commitments with OKC and represents NZ very well at all times.
It would be great to see him in a NZ Singlet but I guess now isn't the time.
At least he is in discussions with Henare and basketball NZ and didn't drag the decision out.

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Very disappointing.

Seriously, if we just got some little things in order, I am confident we could come close to winning the qualifying tournament.

If we got Adams, Jackson became naturalised and Penny came back to play, we could put out:


Clearly that would be the best starting 5 we've ever produced.

Just so frustrating that to think how good we could be with an upgraded roster.

Adams will be a Sean Marks version 2 in terms of his commitment to the TB's. We will wait wait wait to no avail. My question is that if he can't do it now (whilst he still earns modest bucks by NBA standards and is still a role player), he certainly won't do it next time around when he his average salary is many more millions, he is playing more minutes and reducing workload because of age becomes a factor.

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I think he will regret that moustache.

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*mistake....damn auto-correct.

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spot up  
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I think he will regret that moustache.

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Very disappointing. Especially given there's a three year break until the next major tournament and the fact the tall blacks had a chance to put a very good team on the floor.

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Someones pulling the strings

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Not cool bro.. Not cool at all.. What a duck

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Some players just can't find the passion that others can I guess...

Sadly for NZ, as in the past when Bogut made himself unavailable for AUS, it hurts!

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He doesn't owe NZ anything. He came from nothing and has a large extended family.

Perhaps towards the end of his career he will give back and make himself more readily available.

Perhaps he talked to Dante about making himself available for the national team before making his money on a second contract.

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I thought Bogut only pulled out of Aus camps because of injury? Not lack of patriotism

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Bogut has had his fair share of injuries, that is true, however I seem to recall some skepticism too.

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Yeah Bogut was conveniently injured every year between 2008 and 2015. Not one game for the Boomers in that 7 year period.

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haha i dont think stress fractures of the back, broken hand/dislocated elbow and micro fracture surgery are classed as 'convenient'

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For me, its not just the fact that he pulled out. It's the reasoning why.

There was issues between BBNZ and Adams' mentor (McFadden) and I can't help but get the sense they remain unresolved and with continued bad blood. It's immature if it is partly the reason.

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Amare Stoudemire conveniently injured him.

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Maybe he just doesn't want to play with a garbage team after playing 82+ with durant and Westbrook. If that was the quality I was stuck with id get "hurt" too.

Probably the same with bogut. Imagine playing on a team where Matt 'the sieve' dellavedova was starting

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Seriously, if we just got some little things in order, I am confident we could come close to winning the qualifying tournament.

I must confess that I find the current qualifying process to be somewhat nonsensical.

We've had a so-called (and fundamentally pointless) "Oceania Championship". In which nobody from Oceania actually competed.

Then you have the qualifying tournaments, which are a complete hodge-podge and basically an admission that the current zone process doesn't work.
Ironically, if NZ do make it, they will have a potentially better preparation (playing France, Canada, Turkey, and Philippines) than Australia.

Hopefully the process for the next world championships (in which we will compete as part of Asia) will make more sense and provide us with some interesting games in Aus.
(Although a 32 team world championship is still mind-boggling.)

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Ah yes, the pointless qualifying series that qualified a team for the Olympics.

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Aside from the nonsense of calling it an Oceania Championship, allowing Aus & NZ to play-off with the winner going straight to the Olympics is just weird. Given the current relative strength of the Australian squad vs NZ, it tantamount to gifting us an Olympic birth.

Then the loser gets to go to yet another qualifying tournament???

Here's the thing, for the OcC to not be a complete farce, you need the two teams to competitive.
Either competitively good, in which case the loser should waltz through the also-rans in Manila.
Or competitively bad, in which case allowing the winner automatic entry to the Olympics is absurd.

Instead of inventing nonsense like that, why not do what people have been suggesting for decades and have Aus & NZ play in the Asian tourney?
(Which, in a manner, is what will happen for the next WC.)
That way both teams can earn (or not) a place based on their merits.

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Years ago

Er Dazz from next qualifying AU & NZ will be in Asia. Try to keep up.

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