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Rob Loe to Breakers

Rob Loe (finally) confirmed as a NZ Breaker - I take it this happened now after his Belgium contract finished?

Quality 4/5 option, I don't know about his defensive ability (especially at the 5) but he could be a useful 3pt shooting 4-man. Another ex-Westlake High player who started as a Breakers DP and has played with Abercrombie/Webster in high school. Would be interested to see how a Loe/Pledger frontcourt could look in stretches.


Note Penney will get starter minutes and likely backup PG. Hopefully we'll sign either Henry or Prewster can sign as the backup 3.

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Thats a very good looking team. Assuming a quality import point guard comes in and a solid role player import at the 4 e.g. ibekwe they'd have to be title faves by a fair way

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I would be surprised if Webster doesn't start at PG as it's where he has to play if he wants to crack the NBA and Penney starting at SG.

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I love to see the roster like below with Michael Karena signed for last local spot. Spot 4/5 development for NZ seems much needed at this stage. Karena is performing well so far from the NZNBL and current Tall Blacks.

Abercrombie/import [can plan 3 or 4]/Delany

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Years ago

I agree with Zodiac, Penney and Webster to start together. I think the Breakers will go an all-Kiwi starting five, will be a great promo tool for them.

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Years ago

I think the Breakers want to win another 'ship.
That will be a better promo tool.

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It's not going to help much for this season, though.

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Years ago

One of the weaknesses last season, I think, was that the Breakers rarely had 3 good shooters on the floor at one time. Jackson was unreliable and while Wesley improved he could hardly stretch the floor like Wilkinson. I believe this made it easier for teams to defend Webster in pick and roll situations, and contributed to Webster's decline as the season went on. Good luck rotating with Penney and Loe on the floor.

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Years ago


This line up certainly has a lot of outside firepower, you wouldn't want to duck under the screens on 1-4 and it gives big Pledger a lot of room to operate.

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Years ago

The way I see the squad:

Pledger / Loe / Karena?
Vukona / Import
Abercrombie / Import / Delany
Penney / Bartlett?
Webster / Ili

I'd be happy to see Bartlett return. He's a willing defender, content to play a role and can provide scoring punch of the bench. A coup, however, would be Tai Webster.

Import selection and positions could be interesting too, but I imagine they'll look for guys that could cover multiple positions. Torrey Craig would have been perfect at the 2-3 spots off the bench and I think the other will need to be able to play the 4 and 5. Pledger always has issues and Vukona isn't invincible anymore.

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With Penney able to play the 3 as well as the two I would be looking at a combo PG/SG. Holt comes to mind. The second import would be a 4/3 type.

Loe would be backup to both 5/4 spots and likely to play more minutes in the 5 than the 4.


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Years ago

ftsos speaking sense as always!

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Holt would be a decent pickup

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Years ago

Any imports in the NZ league who could ably fill that 4/3 role at a budget?

The only question mark I have with my posted line up is the lack of a pure create for others PG and the lack of a great defender in the back court.

There is certainly enough scoring and range available across the board though.

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Years ago

There wasn't a combo 3/4 import in the NZNBL. The best options were Marcel Jones (now with Melb) and Leon Henry (who I hope is a Breakers target).

Agree about the distribution - the Breakers' offense last season fell apart with Webster at the 1. There was a consistent lack of ball movement which often led to an overemphasis on jumpers. The simple driving actions (in particular PnR) wasn't effective as Webster didn't regularly hit the roll man (like Jackson). I'm also concerned with the defense with Webster/Penney starting in the backcourt.

If Webster has improved his passing, then the NZNBL import option is MacKenzie Moore. Tall guard who's effectively 3-and-D. I'd rather go for Stephen Holt who can distribute and can start (Melbourne beef is also useful).

In terms of the other import, I think we need another Ibekwe/Jackson type with Loe as the floor spacer. Pledger prefers the pick-and-pop, Vukona doesn't execute the PnR action.

My minute spread for the roster would look like this:
Pledger (23) / Loe (17)
Vukona (20) / Import (20)
Abercrombie (28) / Penney (4) / Henry (8)
Webster (18) / Penney (22)
Holt* (26) / Webster (10) / Ili (4)

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