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Melbourne Utd - improvements before next season?

Thinking ahead about how to improve MU in the off-season, going by their roles, skill-sets, attitudes, 'cultural fit', etc.
I'm ignoring who's contracted (cos I don't know those details).


Majok - keep
Boone - probably keep (as a useful role player)
Williams - release
Andersen - keep
Wesley - probably release (or keep as a useful role player, as he only shows a limited range of skills at this stage)
Blanchfield - keep (as a useful role player, as he only shows a limited range of skills at this stage)
Odigie - probably release
Moore - try to bring him back
Goulding - keep
Ware - keep
Tomlinson - release if possible
Adnam - keep (as a useful role player)
Lewis - release
Smith-Milner - no opinion
Hancock - no opinion

Where I think they need a good import most is at the #4 spot, followed by the #3 if they can't get Moore back

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Years ago

Going by Spatial Jam, the United players contracted for next year are:


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Years ago

Agreed with the above.

Barlow - Release
Smith-Milner & Hancock - Development players but release

Would like to see another big in the 4 spot, Melbourne struggle on the boards.

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Years ago

Interesting club, in so far as, the players body language suggests they don't like coach DD.

Whenever he is interviewed, he comes across as a gentleman and often has a friendly smile.

I wonder what it is that the players don't like about him? (Bare in mind, I am only going off what I see from the players, I could be completely wrong)

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Years ago

I hope Blanchfield goes to Europe, or Adelaide or Illawarra whose coaches might encourage him to come back out of his shell, aka Sobey this year.

Priority 1 is looking for quality Aussies. As far as imports go, priority 1 is re-signing Casper.

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Years ago

Blanchfield is still young... if I were Melbourne, I'd hold on to him and get rid of DD and see what Blanchfield can do if you actually run some sets for him and do more than use him as a spot up shooter.

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Years ago

DD has been *ok* this season. It's a bit hard to judge him when the team is a revolving door of whoever the heck it is that managed to avoid getting injured this week...

If Bevo was available or Goorjian or someone, sure. But is it worth taking a punt on an unknown and sacking DD? I'm not too sure.

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Years ago

To my eyes Melbourne still seems to win despite DD rather than because of... lots of talent on that roster, but a large % of their offense is talented guys doing their own thing.

I remain surprised that no one has reached out to Shawn Dennis...

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Years ago

As an MU fan it would be nice to have a consistent team for once. We only really need to replace Tomlinson and get better rebounding bigs or or out of the SF.
I think we have done really well despite all the injuries this year.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

Blanchfeild was so good in Townsville but in Melb his role he really just been limited to a corner shooter. He should look elsewhere.

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^ I agree. He's been shut out in Melbourne, and would look great on any of a number of teams' rosters. I'd love to see him in Cairns, with a different coach, who might allow his players to plat using their abilities, rather than like robots.

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Years ago

Cairns feels like the perfect place for Blanchfield, although a bit of a crossover of talents with him and Gliddon.

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Years ago

Development-wise,it's obvious that Blanchfield can show a lot more. I have to think that Majok, Wesley & Williams are also capable of showing a lot more in the right environment.
Adnam seems to be going ok but just needs more opportunity, so maybe a move would help unless Tomlinson goes.
Andersen, Tomlinson, Boone, Barlow, Goulding, Odigieband Ware are probably at their ceilings, although the first four would be helped by more plays being set up for them.

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Years ago

I read hoops forum a fair bit these days, so I figure it's time to start posting! Admittedly I love seeing Melb United struggle, but I'm still happy to give my opinion on where the club can improve. I'd say there are a couple of major considerations to be made. The first is culture. At the Cats, every player signs a contract offering X amount of hrs a season spending time at schools, hospitals and in communities being role models for West Australians. I know that Chris Goulding left because he thought that was bullshit at the time. These days he seems more committed but you want players to be part of that club 24/7, to live and breathe it. A positive culture goes a long way. The second thing is having a core group of players who remain long term. I don't think the club need to make many changes, the longer the team stay together the better they'll be. This season they are missing Hakim Warwick, he was great last season. Injuries has hurt Melb United this season. Next year they will go better.

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For whatever reason, Blanchfield in Melbourne just doesn't seem to be working. I agree that moving along might be best for both parties. I'd love to see him get closer to his potential.
I don't see why he couldn't coexist with Gliddon in Cairns. Doesn't strike me as a clash of positions.

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Years ago

Guys like DD are consummate politicians, they know how to say the right things to the right people. That's how they get and keep their jobs. I suppose the question is whether he's saying the right thing to his players. All I have seen is a couple of time-outs on the telecasts. His players looked like they had no clue what he was rabbiting on about, but that just could be my perception.

Obviously trying to get WARE on a multi-year deal is a HUGE priority. No surprise there.

GOUDLING another priority, but supposedly already contracted.

I would be worried about the money RUMOURED to be paid to ANDERSEN, but if he's on a multi-year deal, then there's not much you can do.

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Years ago

Thanks dazz for contributing nothing to the thread. Other than stating the obvious. Nothing to add to the topic?. Please stfu.

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Years ago

hey give him a break. he just realised what the rest of us noticed about demopoulos 15 months ago it's a big eureka day

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