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Sixers opening may clash with Crows after all

In an unfortunate turn of events, The Advertiser are reporting on their back page today that the Crows will play on either Friday or Sunday the weekend after this one, and not on the Saturday as BASA originally feared.

Should the Crows lose against West Coast at Subiaco this weekend (West Coast are top of the ladder and haven't lost to an interstate team at Subiaco in the last 18 games!), the Sixers rescheduled opening night would then face up against a Crows final plus the first Adelaide United home game in the A-League.


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Years ago

well if the game is not a HUGE crowd it should not be considered a faliure by the sixers as there are a lot of crows/sixers/soccer fans out there.

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Noti Bagy  
Years ago

If faced with the choice wonder if the crows will go with Sunday in a show of support for other codes in the city.

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Years ago

There will be no choice.

But the Advertiser reported the SANFL were told by the AFL to prepare footy park for Friday night or Saturday afternoon...

A chance the games would clash in any event!

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Years ago

From the article, it didn't sound like they'd have a choice to me. Win and play Sunday, lose and play Friday.

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Years ago

Perhaps we could ask Crows or United when we send them chocolates and those lovely flowers to them! OMG the stuff ups continue!

Thats ok tho, sure many kids whose bball teams are not in finals contention, may just not bother playing, so they can go and watch the other codes, together with their fed up to back teeth parents!

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Years ago

Yep definitely says Sunday afternoon. Sorry...

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Years ago

BASA can't be blamed for this.

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Years ago

Yes they can,

They jumped the gun on changing the sixers game without looking at all the possibilities well before it was known what might happen. If they had of waited until after last weekends games they would have had a better understanding of the time and dates of games.

So now they are left having the first home game up against not 1 but 2 other National competitions, as well as again stuffing around the entire junior competition. Who are the share holders of the association.

Who do you plan on blaming. The clubs? The Eagles for losing? The crows for winning? Who ever made the decision should be paying for the lost income that basketball will have from not only the low attendance at the opening game. But also from the decrease in numbers of players on the weekend which will drop the take from junior games by about 1/4 due to games that will be forfieted and players not being able to play due to other commitments.

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Noti Bagy  
Years ago

I dont think they work there any more.

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Years ago


Are you saying that this was the last effort be a recently departed employee to mess up basketball?

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Years ago

I think it's rough to suggest that anyone made a decision to "mess up basketball". They made a decision that they thought would help. Now there's a chance that it could turn out to have a fairly disastrous consequence.

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Little Trevor  
Years ago

anon (#47492) - i disagree

I think, although as it has turned out, there may still be a clash, the decision made at the time was the right one, here's why.

If they had not changed it, we would have all been whinging and complaining about them not for-seeing this. If they had waited for the game time to be decided, it would have been too late and we would have been on their case about being re-active rather than pro-active.

This time they were pro-active, i know the result wasn't ideal, but hindsight is always 20/20.

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Years ago

As stated in several posts though this topic, BASA have been trying to do what is best for the basketball supporters. The only disappointing thing is that they are silent on the topic and in the absence of any statement, everybody is going to make their own call on what is going on.

Perhaps be more pro-active BASA.

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red dog  
Years ago

you cant blame 36ers for trying -presumably on the best advice available. If the almighty 3 code clash happens then Sixers should go with a once off $10 ticket promo to clubs to get bums on seats and offer the opportunity for people to experience basketball and make something out of the clash. I am sure season ticket holders could accept this for the good of the game. Should also be publicising the clash and that the game is on because not enough people know about it. A lot of people have commented on the trial game and not knowing about it.

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Years ago

The same people who have not done their marketing work.

Who have not done a decent job of selling tickets, have now jumped at the tought that perhaps we might all see exactly how bad they are. Have turned around the game so that when we have a crowd of less than 3000 they will be able to say.

Sorry, not our fault. We were just trying to do what is best for basketball.

C'mon. What is best for basketball!!!

How about

1/ Release seasoin tickets after they have signed Maher/Farley/etc

2/ Come up with a ticketing plan that is lower cost than last year when they on 1/2 sold out the stadium.

3/ Actually fulfill the obligations that selling a product relies upon.

4/ Stop taking the players from clubs when it suits the 6ers.

5/ Not continually piss of the largest market area of the potential people who come to the games. Club members. Back 3 years ago, everyone would come out to games. If you want to know wherer the crowds have gone. They are so pissed at BASAand the 36ers about their treatment of juniors and clubs that these people who were the foundation of the support of the team no longer attend. With the increase in junior ticket prices. The constant changing of games. When will somebody with sence work out that the best thing for basketball is to make people happy. That way they might come back to support the team.

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Years ago

Is there actually a clash yet or is everyone just grabbing this opportunity to have a winge about BASA?

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Years ago

Hate to disagree with you there, but the Club members are the smallest market for Sixers tickets. Maybe the easiest to get to go to games, but the smallest nonetheless.

The biggest market is all of the people in this state who do not have kids playing in junior competition.

To fill the Dome, you would need a 100% increase in ticket sales to Club Members, or a 0.005% increase in the rest of the population (Do the math - it works).

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Years ago

Anon #47548,

There is a simple response to your points if you think about it:

1. Releasing tickets later is tempting fate and not very smart.

2. That's fine, but if the same number of people turn up, you get less profit.

3. Agree more marketing and advertising required, but need money to make money.

4. They didn't.

5. Club members are easily pissed off and while they often criticise, don't often point out any reasonable alternatives.

To all who are not anon #47548, please ignore the wide sweeping statements above which are gross generalisations and not in any way a balanced response. But sometimes you have to meet kind with kind.

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Years ago

47553, its easier to get in touch with club members than it is to advertise to the whole state. also the club members actively play or watch basketball, but the majority of the rest of the state dont/.

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Years ago

I think that point was made FMJ and you are just agreeing.

Club members are not the only portion of the community that watch basketball.

Most people playing bball in this state are not club members.

Just have to look at the bigger picture and try to work on bigger scales.

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Years ago

and I was surprised when potential NEW people wanting to go to 36er games rang this week to get 2 adult/1 child season tickets and were told they were unavailable and that they'd need to buy tickets per game (and this is because their U10 son is taking a very keen interest in basketball). Now instead of having 3 people making a commitment to attend every game they will probably only go to a few??? I wouldn't have thought 36er sales were going that well because I know of a few season holders who didn't renew (I did renew)

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Paul Bauer  
Years ago

From Sixers management, I just want to say that you all make good points. And they are all taken into consideration. Unfortuantely, this decision might backfire on us, but the one thing you can be sure on, is you're never going to please everybody. We had to make this decision a week or so ago due to our member tickets ready to be mailed out. We had to put some information in there about the possibility of the game change as it would be a hectic job reaching the masses otherwise. We all want what's best for basketball and no one is trying to sabotage that. We all appreciate your support of our great game and hope you will acknowledge our endeavours to improve our overall package this season.

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Years ago

So who made the decision to move the game?

And what was taken into consideration?

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Years ago


You sound about as smart as the 6ers marketing department.

The people who play basketball are more likely to attend NBL games than somebody who doesn't, because they actually enjoy the game.

It is that sort of thinking that will have less than 3000 people turning up to the first game.

And to Paul Bauer, why should we suppiort the 36ers when they consider themselves to be more important than our families. If they had of played the game on the Saturday night, then we wouldn't have to move the junior games to Sunday. We would all be able to have fathers day with our families. We wouldn't have the stuff up's with reschedule of games. The new marketing group might not have started of by alienating those people who would have been thinking about coming back to the 36ers since the change in leadership.

All the people who were responsible for this decision have done is to put basketball futher back.

To anon #47560

I will let the crowd numbers speak for themselves

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Years ago

bloodynora, I heard about this happening last year also. I would guess that they have the membership cards manufactured in one hit for reasons of pricing (would be obscenely expensive to get a single card made up, for example), so after the manufacturing deadline, it's not possible to sell more.

I'm not sure if it would be possible to have 50-100 extra cards made up (barcode might store specific info?) to cover for this.

Were you offered anything like a Try 5 ticket or similar?

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Years ago

Are season ticket revenues treated the same as they are in the AFL? I seem to remember hearing the Power making a push for season ticket (membership) sales prior to a certain date as all sales before this cuttoff went to the club. After this date season tickets were no longer available and game by game tickets were the only option I believe this was a ruling that came from the AFL itself rather that Port Power. (Liam may be able to confirm if he is around)

If the same situaton exists in the NBL this may explain why someone wanting tickets now was turned down. Still sounds like a stupid rule....but that wouldnt be a first now would it!

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Years ago

To annonymous 47626 - there are a lot of people who enjoy the game of basketball but dont actually play!

Your comments seem to indicate that you believe the best way to get a good crowd to the opening game is to schedule totally around the Juniors (I may be wrong but this is just the way I read your point) Im not sure how many Juniors are now put out by the moving of the game but Im pretty sure it is nowhere near the 50000 that would be attending the Crows game and 300000+ that will be glued to the TV watching at home. Sure it is dissappointing that anyone has to be put out but teh club seems to have made their decision based on numbers available to come to the game and the cold hard facts are that if there is a clash with the Crows pretty much half of Adelaide will not even be considering the basketball.

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago


I havent read this whole thread so am not abreast of all the issues involved but I'll answer your questions specifically about the Power.

The Power sells season tickets up until at least two thirds of the way during the season. This flexabilty is important to the club, because it continues to have a revenue stream from season tickets during the season.

Of course most of the sales come in the off season, but the club leaves the "door ajar" for people to jump on board when ever they want up until this cut off date.

These "late buyers" still pay the same price as everyone else (so there are no savings for buying up mid season - thus not pissing off the people who have paid up front) and recieve extra ticketing for future games to compensate for the games they may have missed by signing up later e.g. if they sign up after the first home game, they would recieve an extra ticket for a future game because of the one game they "missed".

The late buyers recieve plastic cards (from the extras the club buys in advance) or paper tickets until such time as their plastic cards are manufactured by the supplier (usually takes between 2 - 3 weeks).

It is interesting to note, that last year hundreds of season tickets were being sold well into the season so that people could get preferential grand final ticketing priorities and also to say they were a season ticket holder during the inaugural premeirship year.


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Years ago

I would have thought you could produce a few hundred extra barcoded tickets for late buyers, as the cost would be minimal as it is factored into a 'mass' produced price.
Have those barcodes deactivated until they are purchased to stop any fraud related issues.

To the people upset with playing kids games on fathers day .. fair enough, but also understand that running a business requires making a decision that wont always please everyone.
Sixers management cant make an 8th day of the week to fit everyone in and ill think youll find that the "clash" wont happen too often in the future. Try to make the best of it and maybe have the family come out to watch your childs game, and get together for dinner later ?

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Years ago


No I am not saying that National League games should be scheduled around junior game. Rather that a change in the peoples goodwill is what the 36ers now need in order to win back the largest demographic that they have lost due to their "dare I say" arrogant belief of their position in the South Australian basketball community.

What I am saying is that this is a continued practice to disenfranchise the very people who are the most likely to attend games. While at the same time, a poorly conceived idea built around a slight probability that the 36ers game MIGHT clash with 1 home game.

And that this decision was made without the knowledge of Flower Shows and Church finals. And given that BASA were using crystalballs to predict football finals positions, somebody might very well have,

a) changed the 36ers first home game to the same night as the crows game. (therefore decreaseing the profit to basketball)

b) changed junior games to fathers day without any need. (therefore losing players to the sport forever)

c) decreased future possible season tickets holdings, walk up sales and good will towards the team because of the decision. (making the marketing budget lower in the future)

So I ask, who was consulted?

I'm sure that CT was not as he probably has had to spend 3 late nights re-doing programs. Which I doubt anybody has bothered to help him with.

The members were not consulted as the decision was based around the fear of small numbers attending the first home game.

The club were not consulted, so again the basketball public is messed around.

Finally, I repeat for all those who have not worked it out yet.

In the late 1990's, during the Premiership years. The stadium was filled with people who played, coached and supported local club basketball. Now, without these people supporting the team crowds will have dropped to below 1/2 capacity.

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Years ago

It's all a mess, I agree. Some could've been avoided, some not. I'm not going to comment on whether BASA should move junior games around to make some money on a flower show either - might've been a necessary evil.

BUT, try and get to the Sixers first game, OK? I don't want to guarantee anyone having the night of their lives because some people are hard to impress, but I do think it will be the biggest change in game night presentation in perhaps the history of the club. The games are already good to see, so improving the overall presentation is a bonus IMO.

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Years ago

I used to go for the atmosphere. Cant seeing a great game presentation improving that without a crowd.

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Years ago

I agree -- the size of the crowd is a substantial part of the atmosphere, but by letting people know about what's going on, hopefully that will get a few more people to the game. ;)

If you're going to go to one game all year, make it this one. The added bonus is that you get to yell at Paul Rogers a bit.

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Years ago

Thanks for the explanation Liam - Im guessing you havnt had the same late season rush this year lol

Isaac - your continual hyping up of the opening night is certainly making me wish I could get there - I trust someone will be taking a camera and putting some shots online of what you are up to. Hope its a huge success with a great crowd to appreciate it!

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Years ago

Isaac - no, all they were informed of was the new zone pricing. your suggestion of having 50-100 tickets barcoded sounds a good idea. My concern was that here were keen new participants to the sport who now may only get to a few of the games. As a season ticket holder for many years I have been pushing the sport to those I work with and it was disappointing when one of those familis decided to make a commitment they were knocked back. Regardless I've always been there, through the highs and lows and certainly will be again for the first jump ball(sadly the only 1 for the game - which is a different issue)on Friday night

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Years ago

After todays AFL results is this thread now obsolete?

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Years ago

Thankfully. I tipped West Coast, but figured I also got a positive result from the Adelaide team winning, and the Crows not clashing with the Sixers next weekend.

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Years ago

but do the crows clash with fathers day and junior games ?

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Years ago

Possibly, but surely the kid's games would be more important to their fathers.

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Years ago

Anon #47794

Yes, there was every chance the Crows game was going to clash with Fathers Day next weekend, and there will be at least one finals game on next Sunday.

I think all the talk of Fathers Day clashes is a bit silly really....Fathers Day does not carry the same sort of family bonding values as Mothers Day. Fathers Day is great for maybe breakfast in bed, a new power drill, and thats about it. I really dont know of too many families in my circle of life that go and have big family dinners, and that Dad would be upset if kids were playing sports on the day.

In fact most Dad's (myself included) would be more than happy to go watch my child play sport. If Fathers Day is so important, why did the Royal Show a few years ago take the step of actually opening their gates on the Sunday (which is ALWAYS Fathers Day) when for 100+ years beforehand, they NEVER opened on a Sunday?

I really think most the people having a whinge on this thread are whinging for the sake of whinging.

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Years ago

or maybe they just have a different opinion to almighty yogee..

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Years ago

Dad's can use this as a time to blackmail their kids ;)

"son/daughter you better win for me on fathers day!"

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