Manu Fieldel
Years ago

Why is Lucas Walker a beast all of a sudden?

Almost 33 years old and now he decides to turn it on?

I have nothing against the guy, happy for him. Appears to be a grinder. But the fact that he's doing it for Perth leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many -- I'm guessing even the man himself.

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Years ago

At a guess: is injury free, realises it's his last chance, has had a great qbl season and has a small army of "assistant coaches" keeping him sharp and healthy in Perth.

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Years ago

Oh, and its preseason so it doesn't count. Bit like when Stephen Weigh turns it on for about 10 days a year just before the season begins and he reverts to the mean.

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Years ago

Nice to note Walker came to play (again) tonight.
What happened to the rest of the Cats?

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Years ago

Walker has always had it. Limited in ability but a very useful player. Idiots here wouldn't ever know it. Role player extraordinaire.
Bag the shit out of him for years and now when the opportunity is given, Oh wow

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Years ago

Walker has had lots of opportunities. He's an NBL-calibre rotation guy, sure, but it's not like he's spent his career glued to the bench or anything - he has been a starter.

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Years ago

Wouldn't get too excited, it's pre season. Kyle Adnam top scored as well.

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Years ago

Walker was never a natural player, came to it pretty late, super athlete who could keep up on a physical level. Maybe it's just starting to click finally. Can't fast track experience.

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Years ago

Kyle Adnam top scoring clearly they didn't have anywhere near a full side.

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Years ago

His mins are up due to Perth not having any big men suited. Also openly stated he had a big chip on his shoulder after not getting a gig, spite can be a powerful motivator.

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Years ago

Always felt for as strong and athletic as he is, he would always be to soft at the rim and get blocked or miss the put back.
The guy should be getting 3-5 dunks a game.
He never developed a jump shot or had soft hands around the rim.
Good for him he's playing well but he could have worked harder on his game earlier in his carrer.

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Years ago

"Almost 33 years old and now he decides to turn it on?"

In fairness, he did play well enough and consistently enough for a season to make the Boomers in 2014.

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Years ago

Brad Hill did score 50 in the Blitz a couple of years ago, but couldn't make it into the Kings squad full time.

I think Walker's still got a heap of potential and his athleticism is still there. I reckon he could have a very solid season.

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Years ago

I thought he looked alright for us when he filled in last season.
He has a very limited game, but if we're able to work around that then he can be pretty handy. He plays hard, good rebounder, solid defender. I just wonder whether we've got sufficient scoring power around him this season. Time will tell, but I'm doubtful.

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Years ago

Waxy has won what 3 or 4 NBL player of the week awards, there are only a handful of locals on this league that have that and we consider them all stars, Waxy is a star but don't tell him that because then he will he shithouse.

Sensational player when there's no pressure on him, I hope he has a very good season and may be a cheap fantasy pick up

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Years ago

When Waxy first started in the league, he was insanely athletic but had a low bball IQ.

Over time, the smarts increased steadily each season while the athleticism slowly declined. But the smarts and skills were increasing at a faster rate than the athleticism was declining, so he was improving as a player. In his best season he was a legit starter.

I haven't seen him in action lately. But given his athleticism was so freakish at the start, even at 33 he might still be well above the average NBL player as a pure athlete. After a year training with Perth, he should know the system and maybe the system suits him. That can happen. If so, good for him and he might be a real impact player again this year.

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Years ago

I'll give you a hint. If your looking for the reason it would be a good start to begin the search between his left ear and his right ear.

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Years ago

With the way he is playing Greg Hire might have lost his minutes..

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Years ago

"I'll give you a hint. If your looking for the reason it would be a good start to begin the search between his left ear and his right ear."

His infectious smile?

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Years ago

Sometimes just takes the right system that suits someone's skill set and game for it to all click

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Years ago

But is he though ?

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