Two years ago

Who has the best bench in the NBL?

You can interpret "best" anyway you like.
Best outright, best against other benches, best compliment to the starting 5.

At the start of the season I would have said MU.

Now I'd be tossing up between Perth and NZ.
As a Unit, or 2nd 5, The combination of Cooke, Wagstaff, Hire, Steindl, and Kenny is impressive. They can play for extended minutes and almost hold their own.

Harder to see with NZ, but they still seem to get the job done, rotating effectively without losing much intensity.

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Two years ago

2. Perth
3. Adelaide
Sydney has weakest bench

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Two years ago


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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

Adelaide first 4 off the bench is the best.


Then Teys and Doyle shouldn't really be in the league, but still that's the best bench as most #10/11s aren't great.

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Two years ago

NZ has the best bench

Illi (MIP)
+ Ngatai

Those first 4 are an imposing lineup for bench guys.

Very difficult to guard especially when well drilled as it seems Henare has done.

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very old  
Two years ago

I'd ask Ellis and Garlepp for their opinions as to recent bench quality in the venues, do any of the stadiums still have plain wooden benches , or are they all padded individual seats now ?

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Two years ago

I'd say Adelaide has the best bench or the bench o expect the most from.

Brisbane has by far the weakest bench, I'm a fan of Young but they just aren't turning up to play and some of the young guys on the bench should be getting more minutes but aren't.

If McCarron starts ahead of Carerra and Jawai can get and stay healthy then Cairns have a very exciting bench if they can take off the shackles put on them by Fearne

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Two years ago

I really liked the look of Adelaide and Illawarra's benches on paper, but the Hawks' record has been so shaky.

For Adelaide, I think Doyle is a pretty solid 11th man, and it shows how much expectations change when someone doesn't think Teys is a 10th man.

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Two years ago

Bench is only as good as the coach and how he subs on and off. Some players play better with different starters. Not a fan of the three or more subs at once either.

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Two years ago

Perth doesn't even have a bench. Just a collection of chairs. Far too many of them according to some people.

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Two years ago

Right now, I'd rate Perth and NZ's as the best.

But Adelaide could be by season's end. Moore has been brilliant for Wright and is thriving in that system, as I thought he would. (Has started a couple of games lately though). Once Childress gets going their bench could be as good as anyone's.

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Lost In The Sky  
Two years ago

Meanwhile... Perth keep racking up Championships with their supposed "collection of chairs"

Really is some idiot posters on this forum who usually are to scared to put a username to their thoughts.

Perth and Nwe Zealand clearly have the best benches in the NBL combining to win the last 8 titles!!

You don't win championships with just your starting 5, you need a great contribution from your Bench who know how to play their roles successfully. Perth & NZB clearly have that, Perth more so in the last 3 years.

Their might be some teams with bigger names on the bench on paper, but that doesn't make them a better bench if they can't produce.

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Two years ago

Adelaide all day. esp with Moore and Drmic.

And regarding Doyle, he is def NBL level, he is quick as all get up and can shoot 3's all day. Next season will see him on court more and the haters will eat their words.

See him defend Randle? he kept him in check and not many can.

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Two years ago

Adelaide on paper, but NZ in practice IMO.

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James Harvey fan  
Two years ago

Ah very old...you got a laugh from me

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Two years ago

Worst is Sydney by a mile. Three players - Singh, Thoseby and Pineau - are either barely NBL standard or not at all. Plus Garlepp who rarely plays and can't defend or rebound anyway. Cadee is a bright spot when he isn’t asked to pull heavy defensive duty, and Humphries has potential but is years away. Another JVG special.

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Two years ago

Yeah, forgot about Adelaide,that's a pretty fair lineup.

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Two years ago

Pineau and Thoseby wouldn't stand out in SEABL

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Two years ago

Taipans have a great bench... if they can get some of their bench out of the starting lineup! If Taipans start with Fearne's ideal lineup, it's:

That leaves a bench of:

Heuir is probably the weakest link of the group, but he can definitely ball. He has a good deal of self confidence, is a very good defender, shoots the three and can drive and score or dish.

A lot of people will argue that McCarron is too short to play 3; but he's very athletic. He did a sensational job of shutting down Prather in the home game a few weeks ago (seems like months, doesn't it?), rebounds well and has the ability to score from a lot of different spots.

I've listed Jawai on the bench, because that's what Fearne wants to do, and it's the smartest way to play him. Egwu is more than capable of holding down big minutes, and Jawai coming in for 5-8 minute spurts can absolutely wreck an opposing team. I can't wait for him to get back on the court.

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Two years ago

I'd argue Weeks is the weakest link of that bench. McCarron is much improved, a real threat and playing with confidence.

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Two years ago


Doyle is definitely not getting the time on the floor or the credit he deserves!
He is a hard working, solid player.
He was the best person to put on Randle!
Joey Wright you need to start respecting Doyle's game!

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Two years ago

In Perth, someone like Wagstaff is about as effective as half of any other bench in the league. Always underrated.

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Two years ago

In terms of best bench players over a period of time Wagstaff stands out as a consistent performer off the bench for last 8 years.

Saves his best for the 4th quarter.

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