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Boomers Team 2nd FIBA WC Window

Angus Brandt Perth Wildcats
Jason Cadee Sydney Kings
Mitch Creek Adelaide 36ers
Cameron Gliddon Cairns Taipains
Chris Goulding Melbourne United
Matt Hodgson Adelaide 36ers
Nick Kay Illawarra Hawks
Daniel Kickert Brisbane Bullets
Kevin Lisch Sydney Kings
Mitch McCarron Cairns Taipans
Nathan Sobey Adelaide 36ers
Jesse Wagstaff Perth Wildcats

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Years ago

Damian Martin out for Kevin Lisch. Not sure I agree with this given Lisch is returning from injury.

Brad Newley out for Jesse Wagstaff. Makes sense to me.

Hodgson and Sobey notably retained despite sub-par NBL form.

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Years ago

Hodgson in? No Newley?

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Years ago

Sobey has averaged around 15, 6 and 4 in his last 5 and played some pretty solid D.

He had a few bad games in the middle of the season but definitely wouldn't call his form sub-par.

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Years ago

Cadee and Wagstaff shouldn't be there.

Wagstaff should be replaced by DJ. There is probably no one else to replace Cadee (with Norton out) so he's there by virtue of a lack of depth more than anything.

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Years ago

I think Damo is carrying a few niggles he wants to rest before finals.

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Years ago

Should have put Teys and Dexter in as 11th and 12th men for comedic relief.

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Years ago

DJ more deserving than Hodgson.
While Goulding and Sobey have had ordinary patches during year can't really think of anyone to pick ahead of them.

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Years ago

Hodgson ahead of DJ - lol.
Wagstaff not three, looks like Creek and Gliddon in the three
Cadee has probably earned his spot but his name helps.

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Years ago

Dave, granted his stats are pretty solid, he's played better in the last couple of weeks and his defense has been exactly what Joey and the team need.

I mainly based my opinion on watching him play: he still has way too many brain-fades.

FWIW I would have included him as well.

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Years ago

Hodgson in team is a joke. He will dominate undersized opponents. We will smash them. Unfortunately we will have to go through these lopsided games on a regular basis with the change to qualifying. Much the same at Commonwealth games.
Lemanis will end up with the best record of any Aus
coach. ??? whether he can coach. When does he take some responsibility for Brisbane's poor performance. They are tactically inept.

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Years ago

DJ over Hodgson and Wagstaff for sure.

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Years ago

Mobioe big with reliable FT, midrange and perimeter shot and highest rebounding average of all Aussies this season and up there the last few. Makes no sense not to have him especially with Creek and Sobey on board. Wins will get harder in the future

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Years ago

Should have been.


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Years ago

Someone chuck Kay out for Ogilvy too. DJ, Ogilvy and Martin should be filthy.

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Years ago

Whatever you say, AJ

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Years ago

How the hell does DJ keep missing out on these spots? what did he do? sleep with Lemanis's wife???

it has to be personal.

The guy stuck it to him in brisbane but still, nope... in goes wagstaff and hodgy.

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Years ago

The way Ogilvy has played most of this season, he should be satisfied with a spot in an NBL team's rotation.

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Years ago

Even the commentators are including DJ in their preferred NBL all star teams with their pseudo best voting numbers for any Aussie in the NBL going to.....Drum roll please..... Daniel Johnson Go Figure... they put in the Aussie with the best stats and right up there with the imports. Mmmmmm Sack Lemanis !

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Years ago

Anyone know who's available for comm games?

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Years ago

DJ's defence has been woeful over most of his career. A milk me anytime guy on pick and rolls, and not very smart with team defences, slow laterally, not overly strong physically.

He's improved lately, that's why he's now in the squad, but he's back in the queue because others are better suited to international basketball than him. It's different to the NBL.

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