Two years ago

Gliddon to Wildcats?

All I'm doing is stoking a a rumour here but:

- Leadership material, been Captain at Cairns for 2 or 3 years
- From WA, married and at an age where a lot of people start thinking about kids (family in WA?)
- Fringe Boomer, hitting his prime and at an age where he needs to be thinking about getting paid before it gets too late
- Still hasn't won a Championship (and is unlikely to at Cairns)
- Has likely had Jawai in his ear for the last two years about the Wildcats organisation
- His long-term coach, mentor and the guy who built him up from out of college has just departed with no new coach announced yet.

Wildcats limped into the finals (yes, limped) and then got rudely booted out by a younger, faster, better team. No way they're not going to pounce on this guy and put some serious money in front of him before a new coach comes into Cairns.

I'd hate to see him leave Cairns but I reckon he's a lock for the Wildcats next year. Frankly I think he'd be stupid if they offered it to him and he didn't take it.

Question is, what's his role if he does? Do they groom him to replace Martin? Or does he end up as a key local piece of the puzzle on a three year contract to throw a bit of stability in the mix?

And if we're being honest, is he up to it? His inconsistency has always driven me mad, and although he's had a great year he's also had some pretty average ones recently too. And he still hasn't really cracked any of the overseas gigs he's landed (and certainly not in Russia last year).


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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

One of the most frustrating players in Taipans history imo.

But take a step back and ask yourself how many Cairns players under Fearne turned up and put their stamp on a game every single night? The answer is few. Fearney's system is one designed to keep players in a box.

Some found that box comforting; see Shaun Bruce, probably Jarrad Weeks.

Some didn't; see Torrey Craig, Nathan Sobey, many import guards

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Point is that I reckon Gliddon will become more consistent in his career from this point forward

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Two years ago

true. A lot of those bad days may just be him or the other players not being able to make the plays Fearne drew up work rather than a lack of individual talent.

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Two years ago

They need a plan post-Martin. Could also try to snatch Mitch Norton if the Hawks are under an ownership cloud.

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Two years ago

Don't agree with you Manu. Fearne's system is one that demands players play with a high IQ to exploit what the defence is giving, which some struggle with.

Torrey Craig made great strides at Cairns, his second year there was very impressive, he was a much better player than in his first, far more consistent.

Sobey was a devt player at Cairns, then spent a year riding the pine in Adelaide before breaking out. You can't make any judgement on his time in Cairns as he was just finding his pro feet.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Re: Sobey, I have it on good authority that Fearne pigeonholed him.

Craig did make great strides but in both seasons was pulled from games immediately if he did something deemed stupid. And I know for a fact that Craig didn't like it.

Yeah I agree with you about the demanding players to make reads, however that in itself is the concept of giving someone options but only within very regimented parameters. Defensively he's a genius but it's no surprise to me that the best Snakes offence in recent years has come from off-the-cuff quick hits based on instinct

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Thunder Jam  
Two years ago

Bottom line is Gliddon starts in Cairns but won't in any other team. He stays for sure.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Gliddon is better than Sobey, Damien Martin, any of the Hawks guards except maybe Rotnei, probably better than Goulding, better than Gibson, Holt.

He's a stud so long as he turns up every night

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Two years ago

I guess a lot depends on their contacts and equally who the new coach maybe and who he wants.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

*Probably isn't as good as Goulding

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Two years ago

@Manu, so he is better or depends upon him 'turning up? Are we judging players at there best? If so, he's no where near sobey or Goulding

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Two years ago

Stop trolling Manu. Gliddon isn't in Sobey's league and most certainly would be a benchie at the 36ers.

I know you Taipans fans rate him highly because you haven't got much else but he can't perform at a good-very good level consistently. He goes missing too much especially when you really need someone to stand up, he's basically your Abercrombie.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Because your opinion isn't shared by me I'm trolling. How pathetic is that?


Have a look at the 'player metrics' table.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

I've always said that a) I'm not a fan of Gliddon's inconsistencies and b) Adelaide's style makes them visually appealing and makes their players seem better than they are

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Two years ago

I find Gliddon to be a bit one-dimensional IMO. Nice shooter, runs the offense and makes smart decisions. A Dellavedova of the NBL. Don't see him as having too much more but just my opinion.

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Two years ago

I think Cats should chase Gliddon. At Cairns he was not just playing his position but covering everyone else as well. He defends the best players, grabs redounds, can flatout score if allowed, can handle the ball and reads the game. Wildcats can play him in a variety of roles which would also take a lot of pressure off Damo. Better off balancing team with classy import and securing Gliddon.

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Two years ago

Criticising Gliddon's inconsistency is fair enough, though it seems odd as a tactic when Goulding and Sobey are also in the conversation. Could say exactly the same about them.

Good quality local guards aren't exactly in abundance in the NBL. I reckon most teams would be happy to have Cam on their roster. I would, anyway.

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Two years ago

I think Gliddon would suit the "Wildcats basketball" mantra. Plays smart and hard. Doesn't take plays off. Is unselfish.

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Two years ago

But if I could choose one of Gliddon or Nick Kay, I'd probably choose Kay. What do you guys think?

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Two years ago

Martin. Kenny
Cotton? Gliddon and Steindl.

Dropping DKD and replacing him with Gliddon would be a massive boost for Perth.

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Two years ago

Would choose Kay also but wouldn't it be great to have both.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

In Gliddon's defence, he was consistently crap when Carrera played, but consistently good when he went down

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Two years ago

He is a classic 'over thinker' of the game....with his feet set is the best 3ball shooter in the country. International height and length should make the cut with Boomers!!

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Two years ago

So where do you coach Skull?

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

No wrong, skull

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Two years ago

Firstly this Gliddon vs Sobey argument is pointless as you have a player in Gliddon that has more responsibility than he wants whilst Sobey judging by his antics thinks he's a bigger star than he needs to be on his current season but Sobey has had big moments this season but not many 4 quarter efforts and even less when his team needing him whereas Gliddon has had many big games this season.

Now to Perth, I don't think Gliddon should be told that he will be a starter or a 6th man, he should be told that he gets to the gym and works his arse off and he makes it impossible not to start him with Cotton and having a fresh Martin coming off the bench.

Perth's offence can be very one dimensional and getting Gliddon or Kay in won't necassarily fix that but I think they need to target DJ or someone else that can provide more instant offence type as they need a 3rd scoring option and unless it's an import they are much harder to find locally.

I've stated that i think this lineup could be a fun one.

Cotton*/Martin/college returnee that can excite the crowd
DJ/Waxy/Cody Ellis

There are some good battles for minutes and starting roles, Gladness gives much needed rim protection, backcourt battle for minutes will be fun and at the 3 we have a 3 point threat on court all the time (I'll get hate for suggesting Steindl could hit water if he fell out of a boat) but my thinking is that a scouting report will never suggest you leave him open for 3 so that helps space the defense.

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Two years ago

I'd have one of luca's Walker and Cody Ellis plus another import, probably an athletic wing, if the budget allows.

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Two years ago

Proud is on the right track.
Just that Wagstaff and Kenny are also contracted.
How about

Cotton, Martin, Kenny
Gliddon , Steindl
Import eg D.Walker, ?
DJ or Kay. ?, Wagstaff
Brandt, Import.

With the two backup forward spots one would be 4th import and the other a rookie or young player.
Kay and DJ are different types of players but you could fill import spots accordingly depending on who you sign.
There is flexibility across all positions.
Whether he starts or comes off bench there is plenty of opportunity for Gliddon.

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Two years ago

Gliddon is only a spot up guy, so Sobey is a totally different player. Sobey has star skills whereas Gliddon has role player skills. Pointless to compare them. Depends what a team needs.

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Two years ago

Pointless if you don't change the coach.

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Two years ago

Sobey is also a headcase. I'd take Gliddon any day over Sobey.

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Perth fan  
Two years ago

Soooooo... GLIDDON is the new DUNIGAN!

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Two years ago

Wildcats website or e-mail suggests that yes Wagstaff is signed for next season but Kenny isn't. I think they said Martin, Steindl and Brandt are too so my lineup is Wagstaff in exchange for Waxy

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