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Bullets have re-signed Stephen Holt

BRISBANE continue to stockpile their arsenal for the 2018-19 season with US import Stephen Holt set to rejoin the Bullets and NBL legend Sam Mackinnon beefing-up his coaching role.

After claiming the last two wooden spoons, Brisbane left no stone unturned in the free agency period signing four Boomers — Cameron Bairstow, Cam Gliddon, Jason Cadee and Matt Hodgson — and five-time NBL title winner Mika Vukona.

The considerable reloading effort is also poised to net Holt who had an indifferent year for the Bullets last season with 10 points, three rebounds and one assist per game.

Holt was a genuine star for Melbourne United in the 2015-16 season when he was point guard for the star-studded powerhouse.

Currently playing in Poland, Holt would return to a point guard role coming off the bench for Brisbane compared to the shooting guard/small forward position he played last season with fellow American Travis Trice running the point.

Holt was used more as a defensive stopper and a shooter and slasher from the wing but should flourish if he returns as a ball distributor leading the second unit.

Brisbane have a limited budget for the back-up point guard role with the vacant import spot at small forward set to command a greater slice of the salary cap.

But Holt and his partner enjoyed living in south east Queensland as well as the Bullets' culture which will aid in his return.

Meanwhile, Mackinnon will boost his coaching role as Brisbane pump more resources into their off-court operations.

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Last year

One has to worry when the article lauds Holt as a star in 2015-16 for Melbourne as his highlight. Ummm....what about when he played 2017-18 know....Brisbane?

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Last year

My thoughts exactly, Lovebroker.

Holt must be a budget import, or at least one would hope for Brisbane's sake.

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Last year

Backing up Cadee ouch!
The import small forward will need to be an MVP level superstar.

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Last year

Import*, TeRangi, Fullarton
Bairstow, Vukona
Hodgson, Magnay.

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Last year

I'm surprised by this but it makes sense. We all remember the player Holt was three seasons ago at United he very much under performed last season so you know he does have potential to improve. If he's the right price and rediscovers his United form it could be a shrewd signing plus with the inconsistency of Cadee I could see Holt eventually starting.

That lineup posted above by Hogwash looks decent if Bairstow manages to stay healthy.

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NBL Fan  
Last year

Yeah this signing has to be about $$$

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Last year

Bullets after Conger to fill the 3

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Last year

I feel like there's a swing towards budget imports in the league right now with Conklin, possibly Jordair Jett and now this. I don't like it. Some good Aussies coming through but I think we all know that the imports are the exciting ones who bring eyes to the TV screens and asses on seats.

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Last year

What's his current form like? Presumably they're hoping for better than last season
in which case surely he'd push Cadee to the bench?

Does Holt qualify as an Asian player?

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Last year

"you know he does have potential to improve."
Given they were a battling team, if you thought Holt had it in him, wouldn't you make some adjustments during the season?

Puts a lot on Cadee which is interesting in the third year after poor showings in the first two for Lemanis at Brisbane. Dare say Cadee has been offered a significant and likely starting role.

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Last year

That's true Isaac and I did think last season Holt appeared to have the mindset of a player that had all but given up but he has shown he can get it done in the past on a team with talented individuals around him. It wouldn't be the first time Lemanis hasn't used a player effectively.

I would assume Cadee has been offered a starting role too but that might go out the window once Lemanis sees him day in day out on a regular basis.

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Last year

Its weird.

Despite some good poachings in previous years, the Bullets have bombed badly. Not what you want when trying to rebuild a franchise and attract fans, sponsors, and buyers.

Now part of that you can attribute to unfamiliarity, trying to build something from scratch with players and coaches who didn't know each other.
And now they've pretty much started from scratch again. Plus seem to be betting a lot on a healthy and productive Bairstow.

And I don't understand this obsession with stacking the roster with 2nd & 3rd rate locals, and not using imports to their full potential.

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Last year

At this point they've got 5-6 back who are familiar with the system, plus 4 who know it from the Boomers and Vukona who is familiar with Lemanis. I don't think they'll all be strangers for too long.

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Last year

Going to be some disappointed QBL teams now that Holt is unavailable.

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Last year

At this point they look like another Cairns, picking over everyone's scraps.
Either that or betting the house on a superstar SF and Bairstow staying healthy.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

If Brisbane sign a great small forward and import big man to partner Bairstow, I like them. Their starting 5 and depth will both be spectacular.


Te Rangi

I like it. Haven't been following the Bullets closely, but to me that's what the lineup should look like

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Holt on the ball is so much better than Holt off the ball

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Plus, he'll play great D on opposition's star import point guards. Gibson/Cadee don't play D at the level of Holt

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Last year

Problem is, I doubt they do sign another big to go with Bairstow, and Holt is backing up a starting backcourt of Cadee and Gliddon. Unless the B-Team Boomer chemistry carries over in a big way, hard to see Brisbane in the top 4 IMO, pending a sensational import 3.

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Last year

The Bullets have already said the re-signing of Bairstow was in place of an import so only one more import to come.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

On the surface it seems absolutely stupid for the Bullets to not add shooting to that frontcourt. But hey, I'm not the coach.

Bairstow (range to 15ft)
Vukona (range to 4ft)
Hodgson (range to 6 inches)

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

They aren't stretching the floor with shooters in the 4 and 5 spots, they're not getting much penetration and they don't have a guy to just throw it down to on the block for a score. That's absolutely woeful recruiting if they don't get a floor spacer

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Last year

I think they will look like this to start the season:

Cadee / Gibson
Gliddon / Holt
Import / Te Rangi
Bairstow / Vukona / Fullarton
Hodgson / Magnay

Lemanis did say they will be going with 2 imports.

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Last year

"If Brisbane sign a great small forward and import big man to partner Bairstow, I like them. Their starting 5 and depth will both be spectacular."

There won't be another big, so yeah, as I said, "betting the house on a superstar SF and Bairstow staying healthy."
I don't know what this nonsense is about Holt being the backup PG.
Caddee was surely signed as the backup to an import PG. Nothing else makes sense.
So either they believe Holt's last season was an aberration, and he will run the point, or Lemanis is on crack.

A starting 5 that includes a rejuvenated Holt, Gliddon, a Conger-like SF, and a Healthy Bairstow, would be very competitive, but there's 3 very big IFs in there.

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Last year

It makes sense that the bullets are going after conger. They have also spent a lot of money on their Aussie core so getting Holt on the cheap is clever business.

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Last year

Holt was actually much improved in the latter part of the season as an off the bench microwave type. Can see him being Ramone Moore-esque this coming season

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Thunder Jam  
Last year

Quite obviously the worst import that played all season & you want him back?
Lemanis has a thing for wooden spoons by the looks.

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Last year

They'll be competitive but won't make top 4 with that roster- unless absolutely everything goes right.

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Last year

Holt was playing out of position last season, hence the slump. Once Toxic Buford ran off, he had a decent showing. However, when you are stacked with guards (one of which is Travis Trice), you are bound to have someone out of position. Next season's roster looks a lot more balanced.

He SHOULD be the starting PG on this team, as he is better than Cadee. But it wouldn't surprise me if he is 6th man.

Rumours are that Conger is in their sights. They got Holt of the cheap, so going all-in on Conger might pay off, as he wants big $$$. Would you blame him? He was 2nd on MVP voting last season.

If he is in the NBL next season, it will be with Perth or Brisbane. Although Brisbane is more likely, as he would fit in better up here.

Of course they will be hoping Bairstow stays healthy, every team is like that. Just look at Sydney, if Bogut goes down, their chances take a bit of a slide.

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Last year

Wasn't there a report last week that Fullarton was going to footy?

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