Two years ago

Is there really room for 2 NBL teams in Melbourne?

I'm curious to know people's thoughts. I think it can work but if I was LK, I would be very, very cautious.

Does anyone know what the average home crowd was for the Magic, Tigers and Giants between say 1992 and 1995?

If I was to guess from memory, I would say:

Magic: Around 7000 per home game (92 to 95)

Tigers: Around 7500 per home game (92 to 95)

Giants: Around 4000 per home game (92 to 95)

Does that sound about right? (For those that were followers in that era).

Also, what was the average home crowd for United last season?

I think United NEED to average around 9500 next season and the new Melbourne team to average at least 5000 per home game.

Obviously we need Television viewership to be strong too.


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Two years ago

Dunno but thats where it will be apparently

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Two years ago

yes, under the right management.

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Two years ago

Going to be interesting to see how a 2nd team in any city goes. There are lots of basketball fans in Australia, but it hasn't quite translated into NBL support just yet. I don't see many NBL fans jumping ship to a new side so they need to find a way to entice Aussies who are basketball fans (mainly NBA) over to the NBL.

I think any new 2nd team will need to try get a couple of big name Aussies (preferably one ex-NBA or Boomer), and also have a couple of their imports be ex-NBA vets with names people will recognise.

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Two years ago


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Two years ago

I remember Tigers slightly edging out Magic, with attendances for rivalry games being like nothing I've seen since that era.

Personally I don't think there is enough general basketball support and interest in the broader population to sustain a second team yet. Not enough people even know who Melbourne's current team is, let alone the fact they won the series last year. Whilst Melbourne boasts as being the sporting capital we're certainly not there with basketball yet.

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Two years ago

I read that United averaged 8400 a game last season making them the 2nd best supported club in the league.

Can a second Melbourne team work? Yes if United can build on their momentum by filling Hisence arena for most of their games if not all, and TV coverage of the league conutnues to grow.

A second Melbourne team could well draw in 6000 a game straight away if they have the right management in place.

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Two years ago

Even if they can buy success early, its a long road. But provided they stick it out long term, I think its doable.

Any team needs a backer with deep pockets, so if this is the new team backed by the billionaire, then they have that covered.

After that they just need to put the hard yards in with the community and media.

I think with the internet now so prevalent, they have an opportunity to "make their own news" rather than being dependent on the established media, but its still a lot of work.

To succeed as the 2nd team, they need to find a demographic, and work it hard.

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Two years ago

how many billionaires are living in melbourne? lol.

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Two years ago

No. I was in Melbourne during the Grand Final series and even at the casino sports bar the games were not even on one screen and zero people talking about NBL or Utd.

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Two years ago

casino sports bar/TAB area in basement level of Crown.

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Two years ago

Depends where in Melbourne. You have to remember central Melbourne, where United is based, isn't really the hotbed for basketball. Down the South-East is, and I suggest that's where a team will end up.

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Thunder Jam  
Two years ago

What would they even call themselves?
The godfather spent all the energy in "Uniting" Melbourne so how can he suddenly
say...hey there's this other club now,can you barrack for them?

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Two years ago

United averaged 7,400 in 16-17 and then 8,200 in 17-18.

Is there room for a 2nd team? Maybe, maybe not. I'm honestly not sure.

But I think a 2nd team team would be more likely to succeed than a new team anywhere else.

So if LK's hell bent on adding a 9th team, it might as well be in Melbourne.

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Two years ago

There is more than enough participation and support for the game to justify several more teams, say moving up to 12 from 8.

The key will not be bums on seats but tv ratings.

So how to get the ratings up?

Aussie sports fans seem to like continous action and high quality, close up camera work that highlights the physicality and skill of the sport.

Eg. the afl seem hell bent on finding ways to keep the game moving and to minimize stoppages. And the camera work is extensive and first rate getting audiences right into the action.

This is where we need to be brave and make changes to the structure of our game to keep the action ongoing. Currently a 40 minute game takes how long, 90+ mins to get thru?

Let's look for ways to keep the game moving and hope the nbl and the broadcasters invest in supporting the action with great camera work that highlights the physicality and athleticism on court.

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Two years ago

Melbourne loves a rivalry in any sport, but I think too much damage has been done to NBL teams in this town to support two teams again any time soon, let alone the general support for basketball.

In the golden era of the Tigers & Magic rivalry, you had two teams with strong roots in local clubs. Yes, Magic was a "new" team, but their connection to the Spectres was undeniable and they were able to capture an existing market. Now Melbourne pretty much has Tigers fans who feel betrayed by United, Magic fans who have more or less given up on any revival, Giants fans who are in the same boat, and Dragons fans which are just a subsection of the last two. Any new team spinning up is literally having to start from scratch with culture and history, and if the NBL have demonstrated anything over the last twenty or so years, it's that they're pretty happy to throw a franchise, new or old, under the bus.

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Two years ago

Magic, Giants, Tigers being killed off should have never happened.

If Magic Giants don't die no need for "United" superseeding Tigers.

Seriously NBL of late 90s/early 2000s had no idea and totally f*cked the legacy of the NBL in Melbourne.

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Two years ago

"The key will not be bums on seats but tv ratings."

Oh God, not this crap again.

There is no money in TV for the NBL. Certainly not enough to support non-viable teams.

Teams have to stand on their own two feet, and bums on seats/ Merchandising/ Sponsorship is where its at.

That's why the Wildcats turn a profit, and Cairns takes their rejects.

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Two years ago

@jodiechrist, that's precisely why I was critical of the United brand when it was first introduced.

Not the concept so much, but the way they are marketing themselves as the team to follow if you are from Melbourne and all of Victoria.

They have portrayed themselves as the only team (which they are) and tried to capture the whole Victorian market, so any new team coming in will have to identify themselves differently.

Now, I see that as an opportunity, not so much as a liability!

If any new Melbourne franchise comes in, they have an opportunity to connect with some plenty of fans and basketball Associations in Melbourne in particular because the market is huge and not everyone is sold on United...

Then you have places like Bendigo and Geelong waiting in the wings, so there is scope for a second Melbourne team, but only one more, let's not make the mistake of killing the golden goose again!

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