Two years ago

Round 2 Excitement

Can't wait for Friday...dreading the First Ever ads though...

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Can't wait for the new First Ever ad featuring the models eating Hungry Jack's Grill Masters burgers while laying across the bonnet of an MG ZS American Beauty style like when the rose petals fall down on her, but with clothes on obviously. Mustard and ketchup dripping all over the clothes... I shit I'd never get tired of that ad.

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Two years ago

NBL is back baby! So happy with the league right now

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Two years ago

Id rather Frank Walker from National Tiles ads on repeat then those shitty lastever ads

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Two years ago

Don't people mute ads and do something else like talk to whoever they're watching with, check Twitter, get food, etc?

(I like Hungry Jacks, so I could probably watch a 24 hour slow channel that just showed Whoppers being prepared.)

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Two years ago

There used to be a cable channel in Canada that was just 24 hours of rotisserie chicken.

Sure, you can do other things during the ads, but it doesn't make them any less annoying. The same ads over and over again, even if it was a good one, would get annoying. And those first ever ones aren't good. I saw bits of 3 games over the weekend and it was enough to give me the shits.

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Two years ago

You can always turn the sound off

I watched Adelaide vs Sydney, and had sound off for most of it

Sometimes when watching basketball, I just want to concentrate and watch the game and I find commentators distracting.

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Two years ago

I'd definitely be up for a "no commentator feed" option, but ya need the sounds of the court and crowd

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Two years ago

Yeah, I can appreciate that seeing the same ad over and over is boring (happens all the time on on-demand apps for main channels/shows) and that the First Ever ad is underdone (or they should've created 3-5 variants to mix it up), but the eternal complaints are just about as boring. After it's annoyed you, hit mute. I only really watch Netflix, so I can't stomach ads on TV and mute by default. No loss to the advertisers - already like Hungry Jacks, no interest in MGs or First Ever, distrust and dislike supplements/etc.

I would probably watch quite a lot of a roast chicken channel though.

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Two years ago

I don't notice the adds on feed

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Jack Toft  
Two years ago

Frank Walker is doing the voice over for the next round of First Ever adverts.

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Two years ago

Something I often do is record the game and start watching nearly half way through the broadcast. Fast forward through game breaks, half time etc. Usually catch up to the live broadcast just before or just after the game ends. I'm not fussed about missing timeouts and the commentary. I just enjoy the game play itself, so that works for me.

As a result, I haven't seen the First Ever and Hungry Jack's ads yet.

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Two years ago

Speaking of Slow TV channels how good was that one SBS did recently of the Ghan train ride from Adelaide to Darwin?

I watched the original 3 hour version and tuned in a few times to the 17 hour version. The 3 hour version was the highest rated show on SBS for 12 months.

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Two years ago


"Sometimes when watching basketball, I just want to concentrate and watch the game and I find commentators distracting."

and this...

"I'd definitely be up for a "no commentator feed" option, but ya need the sounds of the court and crowd."

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Two years ago

Paul what's your point? Is it difficult to understand how the human brain works? Sounds from the actual game assist the brain to comprehend the action it sees. Oz commentators do the exact opposite.

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Two years ago

I think paul was merely agreeing with the quoted posts.

Fox Sports had the red button option about 10 years ago, which enabled muting of the commentary while retaining other audio. Don't think I used it much, though.

I find it way too difficult to watch games on mute, it's too difficult to follow some of the things that go on (doubly so when the score graphics are absent or wrong), and it's hard to get invested if you can't at least hear the crowd. Watching the 4OT game on mute would've been awful - the on-screen clock is out of sync, so it'd be difficult to know if shots were made on time, there were several reviews that would've gone unexplained, and without being able to hear the excitement of the crowd and the commentary team it would've seemed really flat.

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Hanging Round  
Two years ago

How could you watch 24 hours of ads on making Whoppers (don't need 2 hands like the first batches).
My son worked at HJs as a kid and has not eaten there since -lol

BUT great to see them sponsoring the league

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Jack Toft  
Two years ago

Hanging Around, once you have working in a fast food restaurant, you don't want to eat there.

My then 16 yo wife was working at KFC, a tray of freshly cooked items got knocked and spilled on the floor, scooped up and straight into a bucket.....mmmm tasty
A mate of mine was at Dino's dial a pizza. A 20 odd litre bucket of mushrooms got dropped in the storeroom.... you know what happened next....
He also said, never, ever, ever be rude to the person taking the order. You don't want to know what extras went on that pizza. I could say, but common decorum prevents mention, even on a site like Hoops.

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Hanging Round  
Two years ago

Jack Toft
I know where you are coming from
Had a friend who once worked in a restaurant ( thankfully only short term)
He had/has attitude problem and responded badly when a customer sent a steak back for 're-cooking' as not served well done as requested.
We never complained when he cooked a BBQ after hearing that
Say no more

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