Last year

Perth's 3rd Import

What would you like to see?

There are 3 guys or types I would love to see:

Showtime Mckay - he's bumming around the G League so should be cheap - I would love to see him get on the end of some allyoops and get a piece of a few blocks we don't have anyone that can do that - not going to happen though as we already have Jervis.

Ennis type small forward who can do a bit of slicing'n'dicing - someone who can get above the rim - unlikely I would think because it would push White for minutes.

Young Jaron Johnson type - someone who can come off the bench and light it up from outside - I would bring this guy in to replace Hire and slide Steindl into a backup small forward role

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Last year

The McKay type is not needed with Kay, Brandt and Jervis plus Wagstaff and Vague the 4/5 spots are well covered.

McKay would come in handy if one of the above was ruled out due to injury

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Last year

It's clear imports coming off the bench is not ideal. With the big man spot locked up with Brandt, Jervis, Wagstaff and Kay, there's no need for an import big. The advantage Perth have had for so many years is not requiring an import PG thanks to Martin. So that leaves the 2 & 3, which is filled by Cotton and White.

Back when there was only two imports allowed, between 2013 and 2016, Perth always filled their imports at 2 & 3 - Beal/Ennis, Beal/Daniels and Beal/Prather. Prior to that, between 2009 and 2013 under Bevo, it was always just Lisch at the 2, plus injury-replacement import big man signings such as Galen Young (2009/10), Andre Brown (2010/11) and Michael Dunigan (2012/13).

McKay was decent enough at the 5 in 2016/17 but Cooke off the bench last season was not the right option, and he certainly couldn't be relied upon to start either.

I agree, a 3rd import will only come via a big if an injury occurs to Brandt, Jervis, Wagstaff or Kay.

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Last year

I'd rather see the 3rd import spot kept as injury insurance.
We're covered at all positions right now.

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Last year

Unless the 3rd import is a gun I wouldn't bother perth can win the title without it

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Last year

If anyone has the cash and network to get a top line import its Perth.

Just wait for a few more weeks and if Perth think they are far away the will chase a top level import

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Last year

"It's clear imports coming off the bench is not ideal."

Do you know that 14 of the past 20 grand finalists had an import coming off the bench or an import spot free?

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Last year

Without a 3rd import they are already the best team in the league so for now I think they will stand pat

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Last year

Beats 36ers
Beats Hawks
Beats Bullets
Loses away to Bullets who were shooting the lights out
Beats United

Why do we need the 3rd import? I don't even think we're playing our best yet.

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Last year

I think that with 3 import slots, and so many good locals being attracted back to (and kept in) the league, having an import on your bench is not really an issue. Especially if you consider the 5 man cap, chances are a 3rd import would need to be on a relatively low salary.

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Last year

Might be able to pick Beal up for a happy meal after Bullets left him out to dry.

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Food for thought  
Last year

Wouldn't mind seeing Perth get an import slasher, just for the balance of the team.

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Last year

When you look at past seasons there is always teams that start strong and teams that consistently start badly (first thought Adelaide). I think they need to be ready for a 3rd import when those teams start to play better. Perth doesn't want to get left behind later on.

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Last year

"Why do we need the 3rd import?"

Because homicide said so

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Last year

Perth probably believe that they have put together a strong roster that can compete at the start of the season, judging by the results so far, this rings true.

The 3rd import spot then becomes a trump card or insurance policy but at this early stage they are still at the suck and see stage.

Knowing them, they are always in review mode with feelers out there for someone they want that becomes available.

This move comes with risk, sometimes you get rid of a Jaron Johnson you could end up with an Andre Ingram.

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Last year

Plenty of time for Perth to think about it and as the saying goes if it isn't broken don't fix it.

By the time Perth hit the FIBA window (Nov/Dec) they could be 8-3 or 9-2 and looking comfortable.

Would be good to see Steindl step up he needs to so that the third import rumours get put on the back burner.

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Last year

Should Perth end up going with the extra import it could work one of three ways.
1. They find a shooter to strengthen bench most likely a swingman.
2. They go all out and grab a star small forward and bring White off the bench.
3. An injury replacement for the frontcourt or Martin.

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Last year

They CLEARLY don't need a third import. Why is this even a thread?

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Last year

Will never find out, but would be interesting to know whom they have on "speed dial" in case of injury.

Martin and Hire are carrying and therefore perhaps the most likely, plus Damo is due for another broken jaw, but ya never know.
A Damo injury could see the call made.
A Hire injury I think would just elevate a DP.

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Last year

"This move comes with risk, sometimes you get rid of a Jaron Johnson you could end up with an Andre Ingram."

I wouldn't actually mind an Andre Ingram on this roster. I always thought he could have been a solid role player of the bench. He was just a terrible fit for the Cats at the time who really needed a star combo guard like Cotton.

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Last year

I thought Ingram looked like what they needed, huge threat from 3. Worked out in the end though

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Last year

Have to agree with that. A bargain priced import, who could come off the bench and reliably nail 3's would definitely be a bonus.
Would also give a bit more backcourt depth

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Last year

Well, to go back to the OP, who should Perth Call?

Do we call in McKay to replace Brandt?
A SF to replace White? OR
a PG to replace Martin?

Hopefully they are working the phones right now

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Last year

White is an import, so they can bring two imports in right now.

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Last year

I wouldn't mind seeing what Devondrick Walker could do.
Or someone similar.
Norton looks an adequate replacement for Martin which I suspect was the intention when he was signed.
Brandt's injury is a setback I would hope to see more of Jervis but Kay can play at 5 too so no probs there.

Either way with White potentially out for awhile Perth could use two import spots as old Kober pointed out.

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Last year

Perth needs a 3 to backup white and fill in for him. Hire and Clint are not good enough

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Last year

Normally replacing Martin would be top priority but Norton is a huge bonus for Perth.

Getting McKay type and/or Walker type is the way to go.

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Last year

Well ok, perhaps I should have said
"a guard to give them more options with Damo out ...

@Hogwash, hopefully Cotton got on the phone (or Twitter or whatever) and hopefully he doesn't like Italian food

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Last year

Given that Kay can play at the 5, and Hire at the 4, I think they need to bolster the backcourt. A Walker or Tokoto type would be good.

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Last year

So, given injuries to White & Brandt appears less severe than feared, questions goes back to whether the Wildcats want to make changes to their squad?

To date, its hard to argue that they haven't been good enough. Could be interesting to see what happens later ass the 75% mark gets near.

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Last year

^^^ Dazz with ass on his mind.

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Last year

That's arse mate.

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Last year

Can someone explain to me how the "lowest x amount of players" must be less than $400k rule? And if this includes imports?

I believe the wildcats are limited import spend wise due to this part of the rule.

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Last year

Yes, it is the 5 lowest paid, including imports if applicable. I've heard the limit is now $420k

So for Perth I would assume that is:

I am only guessing that Wagstaff in his last year of multi-year deal is on decent coin,
and that they signed Norton to a back-ended deal.

So yes, that's presumably why they went with only 2.
If signed to replace say Hire, they wouldn't have much cash to splash.

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