Jack Toft
Two years ago

New Zealand v Cairns Nov 9

Cairns in more strife than a politician with his hand down the dress of a reporter. Bottom of the table and in real need of a win this game as they are in Melbourne on Sunday, lest they forget.

New Zealand are chirpier than Oscar Forman on the commentary team after knocking off the Sixers last home game and should be seeking to press home their advantage before a Sunday night dust up in Brisbane.

Cairns drew first blood against a hapless Brisbane in round 1 in the battle of the banana benders, but since then have been on a 0-4 slide. It's a slippery slope. Still, could be worse, you could be called up as models in a First Ever TV advert.

I reckon they'll be 0-5 after tonight. Mamma Mia! Captain Abba to lead his band of Super Troupers to victory by about 10... or so… The winner takes it all.

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Two years ago

NZ by 10+

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Two years ago

Depends on which NZ team turns up. If NZ move the ball and get out & run like they did against the Sixers they should win. If they just play iso ball and jack up 3's they'll probably lose again.

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Two years ago

NZ by 5

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Devon Hall just looks like he's almost scared to move

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Two years ago

Kelly's (hopeless) defence strategy exposed again!
Has 1st Ass C come to the conclusion he can’t point out the obvious OR is it Jamie’s stratagem, and Kelly honour-bond to support it?
Like really, one whole quarter of the court with just Melo in it, no-one hedging to help??
And that’s for starters, and going back over the previous games, no lessons learned?
V poor.

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Camel 31  
Two years ago

No hungry jacks in new zealand ?

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Two years ago

It's Kelly.
That’s the problem.

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Taipans will be gone in 2 years time

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Harden- James like move  
Two years ago

Did anyone else see Weekes' footwork just before the three quarter time break? Changed pivot foot six times and moved two metres without bouncing the ball. NBA-like.

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Two years ago

ouch this is a serious beatdown!

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Two years ago

Cairns with all these ft must be hoke cooking

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Two years ago

Mmm...love it when people cook hoke.

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Two years ago

You can't beat a nice pan fried hoke fillet on a Friday night
I wonder if the hoke is better when it's flame grilled?

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Two years ago

I agree Taipans will be gone within the next few years and the fault lies directly with the GM and the board not Kelly.

Feel sorry for Kelly and Staff they are just not up to it, but of course took the coaching opportunity provided.

Let me say I was a Fearne fan but never saw him in rose coloured glasses. For all of his flaws, and there were many, he was the perfect fit for a budget organisation like the Taipans.

The nuffies in the crowd and the board wanted a more entertaining style - well how is that working out for you?

The nuffies in the crowd and the board wanted a coach who would give our imports freedom to play their natural style - well how is that working out for you?

Yes I agree, Fearne stifled talented offensive players because he was too demanding in regards to defensive principles and offensive structure. But he knew that if you have less talent or depth then you have to bring the star studded teams down to your level by scrapping and clawing for everything.

The nuffies and the board wanted a more personable coach rather than the angry brawler that Fearne was - well how is that working out for you?

People in Cairns will support their teams as long as they think they are giving it a crack and fighting regardless of the result. Sadly for Kelly he has not, all be it in a short period of time, shown he can get the buy in required. Again not his fault as I feel he is doing his best but has never had to work in the challenging situation that a low budget team provides.

I know people will suggest we are only a few games in with a new coach and new players and will try to be positive for the future. But what is the future for this team?

With Fearne and his shortcomings we also had Gliddon and McCarron guaranteed to return and with our Australian contingent were always a chance of playoffs - again with less resources than any other club (Hawks maybe comprable but easier to recruit to the gong than the top end). When Fearne got the imports right and found an import PG who could play D we were a GF team)

Currently what do we have? 2 gun imports who will be gone as soon as the season is over. Then a handful of vets at the end of their career with guys who have been rejected from other clubs.

So yes the Taipans are in trouble. Kelly is not up to it. But ultimately it is the board and the GM who chose this path and who need to be help accountable.

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Two years ago

Kelly can take some blame for recruiting Kenny and DKD to the team. Their poor play has left a gaping hole in the rotation that is untenable if the Taipans want wins.

Sure, Cairns on a budget. But surely there were better budget players around than those two.

I hope this season's destined failure doesn’t dig the Taipans a grave, and also hope Kelly learns a few lessons.

Wonder how Pearlman would’ve gone.

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Two years ago

'844 calm down.

This is MK's first HC gig at NBL level.

He has lost 2 significant players.

His core of Loughton and Jawaii are aging.

What are your expectation of success for the Taipans this year? I mean realistic ones?

Even Andrew Gaze who has had double the money (my wild baseless guess) to spend on players has been given three years to make the playoffs.

You don't think Kelly deserves some grace on the same level? He has been 'OK' so far. Trimble is a win, yes the defence is a WIP but who isn't reviewing and refining at this early stage of the season?

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

Did we expect any less? The Taipans roster is horrible, especially the bench is barely a QBL starting 5, I said it months ago,

Manu where you at???

It's not Kelly, maybe his mistake is not knowing how to make his scrap heap team competitive like Bevo or Fearne, on the hoopla podcast thisbweek he actually mentioned having to change things from what he first pitched to the board, but if Kelly coached say the Kings they would play the way that suits his philosophy and would be good.

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Two years ago

Walker, Kenny,did are hardly NBL worthy players. Nate is to inconsistent and hall stinks

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Two years ago

DKD is ok but nothing especial. Only Trimble and the ex breakers import are good

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago


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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

If Hall actually had some balls and got buckets, I dare say we would've won three games that we lost. And that would put us top of the ladder.

But we are generally being run over late in games, be it fourth quarter or overtime.

We cannot move the ball, but what really matters is that we can't defend

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Being run over late in games means that when opposition defences turn it up, we can't go with them. We don't move the ball because our two best scorers are ball-dominant players

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

Manu I remember our comments on here pre season, you clearly had rose colored fans glasses on, yes Hall is bad, but Newbill and Trimble are both producing over and above what would have been expected, the imports aren't the issue, the local contingent is the worst I've seen in the league for 10 years.


Honestly that's the bench 5, who would win, them or Hobart Chargers last season?

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Two years ago

LoveBroker as stated in my post I lay minimal blame on Kelly and maximum blame on the GM and board.

The Taipans have lost 2 key players which the GM and board knew were tied with Fearne not just agent wise but also loyalty wise.

Aging Australian players = the need for a succession plan to build around. Looks like we threw a lot of money at short term imports rather than long term Australian talent. Again this might be more of a reflection upon small market Cairns than shortcomings of the GM, Board or Kelly. Still Fearne seemed to find plenty of Australian talent in his time.

My realistic expectation is alluded too in my previous post, that being for the Taipans to battle and fight and be in more contests than not. I hope you are an astute enough observer to note that KPI's that dictate competitiveness are well down and inclusive of tonight’s game are on a downward trend very fast.

I love Andrew Gaze but at present he is not a great coach. I know easy to be critical from an armchair where being a critic is 1000 times easier than the difficult job of being an NBL coach. But let’s be real, Andrew Gaze got the job and has been given so many lives because he is the greatest NBL player of all time and a marketing master stroke in a major capital city. To many the only thing they knew about Australian basketball for years was Drewie. So to answer your question, no Kelly does not deserve the same level of grace as his off to court influence is minimal in such a small market.

Finally the NBL regular season is 28 games. After this weekend the Taipans would have played 25% of their season. So to suggest it is early season is a bit misleading. While I think the Win/Loss aspect is quickly getting away from us, there are still 22 games to improve competitiveness and cultural buy-in.

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Two years ago

Spot on Melb Boy. But who did they miss on? Hall performs as expected and these guys just need to play their roles. Heir gives better spark off bench. Others?

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

I was clearly kidding about them being top I remember saying that.

But in reality I thought we were in with a decent chance to make the top 4.

I will say that bit part players in any sport benefit from having the game made as easy for them as possible. Loughton isn't getting the number of open shots that he was last season, granted Young is shit, Walker needs to crash the glass and be insanely active however he's coming back from injury, DKD same as Loughton, Kenny to some extent same as Loughton and DKD. Perth got Kenny the odd open shot, but Kenny has always been mediocre apart from defence.

The imports, minus Hall, are going so well because we aren't moving the ball effectively and they're bailing us out with individual brilliance. But we are scoring enough, defence hasn't been this bad in a decade.

I read that four of our last five opponents have shot over 50 per cent. What does that tell you?

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Two years ago

Taipans supporter here.. If nothing changes nothing will change. Anon is dead right. Jaiwai is done. Lousy too old Devon has to go, Waxy past it Kenny Mitch and DKD wouldn't get a game anywhere else. Leaves a lot for BJ and Trimble to do. GM Beecroft major problem at Taipans too busy big noting himself to actually do anything positive for club. Major drain on the club.

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Two years ago

If you can't afford to assemble a good roster the best you can hope for is being "competitive" and "brave in defeat"
The NBL model all but ensures that the Taipans & Hawks will constantly struggle.

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Two years ago

It does seem that Fearne got fired for doing what Beecroft was doing in a GM capacity.

Fearne = low budget team always competive and often punched above their weight but was never a year in year out consistent championship contender.

Beecroft = solid job keeping the club afloat in a small market but has never been able to provide his club with the "big ticket" breakthrough resources to be a perennial contender.

If it continues to go pear shaped as it appears - pretty obvious who the board fires next I guess.

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

The worst thing I heard in the podcast this week was when Kelly said he found out he had the job on Friday and free agency started on the Monday, so he had the weekend to get things together and look at who was available. That's not Kelly's fault either, its managements.

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Two years ago

Melbourne Boy - yeah that is a tough timeline.

But surely part of MK's pitch to the board would be about the type of players he would be chasing in the free agent market to fit his philosophy. So he would already have a blueprint in place regardless.

As you stated he is already talking about refining his philosophy, likely to something less free flowing and more restrictive to counter the scoring of more talented teams ala Fearne like or perhaps Fearne lite.

So he is already backtracking, I guess whatever gets you the job. At least he is showing a willingness to evolve which is great.

My issue is this idea that the Taipans board had of a low budget aka less talented team playing run and gun entertaining Basketball oblivious to the fact that we could not compete this way.

If we win the wooden spoon but crowd numbers (sold tickets not free ones) stay high then I won’t like the losing but will love the fact we survive. History however shows losing does not equate to bums on seats.

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

Kelly seems like he'll be a decent coach, and the players he recruited in theory actually do suit what he wanted, they're all just below average players. He wanted to play fast and shoot a high volume of 3's, all the guys he brought in can shoot, even Loe as a stretch 5 can be useful in that style of game, Jawai was already under contract so obviously he's an outlier on their roster.

Dennis at the Crocs played fast with a shallow roster and was competitive, but they still came last, and he did win coach of the year. I said before the season Kelly might be coach of the year and they would still come last.

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Two years ago

MB - your comparison to the crocs is a very fair one and considering what happened to them after that season should be frightening for Taipans fans.

Think the Taipans have a little more gas in the tank than the Crocs did at that same stage - but being a regional team in a big city league the writing is on the wall.

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Two years ago

The Crocs folded because nobody went to their games, not because they were a promising young team.

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Two years ago

Big Spending Teams will survive. Cairns have said they will only spend the cap.
Bye, Bye.

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Two years ago

koberulz: if Taipans continue to lose home games like they have been, not enough people will attend to keep them afloat. First time they have started 0-3 at home in a long long time.

As you said they also had the bonus of being a promising young team who took a number of big scalps at home.

Taipans are definitely not young and have no promising Australian core like the Crocs to build around, but fingers crossed can take a few big scalps at home which will keep crowd numbers up.

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

I guess they'll get some equalization taxes from the big spenders that may help! Haha

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Two years ago

The Crocs also hadn't been getting crowds for several years.

And the notion that Cairns will fail because they only spend within their means is completely absurd.

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Two years ago

Breakers moved the ball well & found the open man for the good shot.
Webster just seemed to hit everything.
Richard showed his value by taking smart shots and playing D.
Long got out and ran and protected the rim.

Tough gig for Kelly and Cairns. Lose their 2x best players to other teams and then have to try and build a competitive team on a budget and end up with a squad full of bench warmers and guys who are well past their prime with a new Coach & system.

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Two years ago

crocs folded because they lost the free parking next to townsville entertainment centre.

taipans will be okay as long as they can win some home games over the next few years. After all, what the fuck else are you going to do up here in cairns for a night out in rainy season?

I'd be more worried about cairns getting an nrl team together. if Barlow Park gets redeveloped and any of the crazy rumours about a joint png/cairns team actually ever come off that's when people are going to start looking at whether they'd prefer a taipans or nrl season ticket. all that's pie in the sky atm and minimum 5 years away if ever..

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