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Premier League Round 4 Power Rankings

1. Norwood Flames (4-0)
Impressive win over North on the weekend. Home court no doubt an advantage in that one. Veteran group so early season wins no surprise. May not have championship upside but will always be tough.

2. Forestville Eagles (3-0)
Put up huge numbers again. Have all the offensive weapons but can they defend? Yet to find out but I'm sure we will on the weekend against North.

3. North Adelaide (2-1)
Hard to drop them far after losing by 1 in an away game to an established side. Once they all click I dare say this could be as low as they go for the season! Some down games by their stars on the weekend but will no doubt click soon.

4. West Adelaide (3-0)
Two easy wins on the weekend vs mediocre opposition. All top 5 teams would expect to beat South and Sturt. Imports showing they're very solid, if not spectacular.

5. Mt Gambier (2-1)
Good first up home win. Tom Daly showing he's still a class above the league with a 40 point 8 assist outing. Depth could test them later and jury out on imports still.

6. Eastern Mavericks (1-2)
That's right - Mavs up to 6th. Not just a win but a big win from wire to wire. Imports proving to be a handful and actually had some contributions off the bench. Could this be the beginning of the revival?

7. Central District Lions (1-1)
Could 't stop Forestvilles offensive barrage but no one has yet. Young group who will take some time to fully gel but the upside is there.

8. Southern Tigers (0-2)
By the looks an improved effort on the previous week but still question marks over their second halves. Drmic and Turnage look to be clicking well but will need more contributors.

9.South Adelaide Panthers (0-2)
Took their lumps again against a top 5 team but to be expected from a young group. Will look to turn it around against a hapless Woodville this week.

10. Sturt Sabres (0-4)
Have been competitive the past two games after getting blown out in week 1s double. Not sure they taking teams best hits as West appeared to take it easy on them on the back end of a double header, as North did the week before.

11. Woodville Warriors (0-3)
Would have expected to be 2-1 by now. The Centrals loss was excusable but by 17 to Mavs is cause for alarm bells. Odds on to be the first club to replace an import this season as both are under performing and the season could slip away quickly.

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End of season looking like


4/5 Gambier/Norwood
6th only just Southern


The rest

Top 3 have a great mix of imports + veterans for the club. Both West Imports look super reliable. And they have a bunch of club juniors filling roles for the club. Forestville have come out hot and have stars in every role. Forstville junior Harris taking another massive step. Forestville junior De Wit fitting in superbly as a distributor and defender at PG.
North too will be right around the mark come seasons end. Will be extra dangerous if they get Harding/Marshall back from College. Hard to see these 3 teams not being the top 3.

But Gambier might pop them off. Have not seen a single minute of them but the pedigree is there. And a tough home venue for opposing teams. Norwood to make finals IMO after a nice start but not sure they have championship winning balance. Likewise, depth looks to be a bit of an issue if an injury occurs to one of their core 6.
Southern re-tooled with another set of ex forestville/sturt juniors (how many southern juniors do they have now?) but will just miss out. Johns looking grumpy to start the new season. Has the rent at the hackham mansion not been payed on time? Can "Coach of the year" Nyberg pull out a 4th straight finals appearance at Southern despite not having the clear best roster this year??

I reckon Sturt can turn it around and get some wins here. South looked pretty garbage besides their import big. Woodville should be doing better. Don't know much about Centrals besides what I saw v F'ville. Can they defend and be strong inside? Definitely looks like they can run and attack the paint and might pick up a few surprise wins as the season goes on but lack of experience will hurt them. Eastern turning it around? Lol. Imports look decent but no structure, no culture.

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Last year

To be honest the bottom 5 teams will be ranked mainly by the imports. Easterns look good, woodvilles absolutely terrible. Why keep the import that was injured a lot and erratic, is he a 2 but streaky. Everett carried that team in second half. Other one looks ok but underused and is he a good fit. Baffling move by Whitmore again, should have used one spot as a ball handling guard, about the only depth they have is chunky post players. Has to be gone at end of year no matter what his links are to the powers that be.
Apparently Centrals 2nd import touches down this week, why the delay. And their 2nd female import is still playing in Europe, is it a penny pinching exercise to not pay them for full season. Looks like cost the women 1 if not 2 wins. Men's guard is a shooter but hasn't looked for them, only 4 shots against eagles. Locals ridiculously talented athletically but look like they have no idea out there sometimes on both ends.
Mavs could be the Cinderella of season won't make playoffs but looking ok so far.
And looking at results, is the vaunted recruits of McVeigh and Bj upsetting the apple cart at hillcrest. Bj showing his immaturity and thinks he's a shooter and is McVeigh taking top dog role away from Starling. May look good on paper but chemistry could be lacking. Losing to flames with no bigs and arguably having best frontcourt is cause for concern.

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Last year

Will take a little bit of time for those Rockets to find chemistry, am sure they will be just fine. BJ is fitting in team wise, Starling and McVeigh will destroy teams together and Dowdell compliments those guys. Dont stress about North, they will be there at the pointy end.
Totally agree with Woodville, poor import recruiting again and only one person is at fault there.
Eagles are just plain scary right now and should be number 1 in the power rankings. Getting Teys clarification changed allowing Mays in has put them levels above most other teams.
Norwood are and will be tough but rely on very few and they will have top be up and about all season.
West look good and balanced but yet to meet a contender. Imports look exciting, core still solid.
Gambier will be right amongst it but still not sure how they will go against the top 2/3. They will win alot of home games i suspect.Sam Daly joining Tom beef them up alot.
Southern lack shooters outside Drmic and size, will see how Deano coaches without the best rostor in the competition. May miss out this year.
Eastern will pinch a few, particularly from the bottom five. No wooden spoon going there this year.
Centrals new import arriving will help but how an import can be brought in this late reflects the culture of the club really, season started almost a month ago guys.
South and Sturt, not much to say but young and average teams that will be fighting to stay out of last at this point.

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The league looks really healthy three rounds in, with some real talent showing through in games. Just on the topic of the Pioneers charging $18 for admission, whilst I don't agree with this inflated price I understand the cost. When you go to a Pioneers game you get the whole package and it’s a great night’s entertainment. The music, promotions etc are first class and extremely professional, it’s a show and worth the price of admission.
PL clubs need to watch closely and bring their game nights up to speed with what works and can pull crowds in. I would like to see how clubs are ranked on their game night presentation, announcer, music, promotions and crowd interaction.

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Last year

$18 admission to Icehouse worth every cent.

Presentation, atmosphere and game experience.

Get a movie ticket for the same price if that's more your thing..or watch the free livestream.

or just continue whining...and STAY away.

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Last year

Im from a PL club. Gambier deliver a product that has demand and is quality. The small minded SA people who can only rave about -
Dont spend money on PL, only families watch PL and build your juniors only ( rather than do both ) are why there is no growth in ball in SA.
With all the new stadiums capacities and potential for growth in SA, ALL clubs should be attempting to put on the best product, on and off the court, that they can.
The model of only building juniors ( rather than do both ) has yielded very little growth overall in SA in the past two decades.
PL clubs could learn alot from the Pioneers model, and they dont even have the junior's!!

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Last year

I think you will find the growth is as big as it has been in history. The problem is none of that equates to revenue growth for PL. And PL growth does not equal revenue for juniors.

Just look at the Sotuhern miss right now.

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Last year

Don't get carried away with Eastern being a Cinderella or even top 6 team. They had one win that equates to probably 5-6 wins over the past 4 years. Whats different other than the two imports looking decent? The coach will find away of losing with his carry on.

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Last year

Looking forward to Mt Gambier climbing through the power rankings over the next couple of weeks. Richard Hills ability to get the best out of his team is being extremely underrated. They won't lose too many more games this season.

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Last year

Maybe but think you might be underestimating the strength of the Eagles, Rockets, Bearcats and Flames.
Either way some great ball will be played.

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Last year

How many people from the general public who have nothing to do with the teams would come to your average game?

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Last year

Any news as to how the supposed audit at southern is going?

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Last year

In the mount, about 900 or so

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Last year

What else can you do there apart from looking at a blue lake and smoking meth

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Last year

The presentation, atmosphere and game experience will probably improve again once they move into the new 40million dollar complex which will also increase seating capacity significantly.

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Last year

Best game night presentation apart from Mount Gambier is Southern easily. South, Norwood and West have improved their night and the others are about on par. Bottom two game nights with not much atmosphere and are basically dull are Sturt and Eastern.

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Last year

Best game night presentation apart from Mount Gambier is Southern easily. South, Norwood and West have improved their night and the others are about on par. Bottom two game nights with not much atmosphere and are basically dull are Sturt and Eastern.

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Last year

Thoughts on this weekend's matchups?

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Last year

Congrats to Tom Daly and Jaz Fejo on round 3 POTR honors. Ironically enough both scored 40 points, same as Harris in round 2 yet no hate towards the decision. Perhaps no one else had those highly important double doubles that round. Good to see scoring a lot of points is still an important criteria for POTR. Great to have players in this league that can put up those numbers.

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Last year

This round:

Southern > Centrals
Sturt < Eastern
South < Woodville
North < Forestville
Norwood < West

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