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Grand Final Series Overview

So now the dust has settled, hangovers have worn off, what is your impression of the series overall.

Scheduling aside, I thought this was a great season, very competitive, with top 3 spots, and 4/5 decided by percentage.

But frankly I feel it was let down by sub-par finals.

Both teams getting swept in the semis was poor. Brissy I can almost understand, but Sydney not making a show of it was piss poor.
(Understandable given Gaze had his bags packed and the engine running, but still.)

I suppose the spin might say that we saw a "see-sawing" GF series, but I think of it more as extraordinary flip-flopping. Yes HCA helps, and historically most GF games go that way, But Melbourne had previously shown they could be extremely competitive in Perth.
So WTF happened? That game 3 shellacking was ridiculous.

As a Cats fan, I won't pretend that I didn't love the result, but I can't imagine anyone else was impressed with the series?

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Two years ago

Hard to say from a Cats fan aswell, love having a title come home, love proving all the doubters wrong, love knocking the shit eating grins off Goulding and Ware, but yeah, blowouts don't make for the best finals series, strange considering all the match-ups during the year were so close. United definitely got rattled in that 3rd game and never recovered. I felt they had 1 too many superstars on their roster when they added McCarron and Kennedy, and I think that's why Perth didn't succumb to a 3rd import, it would've changed the dynamic and either Brand or Kay would prob have had their minutes reduced. Cats had a specific 3 guys who they knew would do the bulk of the scoring with Cotton, White and Kay. United had to get buckets for Ware, Goulding, Kennedy, McCarron and Barlow. Dunno, felt a little anticlimactic, even the Cats celebration seemed a bit quieter than usual, but that might be because it wasn't at home. Highlight for me was Greg Hire's Insta story of the team singing Horses and video of Norton dancing in his budgie smugglers.

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Two years ago

Overall a great season, cats far too good in GF series. Good point re Melbourne having to many stars, if you remember year before they struggled till Prather went down, though Prather was very good in GF. Kay was the purchase of the year for me and his GF series was fantastic, he does stuff you don't get stats for. I would’ve kept Anderson ahead of Pledger as well. Gleeson and his assistants just keep getting it done, congratulations, I hope the 10th one is a long wait.

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Perth Wilburs  
Two years ago

Typical Grand Final series. Melbourne was just too inconsistent. They have been like that all year really. Wildcats either played 40mins of basketball or 20mins, but the last 6 games of the season and into the finals they played 40min games 95% of the time.

For all the accolades Ware and Goulding gets they do shoot mid 30s at best, so you know they'll go missing in action.

Ware was banged up. Too many screens for him to overcome. They should of used more pick and rolls with Boone and Kennedy and they should of let Kennedy have the ball more. He looked dangerous when dribbling into the paint.

The Wildcats find it hard to defend transition basketball so Melbourne should of drove to the basket alot more in Melbourne especially when refs usually call it in favour of the home team.

Terrico stood up but you know he has all season averaging 15.9pts a game. I don't understand why people were on his back when he averaged that amount of points being the second string import. No other second string import comes close.

Terrico clearly won the grand final on the court and off the court. His performances in the first two games plus his 31pts in the 3rd game is what forced Melbourne to adjust their defence. This allowed Cotton to score 28pts in the 4th game, 18 till the half. They tired as the series went on, and Terrico and Cotton went loose, with Kay cleaning up the glass at both ends.

Going forward both teams need a rebounder/shot blocker centre and one who can finish at the rim.

That is all I can think about right now.

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Two years ago

New favourite moment, Terrico's wife said to Santa Maria, "tell suicide he was wrong". LMAO. Biggest flog, he left the game with 2 minutes to go.

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Two years ago

"Biggest flog, he left the game with 2 minutes to go."

Still probably stayed longer than Larry

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Two years ago

Sounds like White's wife might be like Randle’s.

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Two years ago

yeah those tame comments are totally equivalent to throwing food

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Two years ago

White has a wife? Funny story one of my mates told me is that he was chatting to a customer at work before the first game of the season (Perth in Adelaide) and she was telling him about how she went on a tinder date with this "professional sports player from america". Thats how she described him at first before my mate helped her understand he was an American playing basketball for Perth. thought it was pretty funny at the time. But now hearing he has a wife ?? lol

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Two years ago

In the entire playoffs, there was one lead change after half time- when Perth took the lead early in the 3rd qtr of Game 1.

In all 4 grand final games, the result never looked in serious doubt after a couple of minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

The same for 3 out of 4 semi final games.

There werent even any games where the victor overcame a substantial early deficit.

From a competitive standpoint, totally different to the regular season. Putting team allegiances aside, disappointing!

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Two years ago

"From a competitive standpoint, totally different to the regular season. Putting team allegiances aside, disappointing!"

Yes, that's my feeling.

Even in game 2, it just felt like midway through the 2rd, Perth have collectively gone "meh, we've got 3 more games to turn this around.
The first three games (well 2.5) felt like everyone was prepared to go along with HCA.
Game 4 was the most interesting, but still got the feeling Melbourne were resigned to their fate.

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Food for thought  
Two years ago

I just couldn't get into these playoffs at all. Melbourne vs Sydney was a cakewalk, Perth vs Brisbane was a cakewalk. I expected the two best teams in the land to come together and give me something, but the whole thing was a massive yawnfest.

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Two years ago

I absolutely loved the regular season which was statistically the closest in league history based on the average game margin.

Playoffs as a whole however were the most boring of all time. All three series were duds. The FIBA break was a factor although what Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in the GF brought to the table was lameness. Like seriously guys? Weak.

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Two years ago

The same for 3 out of 4 semi final gamesblockquote>

You didn't complain when United swept the Kings.

From a competitive standpoint, totally different to the regular season. Putting team allegiances aside, disappointing!

You didn't complain when United swept the Kings.

Still hurts that Greg Hire has the nets from Melbourne Arena? It's OK...the swelling will subside in a few weeks time and you may sit properly again.

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Two years ago

As I said, from a Cats fan perspective it was great, but nobody can pretend the series had fans on the edge of their seats.

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