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Sixers - What is going on?

The member's day at the AEC was very confusing -

- Long time members being treated like idiots and expected to accept the nose bleed section as a "like for like" of their previous seats

- This positive talk of how there was an 80% take up from members to attend AEC and see our new seats.

- More positive talk about sponsor interest increase since announcement of move to the AEC.

- Yet Sixers missed the marketing opportunity to announce a great signing and wanted us all to get excited by the announcement that Brendon Teys had signed on for two years!

- They took great pride in telling us that like the Wildcats, we could now fill a stadium with blue T-shirts! I don’t understand how the move to AEC would magically make this happen? We couldn’t even fill the TSA except for a couple of finals.

Why is there such a contradiction in what is going on? IThey talk so positive, but their action don’t support it. I hope they aren’t doomed for failure - I would have to remove the Sixers tat off my leg!

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Last year

Spinner...as with almost every 'forced' change the management HAVE to accentuate the positive.

Yes.. the Like for Like thing is pure fantasy. Huge uptake of AEC member day and increased sponsor interest is just noise.

I am though happy Teys in in for another 2 years, in fact I'd rather he be the Captain and let DJ focus on playing, because I think DJ is not the Captain we need.

The 'Blue Army' thing will remain to be seen, looks good at OKC home games. Defintely worth while pursuing for the merch sales. You don't need a 100% full AEC for this to work.

Right now I don't think we can do much other than think positive give the team a chance.

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Last year

Only thing I got from this is someone is stupid enough to get a 36ers tart!

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Last year


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Last year

hopefully this is only a temporary location awaiting a new venue in the city.

We need to fill it to convince the Government they need to better the Pertharena to be a viable city product.

Learn from the crows, Adelaide oval revamp wasn't big enough. They could have fit more in, even playing 1 from 4 like now.

The best seats at TSA were taken by people that have been there for 20+ years. Very hard to encourage new young investment at an increased price, I guess the mezzanine and closer seats allow this

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Last year

Pic of Sixers tatt please.

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Food for thought  
Last year

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they announced the Brendan Teys signing. Did people feign excitement and go "OOOooooOoooh!" or was it met with the deadpan silence that the situation deserved? Oh please tell me!

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Some Bloke  
Last year

Hearing Randle/his reps are telling club he will sign in Adelaide only if Joey is fired.

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Last year

I'm not a believer that because you can't fill a stadium doesn't mean you can't fill a larger stadium...

Perth Stadium only fits like 60,000 seats yet I won't attend an AFL game as I doubt I'll get a seat. If they built a 100,000 seat stadium then I KNOW I'd get a seat every time.

No reason why the same rationale can't be thought of in kind with Adelaide people that want to attend a game or two.

Good luck to Adelaide but I don't like the whole blue army thing as Perth are the Red Army and Cairns are the orange army so it lacks imagination. I also think that Adelaide would look better with a predominately gold jersey and the fans could be dressed in yellow.
Too many other teams are blue already!

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Last year

Good luck to Adelaide but I don't like the whole blue army thing as Perth are the Red Army and Cairns are the orange army so it lacks imagination. I also think that Adelaide would look better with a predominately gold jersey and the fans could be dressed in yellow.
Why gold, of all things? They've never had anything to do with gold, except as a secondary jersey.

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Last year

FM - yes a lot of good seats at TSA were taken by regulars. But every seat in TSA was great for watching basketball. Purpose built and it showed.

I presume you weren't at the open day, but if you're not front row or mezzanine level (probably a few hundred tickets) you're probably going to have some kind of interupted view or be way back from where you used to be.

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Last year

Is the tattoo from last championship for Adelaide?
Would be quite faded by now would it not.

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Camel 31  
Last year

In Joey we trust. Teys said 2 big name signings coming.

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Last year


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Last year

Based on what I have seen of him can't understand the Bairstow enthusiasm.

As for Teys - try going to a few premier league games and watching what he does. Somewhat limited physical abilities compared with some of the spring-heels around, but one of the smarter [& more reliable] players going around, I'd suggest.

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Last year

Teys showed enough last season to warrant being re-signed perhaps not for 2 years (likely an indication Joey isn't going to quit) but his inclusion on the roster becomes much more tolerable now that Doyle has been cut adrift.

Teys does a lot of good things for us, small things that don't show up in a box score like being willing to take hard charges at key times when the opposition has a run on going. He's decent defensively, unselfish, team first at all times occasionally gets a mini run on going offensively and an older steadier head out there when the shit is hitting the fan.

I too have never really understood the hype or fascination around Bairstow but the position we're in is essentially beggars can't be choosers so if Bairstow is one of the two 'big signings' to come so be it. With his career now seemingly at the crossroads at least he will be motivated to perform to secure a bigger contract in the future.

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Last year

Maybe by big names Teys was referring to two new development players with long surnames?

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Food for thought  
Last year

Bairstow is a strange case. Yes, I know he's come off injury, but it's intriguing to me that he's gone from NBA player, to basically an after-thought during the NBL recruiting phase. He's almost seen as a second-tier recruit. It's sad because I don't think there's any doubt that he can play.

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Last year

With Bairstow - it's certainly about the money.

Pretty certain it's a case of Brisbane saying check the market, we value you at $X. I wouldn't be shocked to see him re-sign there if the money is not there.

No doubt he's NBL calibre and in the right team could be the right piece.

Not sure Brissy is the best fit for him, he'd be ideal in Perth to replace Brandt - he'd see a lot more of the ball too and see less doubles. Not sure the Cats have the cash, not sure Adelaide have the stability.

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Last year

Why would they get new development players when Nelson and Johnson are doing so well?

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Last year

I see Bairstow's 'departure' from Brisbane a bit differently. He signed that contract this time last year a 2 year deal the second year a team option (which the Bullets just declined) and at the time he signed that contract he hadn't played for 1.5 seasons. I highly doubt he was in a position to be able to ask for big money.

So I doubt his option for next season would've been all that onerous but the Bullets still hope to re-sign Patterson who's asking price has now gone right up and they probably used Bairstow's money to help them sign Sobey.

They just prioritised signing Sobey over re-signing Bairstow and putting aside the money earmarked for Patterson's potential pay rise along with the 3 year deals they gave Gliddon & Cadee last year I don't see how they would have much left to over to now sign Bairstow with.

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Last year

Big Joe has left the Sixers.

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Last year

I got the tat a few years ago - still the old logo - not because they just won a premiership, got it just because! Yes, if I got it at the last premiership it would be faded from 2002!

The Teys announcement at member's day on Saturday was funny. He was standing there so I think people felt obliged to clap! Certainly no cheering, just a polite acknowledgement I think.

"Lovebroker” you say "give the team a chance”. Like plenty of others, my wife and I have been a member for over 20 years, buying our season tickets and car park pass every year. We enjoyed the success years up to 2002, endured the lows like the Marty Clark years and ownership changes etc etc. I think we have given them a chance, but eventually the club has stop talking and instead to actually put a product on the floor that will bring sponsors, supporters, success and cash.

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Last year

Where is DDfan when you need him.

Exactly Wright Spinner ;) Sixers need to stop talking the talk until they can deliver on court.
Joey is a snake oil salesman. He has everyone conned and now his right hand "mate" has effectively been sacked.

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Last year

Teys for another 2 years OMG
Looks like it will be along 2 years if that's the quality we have to look forward too!
Im guessing the financial woes are continuing :(

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Last year

Last one out please shut the door !!
Obviously big problems at the Sixers , the question is what is the problem ? Is it the coach , owner or management ??

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Last year

When you look at everything holistically you cant come to any other conclusion that the owner/management are at fault.

Let's go back to the incident that started the downward spiral - I'm pretty sure Joey wasn't holding back Mitch Creek from his NBA dream in an attempt to make financial gain.

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Last year

We've lost Deng and Sobey. Creek didn't come back. Froling has declared for the draft, and may not return. And we've re-signed Teys for another 2 years, even though he outstayed his welcome before even his current contract started.
Now we just need to re-sign Doyle. Can't let him go.

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Last year

OP I feel your pain with the searing at the new arena. When the Wildcats moved from Challenge Stadium we were 10 rows for the court on the halfway line and were offered equivalent seats halfway to the roof behind the basket at PA, its a scam and happens everywhere (my seats cost me double to get equivalent).

As for the 'be like Perth Red army' it's not just having 10,000 people rocking up in blue, it's a whole city thing. During the NBL season the streets, buses, radio stations and TV news sports are plated with Wildcats players. It makes you want to join the Red Army. If all the Sixers are going to do is wear Blue it's not like Perth.

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Last year

Expansion year is terrible timing for a disruptive off-season.

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Last year

@Timberball yet you still took it. Wildcats win. These Sixers fans don't seem to be as gullible.

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Last year

Not Gullible, knew what I was doing and didn't want to sit in the nose bleeds and was fortunate enough to be able to afford the increase, others couldn't. I was just saying that the 36ers arent the first to try and milk higher prices out of long time members.

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Last year

To add to one of the above comments. What have 36ers management done?

I know what Joey has done.

Taken a 4 time wooden spooner to 2 grand finals (the last one was always going to Melbourne unfortunately).

Brought the fans back in droves.

Recruited and developed young talent.

Made the most of a modest budget in a team that was close to folding after a decade of financial woes.

And he sure as hell didn't interfere with anybody's NBA ambitions.

As for Randle and Sobey. He didn't take any of their shit and they didn't like it.

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