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Does Big V Need a Re-Vamp

Question for the (Victorian) masses. With NBL1 launching, would now (or at the conclusion of the 2019 season) be a good time to revamp the Big V. With 4 of the largest clubs leaving to join the NBL1, Division numbers and quality so inconsistent across the board, I think a restructure would be beneficial.

In the same mold as the NBL 1, offer 12 licences for State Champ, 12 for Div 1 etc with set criteria on entry, including facilities and sustainability, promotion/relegation and entry to the league.

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Big V is in a sad state, I saw a game on the weekend where one of the teams only had 6 players

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A A Ron  
Years ago

Big V should only have a 10 team Champ division, application only with set criteria, also potential to prove themselves for promotion in future if warranted.

All the other teams should be in the one division with 4 geographical conferences, each with their own top 4 finals system. The 4 winners play a semi final and grand final weekend at the SBC to determine overall champion.

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Years ago

4 geographical conferences

The problem then is the pool of players as they all mostly stick close to home for training purposes. Looking at what happens in Geelong, same 30 odd players x 2 ( male and female) turning up for the 3 teams. Same Same just different years.

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Years ago

It needs a rename at the very least. Every time I read the league name I think: "Big V... vagina?"

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Years ago

^ idiot above should be in bed but then it's school holidays.

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or in a different timezone.

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Big V does need a revamp from top and bottom - I think a EOI for Div 1 and SC clubs based around venue and rosters along with presentation online and pathways programs is important to give the comp some credit.

Lots of talented guys play SCM who could play NBL1 but don't due to travel and family/work life.

i think a better streaming product is also needed and game presentation - the fact the league bands clubs banging drums because the scorers complain says a lot about what this league wants from an atmosphere!

But I would also look at the bottom reaches removing YL2 and making Y1 with two geographical divisions makes sense.

YL2 men is played down the frankston way which is crazy for clubs like Melton & Wallan.

YL2 women is a waste of time, clubs fielding Under 18 teams that should just stay in VJBL

And while we are at it maybe merging and removing div 2 womens, the comp stinks and has been diluted by YL teams, merge div 1 & 2 and promote teams in SCW instead. Seen Div 2 Womens teams fielding 7 and 8 players recently along with the statistics say this league is drowning!

I think the Big V is most areas is a great product that looks for ways to improve, but there are just some clubs and programs that are not worth being involved. there must be a ruling or something around clubs that are non-competitive over a number years must drop out.

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Years ago

get rid of the YL2 in men and women, its a waste of resources, and time let them stick with domestic or MMBL/VJBL.

As for those clubs who consistently fail to win games year after year, thats a hard one to call, as if they are not making roster/coaching changes thats an internal issue, at any given time even a top team can recruit badly for that season

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I know what you mean with losing clubs - I just think I look at ladders for the past two years and see the same clubs in the same places.

YL2 needs to go - its just glorified U21s

YC for blue blood programs and YL1 for the tier below anything lower is a waste of time and should hopefully then sharpen the comp up. Seeing Wallan, Westernport in the men and Coburg, Westernport in the women with score lines like 50 - 40 is a joke

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Years ago

Absolutely ...

Question is - who drives it - very hard to get changes done through the membership as every association has different interests ...

Key questions/comments - as per OP given that NBL1 is now the "elite" competition so players capable of that level should play there.

- redefine the purpose of Big V - should focus on local player development

- "State Championship" now meaningless - rename to simple divisions

- no imports ? or much more resrictive than now

- review divisions ... margins of 30-50 points are pointless (but right now reflect the imports issue in many cases)

There are others, just a few points to throw into the pot ....

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Years ago

Big V needs a huge overhaul

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Years ago

The gap between the top and bottom ends of each division is absurdly ridiculous. Why haven't the big V adjusted teams accordingly?

Clearly mismanaged and the clubscare also
To blame because they just cop it and don’t speak up.

Big V will be nothing more than what MMBL is now in a few years. Sad but true

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Years ago

Exactly why it needs a re alignment.
Release 12 Club Licenses for the top level. 16 for the next Division, two conferences. Scrap YL2.

Will we see anything like this from Big V, or is it a matter at 'grow at all costs' ? I understand this may mean some clubs miss out, but for the integrity of the competition, I think it's essential.

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