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Has the BigV become irrelevant

Now with the NBL1 is the top tier of the BigV become an irrelevant level?

Should the BigV now become a development league for the NBL1 and try and pick up the Country CBL teams?

I went down to see a Championship match the other week and it was no better than a A grade domestic match and the crowd was very small.

I am not knocking the league, just thinking of where they fit in Victorian Basketball now.

Where is the place for the BigV post this year?

P.S not including Youth League in this discussion....

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Red 68  
Years ago

What a ridiculous comment.

The Championship teams are quality teams with good imports.
Maybe the depth of the bench is not great, but there are some quality players playing in this comp.

If you're going to comment on BIG V please don't start with "no better than an A Grade domestic team".

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Years ago

Red 68 maybe it was the game I saw, but I can only judge what I see

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Years ago

what ???

Basketball doesn't start and end at SEABL/NBL1 or NBL

The levels offer opportunity for coaches, players and officials to enjoy the game, I hardly think a SCM mens game was the same level as A Grade

the CBL is a different fish and is there to help those regions that don't have the funds to compete in the BIG V - its a shorter season, runs in summer and the fixtures are compiled to help them rather than hinder.

Better crowds in the CBL than the Big V for the record.

I think Big V should move to a conference style arrangement to assist with travel and make the game more accessible (I have said the same about VJBL)

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Years ago

I think 4 of those big v teams will be in the nbl1 soon.

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Years ago

If there was a need for it last year then there is a need for it this year. Just because the league has changed its name doesn't change anything does it? Taking four teams from champ div has weakened it a bit but not massively.

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Years ago

Will the 4 bigv teams in NBL1 stay there? None of them are performing well are they? Especially Ringwood.. Won SCM and now bottom of the NBL1?

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Years ago

204...noting that the Ringwood women are currently 4th.

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Dane Suttle  
Years ago

So who did you watch over the weekend akj34?

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Years ago

True the Ringwood women are doing very well. Are mens and womens teams a package deal in the NBL1?

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A A Ron  
Years ago

akj34, I want to know where the A grade domestic league is that you're talking about? It must be filled with only NBL1 and SCM players, sounds like a good league for a Monday or Wednesday night domestic, wouldn't mind getting involved.

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Years ago

Don't feed the troll.

This year I have caught games from the NBL1, Big V champ/ div 1, WA SBL, Waratah and QBL. I won't go into full rankings, especially since I've only seen one or two games of some leagues, but Big V Champ is certainly not even the bottom of the bunch.

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Years ago

Waverley currently would make the finals in men's NBL1. So far have been the best SCM club who has moved up.

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Years ago

Will there be movement from across Big V divisions at the end of the season?

Seems strange that SCM is so small and have to have teams play each other 3 times but them D1 and D2 men are too big.

Is there something that I am missing?

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Years ago

From what I have seen in the NBL1, the top 3 SCM teams would be competitive with most NBL1 apart from maybe Ballarat, Nunawading and Geelong.

It would appear that Ringwood underestimated the move and didn't do enough recruiting. Possibly one of their imports should have been a big.

Knox did quite a bit of recruitment but it is taking a while for the team to gel. They are only 1-2 games out of playoffs so might turn it around in the latter part of season.

Eltham probably got there import selections wrong. Obviously by sending one home, that didn't work out. And while Sykes has been better in NBL1 then he was the previous year, they need a better scorer. (Sykes sitting outside the top 40 in league)

Given a year experience in the league, I would expect these teams to improve a lot next season.

Keeping in mind past SEABL teams Sabres, Albury, NW Tas have all been as bad...

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Years ago

I think the SC teams moving to NBL1 has to be measured in a 2-3 year period, adjusting to the new league, support base understanding and gaining sponsors etc etc

I would like to see more of a shuffle in the Div 1, Div 2 SC leagues and avoid the 3 game split, this might mean the bottom of Div 1 is a shit fight but I think we need to challenge teams and associations to get better, on and off the court.

Big V will ALWAYS be relevant - but wouldn't mind seeing them connect more with CBL who seem to be building a great Country Summer League

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Years ago

Agree @PersonalFoul - it feels like a 30 team league split into Champ 1 & 2 (10 in each). If you don't meet the criteria on or off court, then you don't get in. I think once Big V becomes tougher on entry requirements you'll see an improvement across the board, and i think the Gm of Big V is switched on enough to know this, from all accounts. He's been in the role 12 months, change takes time.

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Old News  
Years ago

Your mum's BigV is still relevant, despite the mileage.

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Years ago

ajk34 - asking if a State league is irrelevant during the winter season while we have NBL1 and the CBL (for country Associations) during the summer when we have the NBL without significant and credible evidence or at least some decent theory as to why doesn't make any sense whatsoever mate...

Every State league in the country is relevant, they are of course different and there are quite a few changes recently so we are currently seeing many adjustments at this level, but to say the BigV is becoming irrelevant on your post is nothing more than opinion, not a great one at that!

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Years ago

Top 5 players in each division this 2019 Season?
Champ Men?
Champ Women?

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Years ago

CM: Mike Anderson, Shepard, Heath, Stith, Kulas
CW: Bollman, Alicia Jenkins,Breanna Brock, Reinwald, Zammit
D1M: Johnson-Blount, Chauncey Orr, Ish Sanders, Ange
D1W: Aleysha Lovett, Vanessa Power, Jamison-Meyers, Darcy Saunders
D2M: Max Barkley, Manassa, Coffey, Calvin Henry/Pettway
D2W: Emmie Onial, Applewhite, Amelia Smith, Ellie Coutts

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Years ago

Re: Hoops

How can 3 players in your top 5 be in the bottom 3 teams?

Jake Heath - 3 W 14 L
David Shepard - 5 W 12 L
Konor Kulas - 5 W 12 L

Are you saying they are better than the best players on the teams in top 4?

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Years ago

Again i repeat yes, who in this day and age wants to play big v??

Its not what ut used to be......ahhhh the good okd days!

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Years ago

Shayno that's just your opinion, everyone has one of those and your opinion is the most irrelevant of all.

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Years ago

I want to!

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Red 68  
Years ago

I'm guessing Shayno can't get a game!!

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Years ago

Maybe Shayno should put his efforts into helping community sport rather than just bagging it.

Big V is an important part of the basketball community.

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Years ago

It's always been irrelevant

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Juno 33  
Years ago

Since Nbl1 pretty much just slipped into Seabl spot not sure where this is coming from? BigV has always had its place. Keeps people in sport, gives juniors a safe space to hang out with their friends, parents get a chance to be social. Refs, coaches and players have a pathway, builds community spirit. Silly comment Shayno

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Years ago

Ease up there people.

For starters I am too old to play Big V hahaha

But I stand by my point, Big V is not what it used to be, To say its a community sport franchise is correct but it used to be the Major comp in VIC but now looks old and outdated, i say this by pointing out the crowd figures of 80, 40 and 50 for 3 championship mens/womens games

As stated by another poster that the big teams will leave soon, crowds are small, Big V either needs to be renamed NBL1 division 2 and reclassified divisions for teams or needs to expand to include Country teams and make it a Statewide comp.

The pathway for Juniors has changed and Playing Big V is not a dream anymore and its definitely not a pathway to play in higher leagues, also since when do you hear about the kids saying "you catch that Big V game the other day?"

Again my opinion, dont hate the player, save your hate for daz 2.0

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Years ago

Crowds are small for Top Level Junior Sport, VC Under 18 games get nobody at 9:40pm at night - is it irrelevant?

Its a pathway to play in higher leagues us a terrible statement, whats the pathway? There is always more than 1 pathway, plenty of kids use Youth League as an opportunity to showcase themselves for College Opportunities, Film, Live stats.

Referees have used the Big V to move on into the NBL1 and higher
Coaches have done the same, Simon Mitchell Coached DV Eagles, Dean Vickerman coached Melbourne Uni

Crowds are irrelevant - yes would be awesome to play in front of packed houses every week, thats the clubs to do that the league hasn't the money or capacity to control that.

What are clulbs doing to get more bums on seats?
Theme nights?
Inviting junior teams?
Sponsor Night?
Holding a Aussie Hoops Clinic before Sunday games?

Players want to play, good players want to play in good leagues. Not everyone can play NBL NBA NCAA and the Big V is that next opportunity, not everybody WANTS to play next level (employment, study, not their dream)

This subject is a little boring when its just complaining with the same old reply (no pathway, no crowds)


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Years ago

One thing for sure is that the current state of the media quality is deplorable. The current previews and reviews are clearly written by someone who has no idea about the game. Generic sentences giving absolutely no insight whatsoever.

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Years ago

I agree anon. I used to look forward to the weekly updates and Big V TV. It is now irrelevant, and not interesting.

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Years ago

Local Media and internal media is poor, the website doesn't have anything to draw you to it I agree. I have mentioned before on here look at

Northern Football League
FFV Premier League

All have great media out put from clubs & the league

it makes the difference.

Media is irrelevant not the league.

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Years ago

Listening to last few podcasts has been painful.

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Years ago

Gave up listening to the podcast after their first guess was via a crummy phone line.
Couldn't agree with @PersonalFoul more.. well said.

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Years ago

Media for the Big V is a disaster!

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