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Any more "Stash" players available?

Given the changes to the Next Star rules...

I don't pretend to even begin to understand the NBA rules, but I gather that , to put it simply, guys may be drafted but the drafting team may not actually have a place for them on the roster.
So I suppose that, if not sent elsewhere (like the NBL) to develop for a season, they would play in the G-League affiliate?? Is that how it works?

So, for those that have followed the process, are there more such players, and if so who (and what) are they?

Apparently Bidatze, the 19yr old Georgian Centre drafted by the Pacers is unsigned? But I would imagine that if they want to stash him, they would send him back to Europe where he has already player.
(Unless Trev can do a big sell ;-))

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Isn't this topic closely tied to your longing for the Wildcats to find that import Center?

Why was there a need for another thread?

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Go easy Lovebroker.

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Must be more next stars coming

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Well technically Didi came from a European club as well so I wouldn't rule it out on that basis alone, but the fact that Bitadze dominated Euroleague (17.9 points/9.5 boards/3.4 blocks per 36 on 54.8% FG) would suggest that he would dominate the NBL and would be more likely to return to that league if he was stashed.

With that said I think it would also be pretty unprecedented for a guy picked as high as he was (18th) to be stashed.. could be argued that with Turner and Sabonis they could do it for a year but I highly doubt it. My understanding is Indiana want to try Sabonis at the 4 more, so there will be *some* mins available for Goga when the team is fully healthy, and when there isn't, the Pacers have a G-League team (which Pelicans didn't, part of the reason why they stashed him overseas).

So I think that one's a pipedream.

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Last I checked Brazil wasn't in Europe.

Can first round picks even be stashed? I thought going in the first round got you a guaranteed contract.

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My bad, Brazil. Point still stands, though.

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"Isn't this topic closely tied to your longing for the Wildcats to find that import Center?"

Firstly, its not a longing, its something they are in the process of doing.

Secondly, no, one has nothing to do with the other.

Jokes aside, they're obviously not going to sign the import centre, then bring in a Next Star into the same role.

At least half the league have yet to find a Next Star, so this topic is far broader than just the Cats. If anything, they seem to be less inclined to chase a Next Star, whereas it should be a priority for some teams.

"Can first round picks even be stashed? I thought going in the first round got you a guaranteed contract."

I honestly have no idea. All the ins and outs of the NBA system are beyond me. All I can tell ya is that he is currently listed as unsigned, but maybe that's only a technicality, a timing thing?

Hence why I'm more interested in what others may have heard or read about players that will actually be stashed and which might be potentially available to NBL clubs.

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Bitadze has been waiting for a visa (which he now has). Will be signed and will be a key player for the Pacers. Absolutely no chance he gets stashed anywhere.

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Goga signed with the Pacers this morning.

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1st round picks can be "stashed", or at least not signed straight away. The French dude the Celtics just released from a few years ago for example.

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Yeah first round guys can be stashed, but the player has to agree to it, as opposed to second rounders who have no "right" to a contract. There's been a few that have done it. I think OKC had one a few years ago that they stashed in the G-league.

From memory whoever drafted Travis Knight back in the day with a late first rounder tried to convince him to go to Europe for a couple of years but he declined so they had to pay him out?

I would have thought pick #18 would be the highest for any potential stash though.

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Possibly a stupid question but do all Next Stars get paid basically the same amount by the NBL?

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Cram is right, OKC did it with Josh Huestis. But it's pretty uncommon for first round picks and OKC seemingly did it as much for cap management as any sort of player development strategy. Huestis was not considered a first round prospect and it's assumed that OKC basically agreed with him to draft him 29th but put off signing his rookie contract for 12 months. More 'genuine' first rounders would probably not agree to that, as the later they sign the rookie contract the later they're eligible for an extension.

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The Sixers did it with Dario Saric who was pick 12.

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Okeke is the only unsigned 1st rounder

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Last year

Right but in the case of Saric (and Rubio, back in the day), it was more their Euro contracts/buyouts creating a situation where they didn't necessarily want to move straight away. For guys who aren't already pros on big contracts, it's a different story.

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