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Back up point guard alternatives

Sobey hasn't looked comfortable in the backup point guard role. Was Cadee the alternative and would any of you guys have taken him instead.

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Last year

Definitely not Cadee. Would be eaten alive at this level.

Sobey got picked for a reason - we don't have a ton of depth at the position right now.

We haven't seen enough of McDowell-White yet but picking up an exhibit-10, he would figure to be good enough to be considered. Otherwise I don't have many names for you.

But with Patty able to slide to the 1 when Delly is off, it's not a big issue. We also have some exceptional playmakers like Bogut and Ingles in non-guard roles that can help alleviate some of the traditional-PG requirements.

I think it's more about lineups. When you have Patty or Sobey at the 1 in particular, we need an Ingles or Bogut on the court to be initiating the majority of the offense. If Sobey doesn't have full PG responsibilities in that way, he has more room to get the ball on the move and attack the rim, which is a skill-set we do need on this team with a lack of slashers.

And as for 2020 - we'll have Simmons (hopefully Exum too). So that resolves the PG issues entirely.

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Last year

Sobey just dribbles the ball to much, and his passing is great. Very hard to turn into a point guard at his age.

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Last year

If Cadee is a backup for an NBL team why would he get consideration for Boomers.(Lemanis loves him).

Simmons and Exum have got the position covered for next 10 years although availability and injury are already an issue for both.

I haven't seen enough of McDowellWhite to know if he is a chance.
Dellavedova should still be in mix for 2023/24 and by then Wigness could be contending for Boomers squad.

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Last year

Mccarron over Sobey and Cadee. Much better defender.

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Last year

Gen 1
96 Simmons and 95 Exum (others 94 naar)

Gen 2
98 Mcdowell-white and 00 Stone (others 98 Glover, 99 mudronja, 98 short)

Gen 3
02 Wigness and 02 Giddey (others 02 Armstrong, 02 Bayles, 03 Daniels)

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Last year

Sobey is fine
Won't play the point atvworlds barring injury foul trouble or Lemanis brain farts
Delly, Mills and Ingles will soak up all the point minutes
Sobey will see the odd spot minute as a point/wing defender and slasher

Surely ....

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Last year

As a rule of thumb: Cadee is never the answer.

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Last year

I don't know if you can really play Mills at the 1 in this team because they need his scoring and off ball movement too much.

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Last year

At the start of the last game, I didn't realise that Mills was being rested. I thought Lemanis was going with Mills off the bench. Mills has been strong coming off the bench throughout his career, and it might help balance our rotations a bit more:
- better stagger rotations of the point guard position, which might make it easier to push Sobey completely out of the rotation
- provide more firepower off the bench, which has struggled so far

Mills would still play major minutes, of course.

In this scenario, as for the starting 2-man, Goulding might be the first option. Otherwise, and this will be unpopular, I would not be opposed to Gliddon starting there. Goulding might get exposed against the more dangerous opposition shooting guards, whereas Gliddon's D is superior.

Regardless of the starting lineup, I hope we go with Delly, Mills, and Ingles running the offense throughout the game. Sobey is not even considered a good choice at PG at NBL level.

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Last year

Majority of countries would prefer shooting over Gliddon than Goulding.

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Last year

This is the problem that goes with the weird crap Lemanis pulls.
Sobey is not even a good point guard at NBL level.

That Lemasis has signed him to that role (and apparently on ludicrous coin) is bad news for Brisbane.
If Lemanis wants to try and transform Sobey into a PG for Brisbane, then that's up to him, and we'll enjoy whupping on his arse.

That he apparently thinks this makes Sobey an acceptable backup PG for the Boomers, is simply deranged.
I get that in the scheme of things, this is a very minor role, but allowing Lemanis to hand out Boomers Singlets like loolipops, as rewards for his favoured NBL players, has got to stop.

When it comes to Tokyo, obviously we hope Exum will be there, and I imagine WMW will at least be in the squad.

As for the NBL B-Boomers, I'd be looking at Naar and Norton. For consideration for this team as Backup, I would at least have had Martin at the camp.

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Makur Maker  
Last year

As long as there are no nbl players as pgs (except cotton ) we will be fine.

There are Plenty of PG options for the next years olympics :
Exum, Simmons, mcdowell white, delly mills.

In fact If we want to medal, there should be no nbl player selected for future WC or olympics.
(except Bogut & cotton )
They are just not good enough for international competition.

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Last year


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Last year

Not sure " Makur Maker understands we have to have some NBL players in the team.
Cooks is injured and Motum might be unavailable I can't think of any other euro based options.

Simmons, Maker and Bolden have all made themselves unavailable which opened the door for NBL guys.

Adel and Green aren't ready yet and the real Makur Maker is still a high school student.

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Not Zac Delaney  
Last year

Point guards don't exist anymore. We only have short combo guards and mini shooting guards these days.

Gone are the days of the change of pace backup PG who played as the 3rd guard in the rotation leading a 2nd unit with an intricate balance of playmaking and some shooting when the ball swung back his way.

The skillset's so different now. Who plays the free throw game these days where you penetrate to 15 feet and look for options, all the while threatening to score or facilitate 4 other guys doing so?

The "backup PGs" these days are all mini combo guards. The lead guards are all shoot first/second/third type guards. It's a dying skill set.

Besides the phenom Zac Delaney, I don't even recall seeing a real PG in the last 5-10 NBL seasons.

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Last year

Here's a radical thought. Should Australia just go with the NBL guys who qualified us for the WC and bring in the NBA guys for the Olympics? Seems NBA teams (and agents) are much more understanding/caring of the Olympics over the World Cup. Especially when it's only one year apart.

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