Two years ago

Few games in... thoughts on Entertainment Centre???

So now that they have had a couple of games to get into a groove, what are our thoughts overall on the Entertainment Centre?

Must say i dont mind it but do hate how getting to a bar isn't as easy and quick as Titanium

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Two years ago

- Easier via public transport
- Seating more comfortable than 80% of the seats at Powerhouse
- Easier to get out of the car park, makes leaving far quicker

- Sight-lines in some seats are far worse, with the below concourse seats
not steep enough
- Atmosphere is not as loud, most noticeable in above concourse baseline
- Stadium is a bit too dark, most noticeable on television

I gave up my season tickets after 15 years for a number of factors including that my wife would not be able to see over the people in front of her in the below concourse seats.

I seem to be in the minority with most people happy so best of luck to the club if it's working for them commercially.

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Two years ago

Being able to use EFTPOS is a game changer

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Two years ago

Miss the old stadium from the following perspective;

Interaction with the team after games is now almost non existent.
Atmosphere is quite dead and doesn't really engage the crowd
Movement inside the statement is a pain in the arse, ie families that like to get up and down the aisles means I have to get and down every 15 minutes as there is no space for patrons to walk through.
View lines around the court are very poor and this is a problem even on the higher concourse.

We also gave up our lower seats after finding out you can not see the game without bobbling around the person in front, so chose to move to the upper concourse but this has issue with people moving in and out of seats.

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Two years ago

Far, far better than TSA. Impressive venue. Good places for food nearby. Able to use public transport to the door. Atmosphere still pretty good. Bars everywhere!
We "downgraded" from Gold Premium to front row Gold seats for a cheaper yet far better view of the action.
Our only concerns are
1. Problems reading the stat's and no player numbers (now fixed).
2. Lack of legroom
3. Coopers Session Ale only served in one bar (currently being looked into)

Trivial issues!

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Two years ago

Expensive Hot Dogs!!!

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Two years ago

Cons: Not officially named 'Joey's bouncy boys fun shed'

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Two years ago

Air con is great
Padded seats are great
More room to move outside in the concourse

The sightlines of the seats I'm in are fine, it's a shame to hear this isn't the case across the board. The facility seems to be too big to fit a basketball court neatly, some seats are not going to be facing the court directly. Also a lot of wasted space with the corporate boxes on the side opposite the benches. These were empty against Cairns - that space/area would be occupied by a stack of fans at Titanium. This is also the case at the end opposite Prancing Pony. There's a good 10 metres of concrete - wasted space.

I personally feel the good outweighs the bad, but it definitely sucks that some people have received a worse deal than they may have had at the old stadium.

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The Ibek-Way  
Two years ago

More modern, WAY more comfy venue with easier access both by car and public transport. Court lighting is better as is the sound system and going to disagree with a comment above, I really like the new stats display.

Big con is the atmosphere. I was under the (false) impression that Adelaide fans were just louder but I think the venue has a lot to do with that. the crowd just seems a lot quieter now and not being able o hear the reverberation through the wooden stands is quite disheartening.

In short, the STOMP STOMP is gone :(

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Two years ago

For me personally, it's not as good because I had a better view at TSA and it was easier for me to get to. But overall I understand the need to increase the profile and revenue of the Sixers and I think overall management has done a good job with the move.

I think the one issue I would like to see fixed is the sight lines for those with gold premium tickets (in the roll out stands at floor level). The seating tiers just need to be a little steeper, so people are more likely to be able to see over the people in front. I really hope something can be done about that for next season.

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Big Ads  
Two years ago

I have seats on the floor and on the tiered seating platforms. We feel physically closer than our previous seats at Beverly and Apollo but much lower and therefore our views are hindered by those sitting in front of us. This, and the vibration and echo off the wooden stands, make me nostalgic for the former home courts, but everything else is better.

No sure how they can address your suggestion Beantown in respect to increasing the height of the ground floor seating. Doing so will obscure views from the corporate boxes which I doubt the AEC will allow.

Hopefully this is only a temporary matter and the State Government builds a better entertainment venue near Adelaide Oval which provides better accommodation for basketball.

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Two years ago

big upgrade all round. much better venue to watch basketball at surprisingly

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Two years ago

Needs more wood to replace the cement for a better atmosphere.
I'm sure the concert goers would love that.

More comfortable experience, but the atmosphere is worse, although if it was full I wonder if it would be better.

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Two years ago

BigAds, a valid point. I'm going to have a closer look at the height of the corporate boxes next game. My feeling is that there would be some room to increase the tier height of the lower stands, but not sure how much.

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Parables of Phil Smyth  
Two years ago

There's no room to increase the height of the stands.

I’m pretty happy with my seats but I’m 6"3 so the guy behind me probably isn’t. My main negatives are being so low you can’t see the court line behind the electronic advertising boards. Also only one entrance into some aisles so have 20 people constantly moving in and out for drinks. No retractable seat means it’s a bit annoying having to physically move to allow people to move out. Everyone has to walk down the steps onto court as well instead of a back entrance.

The idea was bigger crowds but after the novelty first home game the crowd dropped 15% game two. I have concerns that attendance will be no better than it was at TSA .

We really need a purpose built stadium but sadly can’t see that happening unless we can consistently sell out this one.

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Chairman Of The Bored  
Two years ago

Facilities and location are better, but as a venue for actually watching basketball it fails.

Most ticket prices stayed the same or were a bit cheaper this year, but in Gold we got the rough end of the pineapple with a price increase for a shitter view.

We also had already decided to change from two adult memberships (with kids on our laps) to a family membership which i now consider a total waste because down in Gold seating the tiers are so shallow that as a 6'3" adult i have to crane and stretch to see past the punters in front. The kids have zero chance of seeing anything so they're still on laps and we've got two free seats. At titanium, we had uninterrupted views of the whole court and the kids could see reasonably well if they were sitting in a seat.
We actually requested to move out of Gold and up to the first row of the balcony, but they couldn't get us 4 seats up there. We decided to give it a chance but it's unlikely we'll purchase a family membership next year, and quite probable we won't have any membership at all because if we can't take the kids it's difficult to commit.

I know that a number of people we have been sitting near for the past 7 or 8 years had a look at their new seats and decided it wasn't good enough for them to pay the dough this year. My parents have also been going for the last 10 or 11 years and they are trying to get a refund on their membership tickets at the moment because neither of them can see much of what is happening on the court which has left them feeling disconnected from the game going on.

With such good coverage of the NBL on TV and streaming now, I'd be very worried about a mass exodus next season when people who were just "giving it a chance" this year decide that paying money to go to a basketball game you can't properly see is not worthwhile.

I desperately want the club to succeed, and the location and facilities seem to be a good choice but if the punters struggle to engage with the actual product - basketball, then you're pushing shit up hill.

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Two years ago

Chairman of the Board, your problem with the courtside tiers we identified and requested a seating change from our Gold Plus seats back to Gold which was originally denied unless we wanted seating around 3 rows from the top of the second tier.

At which point I chose not to renew, then we ran into Joey and he recommended we contact the club so one day we visited and went over the seating plan to chose the what we thought were the best seats left for us in the Gold section.

Now we are 2 games in and after 27 season of support, I would probably not renew next season. We are lucky, albeit we get a reasonable view of the game but have some spots impeded along the side lines.

We have patrons next to us who get up and down regularly during the game which means we have to get up and then down to let them out something we never had to do at titanium.

AEC is really design for concerts/performances not well designed for sporting events, I think the atmosphere is definitely not the same and to be honest you see more now watching it on TV than attending the game.

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