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NSW travel restrictions and the 2021 NBL season.

I was really looking forward to the NBL season in a few weeks with a hope that if things travelled nicely we could go back to full capacity home games.

No, its starting to turn for the worst.

Now SA, VIC, QLD and NT have banned Greater Sydney travel.

I really hope the NBL has contingencies in place.

We can forget about full capacity I feel this year.

Should all NSW teams get out now if they can get an exemption and quarantine somewhere in the hope of a hub being available?

Is Tasmanina or WA available?

Oh dear WA is banning travel too.

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Last year

Its done and dusted, forget the AFL next year too.

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Last year

My kids are spending Christmas in NSW...

The short answer is that the Kings need to get the fuck out of dodge. Maybe decamp to Canberra?
Hawks could be ok, Provided they get all their players to stay locally.
However States like WA are imposing blanket restrictions on ALL NSW.

And where will the next flareup be?

Until we can stop Politicians running the country, this shit will just keep happening.
Try entering Australia without the right Visa, and you'll spend the next few years rotting on mAnus Island.
But carrying a deadly disease is apparently OK.

NBL may have to look at unbalanced fixtures, and playing "series". Eg: Go to a state, quarantine, then play 3 or 4 games

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Last year

The block on Sam Froling in the hawks v kings game had young froling travelling into the front row.

Hopefully the kings don't have to travel but it’s looking likely they will need a hub. Go the gold standard.

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Last year

I don't have any stats, but thought a lot of overseas returning passengers were Australians that were unable to return previously. Just to stay at a medi hotel is thousands of dollars. A lot of Australians were stranded overseas unable to return as lockdowns were everywhere. I'm disappointed the government weren't able to sort their shit out better and send our air force to pick up stranded people. Then to do a better job of finding appropriate accommodation well away from major cities and the general population.
No expert, but why couldn't regional places be used for accommodation purposes. I'm sure with the hospitality and tourism industries struggling, there are some places that tick the boxes. But for some reason they locate these hotels in major cities, that if the virus does leak it, thousands are affected. South Australia's cluster was apparently caused by air circulation in the hotel, [email protected]$k me, do the boffins even think about that risk factor when thinking about an air born virus?
I don't blame the returning Australians, they have a right to return home, the government's solutions are the problem. Victorians inquiry, especially into the aged care centres was appalling, workers going to different centres caused so many deaths with the most vulnerable.
Lucky India are shit at cricket atm, may have saved some people, just because the chardonnay swigging elites in the members section wanted a game of cricket.

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Last year

The reason that country areas are not used is because the federal government has left it all to the states and cost a fortune. They should have set up a return centre in the Northern Territory months ago to hold thousands and rotated people through before being allowed anywhere else in Australia.

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Last year

These hotel quarantines require a lot of qualified staff. It's hard to recruit enough qualified staff in major cities, even at good pay rates, so I’d guess it would nigh on impossible in some random town in the middle nowhere. Believe it or not, but there is quite a bit more involved than locking people in a room and feeding them 3 times a day

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Last year

Cost, as opposed to shutting down economies. And last time I looked plenty of people looking for work.
What the cost going to be if Sydney goes into lockdown.

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Last year

It seems that Wollongong has been listed in the Greater Sydney area, despite not having any community transmission. Effectively preventing interstate travel for the Hawks.

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Last year

If shit in the next few days both sides will be moved interstate imo.

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Last year

"Until we can stop Politicians running the country, this shit will just keep happening."

You understand how democracies work, right?

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Last year

It's Dazz, nuff said.

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Last year

It might be time to get hawks and kings out Sydney. Test both teams and get them to Canberra preferably or Melbourne and hopefully the virus stays as is elsewhere. The liberals won't close down Sydney over Christmas so it’s going to spread madly after a few to many have broken the rules to stuff it up for all.

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Last year

While Morrison refuses to stop international travellers coming into Australia, and they don't test those that are returning Aussies BEFORE they get on the planes and insist on testing and controlled quarantine when they come in , flight crew included, this will be a never ending story

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