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Hoops.com.au rules?

I'm just wondering if a Mod can let me (and others) know why the Mitch Creek thread was shut down? I started the thread and posted links from the NBL and reputable news sources but the thread was locked out. Why was this done?

I have no real attachment to the thread but am just looking for a reason. I've read through the Hoops rules and there is nothing saying that thread is against the rules. For Context, the Glen Rice Jr arrest thread from last season stayed open and had 60-100 posts. I also noticed that an Anon's posts were deleted asking for the thread to be unlocked.

I know it is a sensitive topic but it is news that will greatly affect the league and Hoops fans should be allowed to discuss the ramifications as long as it stays respectful.

As I said I'm not attached to the thread but would like to know if I did something wrong so I can avoid it in the future.

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Stop all the nutters here posting inappropriate, idiotic and possibly libellous statements. Everyone knows now.

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You/others posted "official" news sources and content reviewed by lawyers (at major newspapers), and it's information relevant to the community so the thread itself is not an issue. My understanding though is that commenting on court cases within the country in which I live/work/host/operate is a different matter and leaves me legally exposed with minimal advantage.

Anyone keen to discuss the issue in great detail has the world of personal blogging at their disposal, plus the infrastructure and legal resources of the social media giants. Elsewhere or on your own servers, go crazy - you can then take full responsibility and leave me clear of potential trouble.

A few cents from ad views on here doesn't cover me needing to involve lawyers, as has frequently happened in the past - from players, coaches, clubs, random businesses. It's a private forum where moderation is at my discretion/direction because the costs and legal risks are ultimately at my end.

(For lawyers wanting to provide me feedback, you can email me.)

Beyond that, I wouldn't look for precedent in other threads. There are almost a million posts on here and it's not something I can review and moderate in a perfectly consistent manner. I have a job, and then about five other jobs on top of that, family and so on. The other thread in question might've felt more clear cut or it was overseas, or I might've been in the desert when it ramped up and I didn't read it in detail as it unfolded - I can't recall.

Hoops fans should be allowed to discuss the ramifications as long as it stays respectful.
Yes, in an ideal world, that would be fantastic. Can you introduce me to these Hoops fans that will all reliably stay respectful? ;)

Edit: I forgot that I'd added a feature where I could limit thread replies to a certain tier of registered user. Let me try that.

FWIW, I do think discussion of how the Phoenix can cover his absence from the team, etc are fair topics.

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It's also worth noting that it took all of five minutes for someone to suggest that the woman he allegedly assaulted was Kyle Adnam, which is the sort of shitfuckery that leads to things getting locked pretty quickly even in countries that don't have bass-ackwards libel laws.

All those Republicans who want section 230 of the CDA eliminated so Facebook and Twitter stop deleting their comments ought to take a look at this thread.

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Completely understand and thanks for getting back to me and others who were wondering why it was locked.

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