Two months ago

Casper Ware's future?

I personally think he's still got 2-3 years left in the tank and unlike guards like Randle and Irving he has a higher IQ so his game with age well. I like him for a few teams.....

1) Adelaide reunite him with Money Making Mitch move Dench to SF and you have a team that can defend and keep guys in front of them covering up DJ if the big fellas returns that’s a legit starting 5

2) Tasmania what better was to usher in the new club then with a guy who has lead a team to 3 straight Grand-Finals before this season.

3) The Red Arm ok call me crazy but hear me out Bryce becomes a Aussie Norton is the PG grab a quality local big there are some available Hodgson would work. A athletic 3-4 but something about having those 3 little guys out there intrigues me and if anyone can make it work it’s Trevor he’s the best coach in the NBL. I know some will go crazy especially those who criticise Casper but he can defend bigger guys same as Mitch and look the wings he would have to defend unless there’s a major shake up in the league there’s not many post up 2-3s Red Army would be rocking hahahah

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Two months ago

It's his asking price that will determine if he's going to stick around in the NBL.
Def has the skills and IQ to help a team win games but not sure you want to be paying top dollar.

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Daniel Felmingham  
Two months ago

Will happily give him a go at the Jackjumpers at the right price.

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Two months ago

Pass. He had a point to prove after his failure in the G/F and didn't achieve anywhere near his capacity this season. Daniel you don't want him at the JJ's. Trust me.

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Two months ago

Pass - does not do one thing that a go-to player needs to do:

improve the team.

When the game is on the line he is not reliable now and makes it all about him.

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Two months ago


Ironically the one thing he's forgotten how to do.

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Two months ago

Can he be on the team we face in the Grand Final again. Pretty please?

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Two months ago

Casper is still a very good player, his defence is still outstanding, without being in the kings camp how do you know it was not the coaches instructions for him to go solo when game is on the line. As above dollars will probably decide, JJ could do a lot worse than him.

With more cuts to being able to get back into Australia, and the vaccine roll out up shit creek, are these imports going to be able to get back in.

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Two months ago

Those times when teams wanted a player to do it all for them have passed, the Randle's, Ware's etc style of hero ball doesn't fit here any more, every team has legit contributors now. Unless Ware shifts his gameplay, he's goig to chuck when the games on the line.

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Two months ago

As Mystro said, his asking price will be a big factor.
He was still one of the best Combo guards in the league, and would be a great addition to a few teams. But he's not going to get the "record-breaking" salary he did with Sydney.

Covid might still be an issue, but with more and more people getting vaccinated, surely there are bigger pay-cheques available in europe or Asia.

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Two months ago

Casper absolutely still has a future in the NBL but he has shown the past couple of seasons his very good defence tires him out too much offensively and will need to play for less money.

I don't think Forde or Weaver used him very well seemed to just throw the ball to him in the clutch and hoped he would bail them out no matter how stuffed he was. You only had to look at Sunday Dech last season at the Sixers to see how much a guy can struggle offensively when he's constantly playing elite level defence especially as a guard.

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Two months ago

Superstar of the NBL and should remain so for at least another season or more, given he's 31. Elite defender.

All depends on his salary demands. I'd happily have him back at United, but not if he wants to be one of the top 6 or 7 paid players in the NBL.

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Two months ago

Ware is still a good player in the NBL.

Hard to gauge his value though as he is inconsistent.

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Two months ago

I think his time with United has passed plus they won a championship without him and can't see Dean now dealing with a player who talked a lot when he played United. Tasmania might work if the other imports are quality. I don’t think he can lead a team like say Bryce but I do think with the right mix of players he could tip the scales in a series and a championship game. He does run hot and cold. I’d pay to watch him in Perth purely to see how Trevor fits him into the system. Not sure it would work but would make for good TV and definitely great hoops talk here. Adelaide makes perfect since if he takes a pay cut you have Mitch and Sunday who with Casper would be great defensively. He will have to take a pay cut wherever he goes if I were him I’d stick with the league I know and set myself up for after basketball. Adelaide often provides former players a place to live and run camps and clinics. They support the former players in that regards so if I were Casper I’d lower my price and look for a 2-3 year deal on less money that gives him some stability and place to finish his playing career.

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Two months ago

Bullets should be looking, at the right price, he would be a great piece, Sobey to the two. Casper knows the coach as well.

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Two months ago

Casper at Perth would be funny. Imagine how much smack talk he would do at my team Melbourne United.

Would be annoying in some ways because I noticed Casper over the years that he can't close out games. Just Jacks-up threes when tired?

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Two months ago

His only 31

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Two months ago

I don't think he's worth all the hype but serious question, if he's been playing for what four seasons then why is there zero talk of him attaining citizenship?

He seems greedy like he wouldn't budge on what he thinks he's worth even as a local but it would make him more attractive.

I wonder how we will remember him in ten years time... I think it will be as the darling of Dwayne Russell (probably what turned me off enjoying Ware showing his wares)

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