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Has the NBL's profile backfired?

Seems to me that under LK there has been a concerted effort to boost the profile of the NBL internationally.
And it seems to have worked.

But WTF good is it if our best players keep getting poached by other leagues?

Have we just become a development League?

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Earlier this year

We lose good players, and then we get good players. That's how it works. Serves us no good to be seen as a basketball backwater that you cant progress from. We're never going to be the highest paying league in the world, so the best we can hope for is to be a good league where players can come to to help boost their careers. You lose a John Mooney, you gain another player just as good or better.

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Earlier this year

Losing Josh Mooney isn't the end of the world and player we lose to the NBA is good. A lot of talk a out Japan but it's not (yet) a breeding ground for NBA-ready players so to go there you are regressing as a basketballer.

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Earlier this year

In 2014/15 we had an all NBL first team of Cedric, Wilbiken, Childress, Motum and MVP Conklin by 2014/15 only Cedric was still around... to me as much as that was a happier time as we were in the first season of a deal that wasn't with channel 10, it hurt that we kept losing our best players to overseas...

The 2015/16 All NBL first team was Randle, Lisch, Goulding, Kickert and Ogilvy, we won't argue which is the stronger first team but we are signing Cotton and Machado and Oliver and Harvey to multi year deals it can only strengthen the league.

In 2019/20 we had an All NBL first team of Machado, Cotton, Patterson, Tate, Kay and we brought back our back court/wings and lost our front court.

But it does suck that Mooney and Landale could both be gone from the league after impressing so much but Sobey, Harvey and Cotton are still here and if we can keep 60% of our All NBL first team year on year then the league is in a better place for it although losing our All NBL first team front court year after year is not a trend that I am liking the look of too much especially if they aren't getting NBA opportunities

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Earlier this year

NOthing has changed what so ever.

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If we're saying that a program deliberately introduced to be a development program - Next Stars - has resulted in players successfully moving on to bigger things, then that is not backfiring, that is succeeding.
If we're saying that sometimes imports do well here and then go elsewhere for more money, then that has always happened.
If we're saying that our league achieving a higher level of profile/respect worldwide is a bad thing, then I disagree.

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Earlier this year

"Losing Josh Mooney isn't the end of the world"

Agreed, because the NBL has never had a Josh Mooney.

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Earlier this year

Well said BeeGee lmao

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Earlier this year

Ha ha so funny. He clearly meant Jock Mooney.

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Earlier this year

Considering there has been a lot of talk recently about the upward momentum the B.League in Japan is experiencing yet at the same time one of their very own young local star guards opts to play in the NBL says a lot about how our league is viewed.

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Earlier this year

Oh dear...
I had a rough night, and think I may actually have been asleep when I posted this. Completely forgot I'd done it.

Yeah, not sure what my point was...

I like stability, and I think that for some reason I was lulled into thinking the NBL was becoming more stable, but whilst the league itself may be, player movement isn't.

Personally, if given the choice, between players who stayed in the league and mostly with the same team,
and better players who move around from season to season, I would choose the former.
But perhaps that ship has sailed.

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Earlier this year

think he meant cam mooney

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Earlier this year

Mooney, Kay, Newbill, Lemanis are recent quality players/coaches we would like to have in the NBL that are now in Japan.

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