Earlier this month

A Thank You to Stevy and KNPG

A corny one, perhaps but I have absolutely enjoyed, learned-from and broadened my interests into the Asian scene a little (none before), since you 2 started posting.

More than anything, I love their communication skills and how they can disagree so agreeably. They don't call each-other (or anyone else) names or belittle their ideas while making good points.

Further, ratification of their own opinions makes them worth reading, agree or disagree, can tell why they say what they say.

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Earlier this month

Hear, hear. A welcome break from some of the absolutely unbearable, ludicrous, petty sh*tposting that we could do without.

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Earlier this month

Worthy of a comment, when I first stumbled onto this forum about a year ago it was the most venomous forum I had ever seen, but have found it's gotten better since so the more positive contributors the better.

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Earlier this month

Thanks to RobT and everyone else who has engaged in meaningful discussions with me in the past 2-3 months! It has been a pleasure! I'm looking forward to our future discussions hehe.

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Earlier this month

I'm here for this!!

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Earlier this month

To be honest, most discussions are reasonable until koberulz and/or LV turn up.

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Earlier this month

And Perthworld.

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Earlier this month

This forum is far from the most venomous I have ever seen, in fact it is middle of the range tame. I seem to recall OzHoops being more aggressive.

Yes, I too like intellectual basketball discussion, fun banter and reminiscing about the golden years of the NBL.

But I don't let the negativity get to me, in fact its water off a duck's back.

It's part and parcel of the internet that people say what they want behind that anonymity, as long as it does descend to outright Group abuse (race, gender, sexuality) or threats its generally OK.

I find some people tend to be more easily triggered and will bite back with more vitriol.

ME says something. Others automatically jump to that's because your (intentionally spelt that way to highlight their grasp of language) a racist.

KR says something, response will be well you're always right aren't you.

There are always going to be events / occasions where things are negative by nature and discussing it sometimes brings out more negativity from people.

Examples being :

- Ben Simmons barred from the Casino.
- Hiring of Scott Christophersen, Ebi Ere, 2Hard2Guard.
- Sydney Kings forfeiting a grand final.
- The Hawks going into VA for the nth time.
- LV suggesting Melbourne should have beaten Sydney in 19/20.
- Some Adelaide fan bitching he deserves the prize money for a second half court shot he shouldn't have taken.

For controversial things I have no problems with discussions getting heated, it doesn't mean the forum is bad or all the members are bad.

That said its always good to have new members bringing in fresh perspectives that aren't limited to coach' man b00bs and general manager's boys clubs.

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Earlier this month

OP was not a criticism of this site and it's participants. I agree that there are much more toxic ones out there.

Sorry to add this, but youngsters seem to be the more vitriolic towards their peers. Glad to be past juniors (not me, my kids) for that reason.

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Earlier this month

Wow thanks I joined like yesterday haha.

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Earlier this month

Years ago I used a female name on this forum and was surprised how many people attacked me based on 'being female'. All in all I find it to be a respectful forum. Jokes about African Australians aren't too crash hot at times tho.

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Two weeks ago

Well said, RobT. TBH with regards to the insults and negativity I just assume it's going to happen and have a bit of a laugh. Pretty sad though that you can't have an opinion and not be attacked for it but thats society in general these days... The positives outweigh the negatives so I keep reading and, on occasion, post. Enjoying the insights of Stevy and KNPG. I've been to many games in the Philippines and China and to say the crowds are not supportive is not factual - some of the loudest games I have been to are in those countries. The Taiwan league is amazing too, not the highest standard however some players are treated like movie stars with fans (mostly female) turning up with posters etc of their favourite players - you'd swear it was the second coming of the Beatles!

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